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THELIVINGWORST has 4 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Public Health.

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    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    My main question is was Versed even necessary in the first place. IV Benadryl, Ativan or valium would've done the job right? Im not a bedside nurse anymore but seriously does a 75 yr old woman require Versed to get any scan?

    Clark County Nurse Case Manager

    Pay depends on experience but starting is about $71000 with eligibility for a 7% increase after one year

    Clark County Nurse Case Manager

    The Nurse Case Management position with the County will be opening up again soon. Its full time four 10 hour shifts providing consent for psych meds for foster children. Benefits are listed on the county website. This is honestly the best job I have ever had and such a fulfilling niche position in Nursing. MUST HAVE 3 YEARS NURSING EXPERIENCE

    What nursing specialty has the best work life balance?

    For me its psych nurse case management. I work for the county and my schedule is Tuesday thru Friday 8-630pm. Pay is $75000 per year and its a super awesome job thats like 50/50 paperwork and attending psycj appointments/team meetings. I love love love my job, especially when compared to my previous 3 twelves in the hospital. No nights or weekends except six on call weekends per year via telephone. Plus you get government benefits

    2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: Las Vegas Experience: 5 years CNA/PCA, 3.5 years ADN RN med surg neuro unit, 1 yr Nurse case management Position: Nurse Case Manager for family services Pay: $34 per hour $70000/yr Shifts: four 10 hr shifts no nights, weekends or holidays. Time and a half for any hours over the above schedule Desk job mostly, daily driving to attend appointments. Paid vacation, holiday, sick time, employer paid pension, etc gov benefits.

    How many hours did you work taking 7-8 credits?

    I worked full time with 18 plus credits including sciences and I had two part time jobs as well. You can do it if you stay organized.

    new job advice

    Find out what you actually want to do. I wouldn't really recommend dialysis because it seems that their hours don't actually mesh well with being a parent. Hospice might be the better choice. Good luck!

    2017 Hourly differentials? Eve, Night, Weekend...

    This is info for current job that I'm leaving soon. City:Las Vegas,NV Facility: smaller than average hospital Role: staff RN Nights: $2.00/hr 7p-7a Weekends: $1.00/hr thurs, fri, sat or fri, sat, mon. Charge: 5% base pay Standby: $5.00/hr

    Need help..hate my job :(

    Im starting in family services in a few weeks

    2017 Nurse Salary

    Location: Las Vegas,NV Acute Care Hospital Specialty: Neuro Experience: 5 years CNA 4 years RN Pay: $35 per hour for night shift with full benefits so about $1900/check after taxes. COL: 1br/1ba $750 in okayish neighborhood, $900 in great neighborhood. I am going to work for the county in about a month and I will be making $70000 with all the bells and whistles when it comes to benefits. Pension, life insurance included, lots of sick pay and paid time off and la-di-da.

    Need help..hate my job :(

    My story is a little different because I initially LOVED my unit (neuro med/surg) and 4 years later I HATE IT. I caught on really quickly because I was a UC/CNA on my unit for 1 1/2 years and did all my clinicals in my hospital, but over the years the unit and hospital have changed and my unit has changed directors. These changes caused a mass exodus to different units and now my floor is all new grads. Every night is crazy and its such an unsupportive environment for new grads and for the more experienced nurses like myself who find it unacceptable. I am leaving the hospital altogether for an opportunity outside of direct patient care and maybe thats the answer for you, although I do think you should wait until a year has passed first.

    Why 1/2 normal saline?

    I would imagine at some point you come across docs at night. I work night shift and I usually see at least ONE doc per shift.

    Why 1/2 normal saline?

    Did you ask the Doc?

    What's it like having a flexible work schedule?

    For a change of pace, for three years I worked the same schedule, frisatsun, and until this recent flu season that hadn't ever changed. Now with the heavy load I work a slightly adjusted schedule. There's no mandatory overtime, OT is available every day, and it's a pretty nice place to work. Wow, everything is not always so terrible everywhere guys. We also, gasp, never get turned down for vacation time!

    Blood pressure meds

    I would hold it and mention it to the doc. I'm not tanking a bp just because there is no parameter.

    Two Lab Courses at Once

    I did it and I would've gotten A's in both but ended up with a B+ in micro because I got the flu right before our midterm. Taking micro and AP2 with other classes totaling 19 credits was hard but I still managed.