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SNU/SNF/MedSurg, SPCU Ortho/Neuro/Spine
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9livesRN has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in SNU/SNF/MedSurg, SPCU Ortho/Neuro/Spine.

BSN, ONC, MSN to be

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  1. 9livesRN

    Nursing school excitement...

    Every one thought I couldn't make it, I was scared going in.... But had a blast throughout the program
  2. 9livesRN


    I hate books, I read the notes and researched the subjects online... I could not afford the books, I passed with a B without the books, but with hard work! You can find the books used on eBay and amazon I bought only the online version and my history lab access
  3. I took both history classes together and statistics with lit. History was hard together but doable, thanks to YouTube and the smithsonian videos! If I could replan I would do hist 1 with English lit and hist 2 with stats. I hated stats! It was self taught for the most part, you need to do ALL book exercises if you want to do weep, once the lectures teach you the basic concepts! You got to do the hard problems on the book, buy the packet, do the exams from the packets and watch YouTube videos on statistical elements that you cant quite grasp!
  4. 9livesRN

    UTA RN to BSN is awesome

    Yes I'm aware of that I am phi theta kappa from my first school RN school 3.9 gpa, and cum Laude 3.5 gpa from UTA including my gen ed classes, at least it's what I have been informed! Which I really don't care once I am already in a honors society.... Say helo to MSN online at UTA starting this month!!!!
  5. 9livesRN

    CLEP testing

    I clapped out of a nursing elective due to National Certification, easy, simple to do and only cost me 25 dollars to clep it!
  6. In any case they are simple classes and you can finish them way ahead of schedule! Pay attention to the lectures!
  7. Cool class, team work! Got to have a strong participation, not difficult at all! I too was scared, took it with leadership! No books for either and I got an A on both
  8. All doable doubling up, there wasn't a class that was not doable doubling up, they all require a whole lot of self discipline, compliance, discussions, writing and tests... I doubled on all my classes with no issues and good grades, let me know if any of you need assistance with class schedules!
  9. 9livesRN

    UTA RN to BSN is awesome

    I just graduated, and loved the university! Very friendly staff and instructors, doable course work while working full time, however it takes a whole lot of dedication! I would recommend this school to anyone! Graduated Cum Laude, working Full time and a half!
  10. 9livesRN

    Need Help Pairing Classes RN-BSN online, Please

    Care of Vulnerable Population Across the Lifespan withHolistic Care Across the Lifespanwas doable, not hard, no booksNursing Leadership withNursing ResearchNo books, took them together as well not hard
  11. 9livesRN

    Clinical Failure

    Quit being late! Nurses can't be late!
  12. 9livesRN

    Ethical dilemma's nurses face

    Blood transfusion, Jehovah witnesses.... Advance directives, DNR.... A few cool topics
  13. 9livesRN

    Nursing Diagnosis - Psychosocial

    How about anxiety related to knowledge deficit as evidenced by.... Cooping with new medical diagnosis and changes on physical condition, constipation... Etc... Any other lack of knowledge that may add to her anxiety since this is all new to her?
  14. 9livesRN

    Math help

    Nah you will get plenty of help here, once your question is up, various people will answer it, with different approaches which will lead to the correct answer. I hate math, however found that "finding X" and changing whichever calc into an equation ALWAYS work, may not be the simplest way of handling it, but it works! All you need is to solve a basic equation... I do this method all the time, since pre-nursing, to nursing school and now as a nurse!
  15. 9livesRN

    I hate clinicals!

    Just take it easy and enjoy the ride, there will be criticism whichever way you look at it, if you are hot at the moment, take a breather, and than consider what you were told. If you can benefit from it great, if not, then too bad, it will get in one ear and out of the other. Just be ready because it will not stop at all! Just remember the first dumb mistake is to "think you know it". You have to know you know it, and that comes with time. Be careful!
  16. Been there done that, and have had family in that situation... Your assessment is crucial in the overall outcome, the scenario you gave us lack pt hx medical hx and tx hx, the best assessment grants a r/o consequently leading to a best outcome, think holistic in a minute!