I passed!...after 5 trys...i finally passed!


omg....after 5 times i've finally passed,tHanks to God, he may not come when u want him but he'll be there Right n time! Just study and pray hard and you'll Pass!:yeah:


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congrats. you deserved to pass. Good luck for job hunting ;)


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I hope I can make it too! This is my third time taking it and now I am just waiting for my results.


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Did you do the pvt...good luck!

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YEY congratz


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My state doesn't participate with PVT.

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Haven't heard of any states not included in the PVT however there are a few states that do not participate in pearsonvue quick results. PVT and quick results are not the same


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Sorry about that, I meant quick results. Thanks for the heads up Silverdragon.


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good job!!! congratulations!! your perseverance and hard work paid off!!! it's an incredibly awesome unbelievable feeling isn't it?!!

just let it sink in....it will take a while!!!! :D

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congratulations !!