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    California Nurses Association says no to Arnold

    I say yes to Arnold. He has given millions to upgrade education for California nurses. Arnold is doing everything to make California the best place for nurses to work, and wants to stop the nursing shortage. Believe what you want. Many of you are just going on word of mouth, and don't know the truth. Every time you nurses win you shoot yourselves in the foot. I don't believe you all want things to be better for you profession.
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    New RN, cant find a job...

    Nurses are treated like dirt, find another profession that is respected.
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    Court sides with California nurses

    If working conditions become better then I'll bet some nurses return to nursing. If not some hospitals will go belly up, and they should. Shame on the hospitals who put $$$ before lives.
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    R on T phenomenon

    Does it show up on the monitor/EKG? I had PSVT once, because I drank some tea in Japan. My heart was beating so fast, and I was sweaty, never felt like passing out. Converted with vagel stim. Could you be going thru the change? That will make your heart do funny things.
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    R on T phenomenon

    My patient in the GI lab came out to recovery with way to many PVC's, > 6/min. Some the PVC R waves fell right in the middle of the T wave. She did not have any cheat pain, and her b/p was fine. The MD said this was o.k. as long as she did not have chest pain. What do you all think? I've always thought R on T was dangerous with or without chest pain. She was also having pairs (couplets) of PVC's.
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    Schwarzenegger Says Nurses are "Set Dressing"

    The CNA is not addressing the issues in the right way. I do not support the CNA.
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    Substandard Healthcare d/t high Patient to nurse ratios

    The truth, nothing is going to happen to fix the problem. Why? The powers that could fix the problem will never receive substandard care, nor will their families. The truth is, we little people who vote for the powerful scum could care less about us.
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    Rookie RN - Serious Questions

    O.k this was covered school, I hope. Your instructor is full of it. Patients code, and you never see it coming. What state did you go to school in?
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    Bedside surgery with no sedation

    Why not give the meds before the procedure? A B/P in the 190's after a stroke is asking for trouble. Who can you report this doc to? I would not let this go unaddressed, and I would refuse to help this doc in a procedure like this. Nurses are patient advocates, aren't we?
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    What's up with Human Resources

    Good for you!!! That did go somewhere, and I'll bet it got attention. More nurses should be doing this kind of thing. If the patient is abusive, or their family call security. You can also call social work, or hve a psych consult written up for them. We did this at one hospital I worked at. We also would visit that patients room in numbers. Nurses are not anyones doormat, to include admin.
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    What's up with Human Resources

    I applied for a position at a certain hospital, had my interview, and agreed to take the position. Then along came HR. They were so rude, and the treatment was real bad. I changed my mind about working for this place. A couple of weeks later I was terminated, and told I could go collect unemployment. I "DID NOT" WORK FOR THIS HOSPITAL FOR ONE DAY. I was also told that I will never be able to work at any of their hospitals. I have tried to resolve this issue with the head of HR, with no luck. These people could care less. I have a lawyer, and I don't pay the lawyer the hospital will have to, per judges ruling. I'm not a nurse any more, but it will be a cold day in you know where before I let them get away with this. I hope you can find a way to hold them(HR) accountable at your workplace as well.
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    Blatant Nursing "No-No's"........what's your worst???

    A nurse on shift with me, years ago had a diabetic patient who was a hard IV stick. The IV abx ran in very very slow, so this nurse decided to fill the IV bag with air, and place a B/P cuff around it. You know, pressure bag. Well it worked, and the patient got an air embolus. I found out because I answered the call bell. The patient made it, and this nurse was placed on admin duty, never to touch a patient again. This happened when I was in the navy.
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    Tenet Hospital

    Get help for your emotions, and stick it to this guy. As long as you let your emotions rule you on this, justice will never be done. He will do it again, and again. Be strong and go for it. This is his fault, and clearly not your fault. Deal with the hospital as well, as long as we nurses let folks get away with this kind of stuff, we will never be respected. Some of us never have to walk in the fire, and some of us do. When you are put in this position you have to see it through. I've been there, and it is so worth it see justice done.
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    Intradermal lidocaine for IV starts

    EMLA cream is the best, but the waiting time can be a problem. Sometimes IV have to be started quickly. This is good for the peds patient. I've never seen a policy for lido use, we just used it, if the patient wanted it. It does hurt, like a bee.
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    Do I LOOK Like A Nurse To You?

    Just poot, and blame it on them. Shame on them.