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  1. College Algebra 8/25/2014, proctored !!

    LakeEmerald, OMG!!! My mouth cannot talk anymore, this is incredible. You nailed it, no more sleep, and no more rest till December 5th. That home work is too heavy for a semester, one homework takes 4 hours to complete. I was wondering how long our T...
  2. College Algebra 8/25/2014, proctored !!

    LakeEmerald, thank you so much. Yes scientific calculator is an additional requirement. I was scared after watching the demo proctorU video. I hope we help each other in this course, let's see how the first week goes. thank you all.
  3. College Algebra 8/25/2014, proctored !!

    Thank you all for your reply. College algebra starts next week, and I am totally confused at this time. I am thinking of hiring a tutor that will teach me the math steps, but the test and exams are my most concern. Without proctoring, I can use my ca...
  4. Hello everyone, I opened my blackboard this morning, and behold math 1302 (college algebra) has been posted, and to my greatest surprised all exams and test must be proctored online, you also have option to take the exam in the school for those that ...
  5. Good job to all that participated.
  6. College Algebra 08/19

    Jadiva, Thank you for your post. What book/books are they using? any other materials to buy? please let me know so that I can start looking for them on time. thank you..
  7. College Algebra 08/19

    Cara, you are not alone. I will equally start august 25th, We will find a way to helo each other.
  8. Holistic Health Assessment

    You guys are doing great, let's continue to push it. I am also in this class, very stressful and time consuming class. Please, beat on every single thing in the lab book, if your patient doesn't have any of the symptoms, write client denies having......
  9. UTA College Algebra: A Freaken Rant

    Danaroo, I feel for you, oh my goodness, may God help you. I will start this class in August, hope things works out for me. Please, how did others cross through this hell???? Many people have been complaining and giving suggestions of trying communi...
  10. College Algebra and Statistics !!

    Thank you so much for your inputs, I truly appreciate it. I think choosing 8 or 11 weeks will be better. Im so scared about it. May be i would try to take statistics first. thank you all.
  11. UTA RN to BSN while working 40hrs /week?

    3 courses at a time will be too heavy for you, unless you are not working. Two at a time is hard work, but doable in some of the courses. There are some courses you will find very difficult to double, but 3 courses at a time will need extra grace. Th...
  12. May 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Dr. Stetescope, are you listening or looking at your patient? Very funny... but I like it.
  13. Vulnerable Populations.... 5/19

    start each assignment earlier, if posible start your wednesday assignment by Saturday. Its time consuming, just follow the rubric, and you will be fine. good luck.
  14. College Algebra and Statistics !!

    Thank you so much for your responds. Frankly, I do not like maths, not good at it, but can do it if given much time and following directions. I would have loved to do it in my local community but I dont have time. I do appreciate your responds alot....
  15. College Algebra and Statistics !!

    Hello everyone, Please, I need your input on choosing eighter 8 weeks or 11 weeks of this two courses. And for the 11 weeks, is it okay to double it with another class or should I still do them alone. Please help, Thanks you.