I Passed the NCLEX!!!

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Yay, I passed the NCLEX!!! I am now officially an RN. I remember posting on this site how excited I was getting into nursing school, and then how excited I was graduating, and now its finally over. Congrats to everyone who passed and good luck to everyone ready to take it.


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:balloons:CONGRATULATIONS!!:balloons::flowersfoThat's wonderful!I wish you the best in your career.

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Good job :lol2:


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awesome!!!! great job! :yeah:


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Congratulations to you! How exciting! :nurse::balloons:

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Now the real fun begins!



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it's so exciting when you pass and become an RN congratulations

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Congrats, great job


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Awesome, good job:up:! I just found out I passed too! good luck w/ all u do!!:nurse:


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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! :nurse:

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Lizzyberry i am so happy for you !! yipeee !! i send you lots of hugs , keep us posted on your new job as a nurse !! you have worked so hard for this and you kept your eye on the prize and you won !! awesome !!

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