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  1. crossfitnurse

    Starting my new job!

    I'm a new grad/just finished my internship and I never drove home in tears. Was I tired? Some days. Sleep was always a priority and I made it a point to have a hobby I loved aside from work, even with a kiddo. You'll be great! Always accept feedback with open arms and an open mind. Always be willing to try things you've never done with some good guidance near you. You'll have a blast!
  2. crossfitnurse

    Unsupportive spouse?

    That's how mine was now I'm divorced. Hahahaha - in short - he didn't want a woman who could support herself and didn't "need" him. I say go to counseling and figure out the deeper issue.
  3. crossfitnurse

    ATI Exit Exam

    Did you do the practice exams? If you did and read the rationales you'll be fine.
  4. crossfitnurse

    Advice for new grad job offers

    Oh and I'm in the Dallas area as well :)
  5. crossfitnurse

    Advice for new grad job offers

    What facility is the position at? The only experience I had was at the state hospital in the adolescent unit. If I lived closer, I would of applied for that position asap and prayed to get it. I loved it!!! BUT - it's just so different from a medsurg peds setting and medsurg in general. The hard thing will be getting BACK into the MS world when switching from psych.
  6. I've had instructors send and say way worse. Hahahahaha! In nursing school - just do what they say and follow directions exactly (unless a patient is in danger or yourself.) :)
  7. HOPEFULLY you were one who did follow the rules. When I worked at a very well known electronic/phone company - the expected professional look as well. Of course tattoos and piercings were tolerated, but having your shirt not wrinkled and looking wadded up in the back of your car for weeks was kind of a given.... Clinical is your pre-interview for jobs later!
  8. What's so bad about this? I don't see anything wrong with this email, I had teachers who were anal about the color SOCKS we had on. All instructors will enforce different unfortunately. Dress code is dress code. Prepping you for the real world when you work in a facility that expects you to be professional. Dress code is a DUMB reason to get called out in nursing school. Follow the rules, those who didn't are just not smart and are asking for targets on their back in clinical from the teacher. Just sayin.
  9. crossfitnurse

    The difference between ADNs and BSNs

    The second half of this post just made my night. Hahahaha! #ADNwin
  10. crossfitnurse

    New Graduate Job Baylor Hospital Dallas, TX

    I'm from this area :) Only a handful of the people from my class have found jobs and 90% of those people were internal hires (including myself!) from the facility (I was a PRN PCT prior to applying). With all of the local schools around here, it IS hard to find a job as a new grad. Not impossible, just hard. Network your booty off and try to find someone to use as an employee reference. I wish you lived closer!
  11. crossfitnurse

    New Graduate Job Baylor Hospital Dallas, TX

    Don't let anyone fool you or anyone ever. I've said this from the start of nursing school - it really IS about who you know as far as jobs go now. Wether you work there already or have a connection!!!!! Hey - if there's a will, there's a way!
  12. crossfitnurse

    Your advice for a new RN Intern

    Excuse the grammar on that I'm on my phone haha! Thank you for the advice though :)
  13. crossfitnurse

    Your advice for a new RN Intern

    Where I am employed they allow us new grads to be oriented to the unit, get the access certifications in a non-overwhelming manner, ours also allows us to have a "support" meeting for all the new grads to share experiences with each other and ask questions without hesitation. Med surg courses, ACLS, dysrhythmia classes/test, and computer training are all scheduled out in the orientation. Then we get out to the floor on days, then nights, after we take a full load we get assigned to our shifts.
  14. crossfitnurse

    New Graduate Job Baylor Hospital Dallas, TX

    Do you know anyone that works at Baylor? Usually an employee reference will get you "noticed" easier. Maybe it's time to start networking your way around?
  15. crossfitnurse

    Your advice for a new RN Intern

    Hello everyone! For you well seasoned RNs, those who are preceptors, and those who have been through the intern/residency process - what would your advice be for someone who is about to begin their internship? Any advice is appreciated :) Thank you in advance!
  16. crossfitnurse

    Time for a change

    Or so they have a Better chance at landing a job after they finish school. A lot of people could use that advice.

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