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SNU/SNF/MedSurg, SPCU Ortho/Neuro/Spine

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  1. 9livesRN

    Tips for a good shift!

    Hi, Ortho Nurse here as well, I get to work at 630 am, get my assignments, READ PROGRESS NOTES! Check read all the orders from day one (at this point I don't write anything)I take on report, with the patient's chat in hand right on my COW, get my report, verify IV, PCA, dressing site, drains, telemetry, LOC, pain, pulses, wake up the patient just to say hello, and make sure they are ok, update the board with my phone number, then name and nurse tech info. It sounds like a whole lot, but it doesn't take more then 5 min/patientThen I will write my day planner, one page per pt, with a sum of the H&P, hx, allergy, all active orders, meds and times, and plan of the day....Then I cover my blood sugars, if needed, get some breakfast, pee, and it will be 8 am, which it's time to assess all pts, head to toe with in room live charting, cover their pain and take vitals, At 9 am I will draw 10am meds for everybody, one at the time, and place at the pt specific bin, then I have spare time to investigate the chart, help ambulate patients, take report on a new pt, or complete a morning discharge,10 am, I pass meds, ambulate, make beds, give baths, change beds ( I try not to use my tech to spare them some work!)Then I just monitor, ambulate, cover pain, assess, reassess, change dressings, deal with doctors,e eat lunch, pee as much and as many times as I need, take 5 whenever! Admit, discharge throughout the day, at 6 pm I say good bey, wrap up charting, offer help to other nurses, at 7 pm I give report, rethink things and off I go!
  2. 9livesRN

    Tips for a good shift!

    Expect the best, be ready for the worse! Be patient, take it easy, and think! Just think! Be kind, resourceful to others ( the pay it forward kind of way) Rest, exercise, live, eat, pray, love!Have fun,Chill it out! Be a watch dog, be observative, think your day through after report before you leave, when you clock out, shake it off, go be your self, let the relax mode kick in!
  3. 9livesRN

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    Because I care! Because I hope some one can be nice to me when I grow old, because I want to make some one's day better, because I like 3 days per week, because the pay is not bad, because people always get sick and need a nurse, because I can be on my feet and walk around all day long, because I can change fields, because I can change from bedside to law like, or informatics... And because I woke up one day and decided to be a nurse! Just 'cuz of that
  4. 9livesRN

    NCLEX tackle guide, just because you deserve it!

    Just a bump on the thread, It might help the newcomers.
  5. 9livesRN

    UTA Rn to BSN program

    I started yesterday! so far everything is great!
  6. 9livesRN

    Minor to go with Nursing major?

    Life span, or developmental psych would be a tremendous help!
  7. 9livesRN

    Social Media, worth it or not?

    Face book is for friends and family only! Everybody should arrange their privacy settings... although this is not the case, I agree with the first reply, the infraction was made as the pictures were taken... Then again... Immaturity here, a placenta? Cmon go study or do some real fun thing, a placenta can't be that much fun... Honestly
  8. 9livesRN


    Well, good and bad news to you, let's start with the bad, to become a nurse you have to attend class on campus, at least most of the classes, plus you have clinicals and other projects that can't be done online. N the other hand, most general courses will count towards your degree, so you most likely will have to concentrate only on sciences and nursing classes I hope that helped! Please contact the school of your choose, or just browse around and request their course work and admission requirements
  9. Any thing you can other then blood products! If the patient can't speak for themselves to tell you whether they want blood or not, you have to look for a will or advance directive, if he states no, even if the family tells you to do it, you can't! Now if the patient doesn't have a document or can't speak, then the responsible family member chooses!
  10. 9livesRN

    What's the best way to manage/study for classes?

    Mine was: Get to school 1 hour earlier then I should, review andnread about lecture, after the lecture I would not leave until I finished the homework and at least 30 questions out of a nclex book on the subject I learned that day!
  11. 9livesRN

    ATI comprehensive exam- How did you prepare?

    If you known your key points and can make an educated choice you should be fine! Was not hard, I did not prepare and I passed... I was too busy with my 3000 mandary nclex questions
  12. 9livesRN

    La Charity Book

    I think that book was an asset! I thought it was harder than the test!
  13. 9livesRN

    NCLEX tackle guide, just because you deserve it!

    you are welcome
  14. 9livesRN

    bad abbreviations

    exederm (right word) eczaderm (charted) norvasc (right) norvase (charted) buttocks (right) butoxs (charted) amlodipine (right) amilo de pine (charted) and the list goes on
  15. loving my job so far... have learned a lot!!! ops, and forgotten so much as well!!!