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hoolahan, ASN, RN

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I agree, kudos for standing up for yourself. However, you do need to get it in writing that you were not "fired" or left without adequate notice. The same thing happened to me at a job once. I immediately sent a registered letter asking for clarification of whether I had been fired, and what would my re-hire status be.

If you had vacation time, you deserve it, and should fight for it.

I also would write it all up and send your concerns and copies of all your notes to her to HR. I would be sure to name the witnesses who saw her blow-up at you, so they can be contacted and interviewed.

I hate to tell you, but on Friday, my supervisor was reamed out, unfairly, at work for not keeping on top of a project, AFTER SHE MISSED 7 DAYS OF WORk BECAUSE HER HOUSE BURNED DOWN (!!!!!!), and she walked out, called HR and went out on stress leave. I am doubtful we will ever see her back again. It's not the first time she has taken ****, but the way it was done, on top of what happened, it was just uncalled for, and I feel so badly for her.

Best of luck to you wherever your journey takes you next. Remember, when one door closes another usually opens. Stay positive, we are all here to support you. You are a good nurse and acted as an advocate for your staff and patients, you did nothing wrong!

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Wow, Hellllo... I am so sorry to hear this. But you were right in what you did.

No one, DON, Charge, Coworker.. should EVER rant and rave, and create a scene... and most certainly not in front of others ! I don't care WHAT the situation is. :stone

I'm glad you stood up for yourself and for what's right. KUDOS.

I hope you can pull your thoughts together and find something you truly want to persue. I know you've had some doubts about nursing in general lately.. perhaps it's time for something new and different?

Regardless, I wish you the best. Do keep us posted, and (((HUGS))).

RE Agent

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God! Have u gone to the website www.bullysatwork? Have u gone to polls about bullying on this site?

My advise to u is u need to give a written "exit interview" about this situation.

I would also go to human resources and have them investigate this (u have witnesses), You don't want this bad record following u around (like a bad eval).

Write down everything that happened...the 5 W's: Who, What, Where. When, Why." Organize it, put in it writing, then insist that this be looked into

using words like "retaliation", "harassment", management must respond to those types of words. Cover your a..

I am sorry that u felt u had to quit. In California, I am starting groups and giving seminars on workplace bullying...find out what is available in your area so u don't feel alone and get support.

I will put u on my buddy list so that when I have my web site up, I can contact u.

Read the book "The Bully at Work."

Take care of yourself. Be careful not to gossip with ex-co-workers as this could get put on your record, as on theirs. You need to find a way to talk about this situation in a discussion/forum way. Gossiping is considered to be part of bully culture, and u don't want to be part of that I am sure.

Consider educating yourself about bullys, then take on educating others. Take on Legislating.

Hope this helps.

Bully's at work is a joke. My last job some doctors were hitting , spitting on, throwing things, and ofcourse yelling, and name calling the nurses. This makes me so mad. I contacted Bully's at work, and there was nothing they could do, just like our politicians, OSHA, JCAHO, the hospital CEO, and everyone else I wrote to. This makes so mad. I went and got my real estate lic, and quit nursing, but this is something I can not let go of. I have looked at other professions, and I must say the health care community is the worst for abuse. I will never let go of this, I will go after this until someone in a powerful position hears me, and does something about it. This is intolerable behavior, and should never be put up with. Patients die when there is a breakdown in communication, and abuse breaks down communication.

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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Thanks for all of your supportive comments ((((((((hugs))))))). You guys are really helping me to feel better about the whole thing. I know I have ruffled feathers on this board at times (with my political opinions) and I do appreciate the support. I was hesitant to share my situation here, but I'm glad I did.

I got the Sunday paper yesterday, and there was not one single nursing want ad. Not one.

There is a lot of competition for nursing jobs here. Employers in this area have nurses over a barrel, and they can and do get away with a LOT.

As for HR, I worked for a small, private clinic. There is no HR. As a matter of fact, there are only three people in the whole company who have positions higher than what mine was. There is only one sec'y for the entire company. That should tell you how small it is. My boss does the hiring, firing, and makes up all policies as she goes along. There are no employment (or pt care) policies or procedures in writing that I have ever seen or heard about. I was told that I would get my PTO.

Maybe I can take this opportunity to go back to school? Or?

The last time I quit a job in total disgust, I was an LPN and took that opportunity to become an RN.

I put myself through LPN school years ago by selling jewelry, and crafts that I made. There is not much money in that, but I do enjoy it.

I'm going through so many emotions right now.

z's playa

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There has to be some kind of procedure to protect you from having to quit on the spot. Who is her superior? Cant you report her?

