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melz34 has 3 years experience and specializes in paediatric and trauma.

I am 21 years old I live in the Uk my favourite tv programmes are Holby City,Casualty,the Inbetweeners,Doctor Who, The IT crowd favourite music Girls aloud, gwen stefani and eva cassidy and more

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  1. obturator placed in trach stoma?

    you should replace it straight away with a new trach I don't see how obturator in a plastic bag is going to help protect the airway infection could easily enter the trach stoma and cause the patient harm they are definetley wrong
  2. I Passed the NCLEX!!!

    it's so exciting when you pass and become an RN congratulations
  3. hi my name is melissa and I am going to tell all you student nurses all about the night shift I work on a childrens pediatric ward I work from 7pm-7am but i also work a mixture of days 7am-7pm half days 7am-3pm and weekends and bankholidays anyway on...
  4. do you want me to bake you a cake while I'm at it and then shove a broom up my arse and sweep under your bed for you too
  5. Quarks vs Crocs

    but are you a nurse I am on a childrens pediatric ward
  6. Quarks vs Crocs

    I just wear these well a bit like these same colour or I have another pair but in black
  7. DIPG
  8. Question for those who work the 11pm-7am shift

    60 patients I work on a childrens pediatric ward and I work 7pm to 7am or sometimes I work 7am-7pm or half days 7am-3pm or weekends or bankholidays anyway on nights my shift starts at 7pm and me and the other nurses meet up with the nurse in charge a...
  9. mabye if you calmed your tone down a little people might actually listen to you
  10. Originally Posted by txredheadnurse Back in 1979 I worked (briefly) in a LTC facility. I was the only nurse on nights, had 3 wings with a total of 5 aides and a bed count of 120. The census was usually between 115 to 120. It was a constant up an...
  11. you people don't seem to get any lazy nurses in your hospitals well in ours there will be me and another nurse working and then the others will be sat around with a cup of coffee and a copy of heat or closer or ok and their pts will press their call ...
  12. I made a doctor mad at me.

    I think the patients health is more important than his crap weekend he shouldn't shout at any staff and shouting at new staff that takes the pi** you shouldn't feel upset seriously he is just a waste of space if he is doctor then he should care about...
  13. Who numbs for needlesticks?

    I have horrible veins the hospital dont like mine and when trying to find a vein to put in the IV its like trying to get blood out of a stone i have had 15 Ivs in my life so far from being about 7
  14. Telling a Client they have HIV

    just break it gently to the client and it is ok for you to be emotional just stay strong in front of the patient and be emotional on your own it is best not to get to emotionally involved with a patient I work in a childrens hospital on a ward and I ...
  15. DIPG

    if the link dosnt work type it in