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thanks for this website, it helps me a lot. i am keeping reading the posted all the time, and receiv lot of information. i pass the nclex with 75 questions in the first try. i used kaplan for review only. kplan is good, i really recommend for all of you expecting to pass the exam to use it for the review, just keep doing the questions and pay attention to the rationals, you will pass nclex-rn exam. $400-500 is not the big money, to think in this way, if fail the exam, will lose 10 x $400....

good luck for all of you!!! :yeah::nono:


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:hpygrp: congrats!!!!!


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I also think Kaplan is great. After 75 questions, I was out! I passed too :-)


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:balloons: How exciting! I hope one day I can post those same words on this site. I'm not even in school again yet though, so don't hold your breath! HA HA.

Now you can have some quality R&R :tbsk:


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Congrats!!! :) What a great feeling!


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Congratulations!!! I know how you feel, I passed with 75 q on July 14. Kaplan helped me the most, what a great program! Good luck to everyone!


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Congrats!! :) :yeah:

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