Hellllllo Nurse, BSN, RN

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There has to be some kind of procedure to protect you from having to quit on the spot. Who is her superior? Cant you report her?

Except for the two physician owners, she is the top dog of the whole thing.

She does a lot of the doctors' work, (which is supposed to be done by the docs). She saves them a lot of time and money, and has worked for these two docs at various companies for over ten years.

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I would imagine your state board of labor relations, as well as some of the local/state inspectors would be intrested in some of the antics going on. But, anyway i am sorry you had to go through this. But, be grateful you wont be the one getting pulled into court when they cut something that ends up hurting someone. Get out there and network, a job might be dropped in your lap when you least expect it.

hoolahan, ASN, RN

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Helloooo, you know we are all here for each other when the going gets tough, no matter what your political party, lol :)

Don't worry about the ads. Start networking with others you know. Call some other dialysis units and get the name of the nurse manager and ask if you can send her your resume in case anything opens up. There is always someone going out on Maternity leave, whether they advertise spots or not, there are always openings. Bypass HR and make your own connections, or just start calling places and send your resume to HR and the managers.

Can you do something on your own? Check out the nurse entrepenuer forum, lots of interesting ideas there. Why not try outn an area of nursing you were always curious about? Get Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's book how to make a million in nursing, she is a hoot too, when she explains how she started out by giving CPR classes to large corporations. Devloep inservies on dialysis nursing and give some lectures, start your own nursing ed company, or web site where you write articles and people will pay to get the CEU's, or write for money. You could supervise HHA's for a Medicaid Home care agency, you have the supervisory experience they would love. Think BIG!


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I just thought I would mention something that I recently learned about giving your 2-week notice. If you give your employer your 2-week notice and they decide to let you go on the spot, by law, you are entitled to the 2-week notice pay PLUS any un-used sick or vacation time. I know the money is nothing compared to what you are/have gone through at this place, but since it just recently happened to me, I thought you might find it interesting.

Man oh man...just read all the posts:

So what if u get paid for two weeks...thats not the point...if u were coerced into quitting, that is bully behavior, period.

I never thought that bullysatwork.com was going to do anything but give u information about bullys...the rest is up to u. Start advocating. start legislating. Don't be a victim! What happens or what doesn't happen is ultimately up to you.

Don't be a victim. You really can do something, for yourself and for all Nurses. Get out of the mentality that its all about you. (of course it is about you, but there is a much bigger picture).

The bigger picture concerns us all. As individuals, as Nurses, as Organizations, as a Society.

Most of us got into this profession because we have a big heart and we want to help. Don't give up on that!

And, then there is the environment that we find ourselves working in...alas, the environment unhappily is not always (even for the most part) in sink with what we stand for, for what we got into this profession for in the first place.

But, what we stand for is very, very good. We can alter our environment to be what we stand for...by being (as being in action) for what we hold dear.

Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. Come to grips and be with what is true for you. If its resigned, or angry, or disallusioned, or sad, or threatened, or intimiated, or powerless,( or whatever it is for you)-be with it, have it ok, don't even try to change it ("what you try to change always stays the same") Alter your internal world. Look into the future. Be, as in be-ing, in the future for what you stand for. Then work backwards to the now and be all the steps you would take to make your future, in the present. Try that on, just as an experiment. It takes work, it takes courage and committment, its not safe, its unexpected, and its glorious.

That is my invitation to you. Be a stand in all ways for what is good. Alter your work enviroment Alter your lives... Do something! Don't give up or become resigned.

Don't be a victim!

akcarmean, LPN

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Congradulations for standing up for yourself. Like many have said before. I'd make sure I have everything document. Good Luck to you and I hope something comes you way soon


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Not only are you entitled your PTO, but since you gave your 2-week notice and she decided to let you go on the spot, you are also entitled to the 2-weeks notice pay!! This is a law and I just recently quit my job with a 2-week notice and they let me go on the spot with my 2-weeks notice pay without having to work the 2-weeks. Not everyone knows this, but it is a law. Get your money!! I also agree with the other poster about about getting something in writing about you giving your notice and not being fired. Best of luck to you!

boulergirl, CNA

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No one, DON, Charge, Coworker.. should EVER rant and rave, and create a scene... and most certainly not in front of others ! I don't care WHAT the situation is. :stone

I agree. This morning the maintenance man at our facility threw a big temper tantrum about people leaving garbage outside the dumpster, and the nurse wouldn't let him get away with yelling at her. Good for her. She wouldn't let us take his crap either. Tomorrow we have a staff meeting, and I don't want to even LOOK at him right now--what a jerk. :( :angryfire

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