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THELIVINGWORST has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Public Health.

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    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    My main question is was Versed even necessary in the first place. IV Benadryl, Ativan or valium would've done the job right? Im not a bedside nurse anymore but seriously does a 75 yr old woman require Versed to get any scan?

    Clark County Nurse Case Manager

    Pay depends on experience but starting is about $71000 with eligibility for a 7% increase after one year

    Clark County Nurse Case Manager

    The Nurse Case Management position with the County will be opening up again soon. Its full time four 10 hour shifts providing consent for psych meds for foster children. Benefits are listed on the county website. This is honestly the best job I have ever had and such a fulfilling niche position in Nursing. MUST HAVE 3 YEARS NURSING EXPERIENCE

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Location: Las Vegas,NV Acute Care Hospital Specialty: Neuro Experience: 5 years CNA 4 years RN Pay: $35 per hour for night shift with full benefits so about $1900/check after taxes. COL: 1br/1ba $750 in okayish neighborhood, $900 in great neighborhood. I am going to work for the county in about a month and I will be making $70000 with all the bells and whistles when it comes to benefits. Pension, life insurance included, lots of sick pay and paid time off and la-di-da.

    Need help..hate my job :(

    My story is a little different because I initially LOVED my unit (neuro med/surg) and 4 years later I HATE IT. I caught on really quickly because I was a UC/CNA on my unit for 1 1/2 years and did all my clinicals in my hospital, but over the years the unit and hospital have changed and my unit has changed directors. These changes caused a mass exodus to different units and now my floor is all new grads. Every night is crazy and its such an unsupportive environment for new grads and for the more experienced nurses like myself who find it unacceptable. I am leaving the hospital altogether for an opportunity outside of direct patient care and maybe thats the answer for you, although I do think you should wait until a year has passed first.

    Why 1/2 normal saline?

    I would imagine at some point you come across docs at night. I work night shift and I usually see at least ONE doc per shift.

    Why 1/2 normal saline?

    Did you ask the Doc?

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV


    Are private schools worth it? Or should I just wait...

    FYI I only have 35,000 in student loans, federal and private, and I pay a little more than $500 per month. So that's looking like $1000 per month for you. RNs do not make as much as you think they do.

    Not new RN, but orienting and feel DUMB

    I am currently on the other end of this problem. My newest orientee has been a nurse for 15 years but is completely new to the charting system Cerner. She doubts herself and almost quit before starting on the floor because she almost failed the computer testing. I catch my self letting her see my frustration sometimes and I feel so bad about it because I am usually so patient. My advice is to develop a charting routine and make a checklist of what you have to chart on everyday and how to get to different parts of he chart. Follow it religiously and things will get better! It has for my orientee tremendously, we actually got out on time with all the charting done last shift we did!

    Is it true all nurses get MRSA or C-DIFF?

    Possibly most people are colonized but not "infected" per sé. I don't know anyone from my 6 years in the field that has gotten sick though.

    Can a Nurse have a Tattoo???

    Nobody has issues with tattoos or piercings here but it IS Las Vegas. Lol

    Difficult Orientee

    I think the age thing has more to do with style of learning and work. I find older nurses tend to more caring, careful, and tend to doubt their knowledge. The younger ones are more afraid to ask questions but they are quicker to pick up on charting and tasks. It's naive to think that there aren't any differences in nurses depending on age. Just remember there are strengths and weaknesses in everyone so make sure when you evaluate her, you remind her of what she does right too.

    Price of Patient Satisfaction

    I make it a point to acquiesce to my patients requests if they are polite about their neuroses. BUT I am a bit of a hard a** when I feel the pt is manipulating me or they are being rude. I am so happy that my DON, House Supervisor, and charge all back me up. I have relatively good judgment when it comes to pt complaints.


    City: Las Vegas, NV Position: New grad Neuro MedSurg Pay: $27.50 plus $2 night shift diff and $1 weekend diff Benefits: Medical/Dental/Vision Housing: one bedroom apt 850 sq feet $820/month

    Taboo - 10 Things Nurses Should NEVER Say!

    But full moons honestly make the freaks come out at night. They don't call em lunatics for nothing!

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