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  1. z's playa

    WOOT! Semester is OVER!!!! How did y'all do?

    Z here! Remember me? WEll I passed everything....and thats all I care about at this point.....I applied for a summer job as a PCA and an SSI (summer student intern)..and GOT IT!! Both of them! SO...I will be rolling in cash this summer....I got in du...
  2. z's playa

    Drug seeking or real pain? How do you tell?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to enlighten us with your story. It is soooo refreshing to read something real..if you know what I mean...I relly felt your frustration as you relayed that nurses' word game...wow....I would have "freeeeeeeked" ...
  3. z's playa

    Premium membership reservations?

    I have to wait until I start to work...I aslo have a few irks I need to iron out first before coming back.... I also have to keep in mind that our dollar is not as strong as yours in the USA so the "student" price works out to be the regular price in...
  4. z's playa

    criminal record in nursing school???

    Welcome to allnurses ! You will need to contact your school and ask about this. Z
  5. z's playa

    Weeding out of nursing students

    Not here. Yet :) Our instructors like to help the students succeed. The course lign up like putting two ANPs in the same semester might suggest this..... but the proffs are aware of the difficult load and help out big time. They are aware we (socie...
  6. z's playa

    "Natural" birth

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: z
  7. z's playa

    Air Force Nurse Rank????

    Oops. I'm sorry. I missed that. Too tired. Z
  8. z's playa

    Air Force Nurse Rank????

    I hear it's as an officer. Z Welcome to allnurses ! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)
  9. z's playa

    Will I need a graphing calc?

    Yeah? Well if it turns out to be far from 'plug and chug'...you'll be hearing from me. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Z
  10. z's playa

    can american RNs work in mexico

    She just knows stuff. Spooky really. :) :chuckle Z
  11. z's playa

    Will I need a graphing calc?

    Really ? A graphing calculator or graphing paper? GAAAAWWD!!!! Shoot me. I don't wanna use another graphing calculator. Z
  12. z's playa

    head to toe assessment cheatsheet

    Hello and welcome to allnurses ! :Melody: :balloons: Z What kind of book do you have? Can you get a hold of a Jarvis book? At the library maybe?
  13. z's playa

    Nurse doing cocaine HELP

    ROY! I just read your profile ! I always thought you were some old goat :rotfl: I didn't know you were ..well.....youngish. Pretty good writing I must say :) Z Back to thread topic. :imbar
  14. I'm sorry you had to witness that. It truly is horrific isn't it? Maybe you could start a petiiton and send it to your member of Congress (or whoever it is you write to in the US :) ) to get helmet wearing mandatory? Z
  15. z's playa

    Drug testing a babysitter

    Glad to hear this . Good luck ! And no you didn't start a contraversy. Some people just take from certain posts what they want to take and twist it all around intentionally or not...me sometimes...or not. Its something that happens all the time and ...