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  1. crossfitnurse

    Starting my new job!

    I'm a new grad/just finished my internship and I never drove home in tears. Was I tired? Some days. Sleep was always a priority and I made it a point to have a hobby I loved aside from work, even with a kiddo. You'll be great! Always accept feedback...
  2. crossfitnurse

    Unsupportive spouse?

    That's how mine was now I'm divorced. Hahahaha - in short - he didn't want a woman who could support herself and didn't "need" him. I say go to counseling and figure out the deeper issue.
  3. crossfitnurse

    Anyone had PVT be WRONG?

    If mine wasn't wrong... No ones will be wrong Hahahahahahaha. I was 1836382836372% certain I failed that poopy test!
  4. crossfitnurse

    Facts about answering 265 Q's

    I'm wondering why always such a debate over this topic? If you pass, you pass. If you fail. You fail. There's no secret to this exam. If there was, we would all pass - which obviously - we do not all pass.
  5. crossfitnurse

    HESI Exit advice!!!

    Do practice questions, did you go over the questions you missed when you finished last time? Did you see why you missed them? Exit hesi questions are chosen from a pool of questions by your instructors so there's not really "a way" to pass other then...
  6. crossfitnurse

    Nursing care of ADN vs BSN

    Last I checked I was an ADN working in acute care. Some people on this board are weirdos.
  7. crossfitnurse

    ADN's being pushed out

    Or we just leave it alone. Don't you guys get tired of going back and forth about this?
  8. crossfitnurse

    Friends. 😤

    Just laugh it off and do what you need to do. No one will understand the craziness of the studying unless they are doing it themselves. Trust me. No other major, family member, friend, etc will get it - regardless of how you explain it. You know what...
  9. crossfitnurse

    ADN's being pushed out

  10. crossfitnurse

    I Love Night Shift

    Love night shift!! It caters to my introvert-ness and I always get time to do things BEFORE work. (Working out, etc) On day shift I felt like I missed EVERYTHING for those three days because I was just dead tired and had to be up at 530 am all over a...
  11. crossfitnurse

    Methodist Dallas Internships summer 2015

    Yay welcome to Mansfield Methodist. The internship coordinator is AMAZING. She is going to help you so much and prepare you well 😀
  12. crossfitnurse

    Working in Irving , Tx

    Then you lived in the wrong part
  13. crossfitnurse

    Working in Irving , Tx

    Irving does have a bus system, but I am not super familiar with how it works. Depending on where you live compared to the hospital you do work at, you may or may not need a car. Irving is right in the middle of major cities with MANY hospitals ALL O...
  14. crossfitnurse

    Working in Irving , Tx

    Anyway - there are just as many "illegal aliens" in any other city around DFW. Also, it is not "Ghetto." You will find that south irving as well as north irving are very nice places to live. They have redone many areas of Irving in the past few years...
  15. crossfitnurse

    Working in Irving , Tx

    I'm sorry... I'm from Irving. I find all this to be very WRONG.