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  1. NurseLil-lea

    What motivates you to go to work every day?

    Money for Bill because he keeps showing up every month and I don't even have to call him . My son Motivates me to go to work everyday (I am his sole provider) I am thankful to have a job to be able to pay the mortgage, the car payment and misc. bills. I am motivated to keep my house, and cars so that also motivates me to go to work everyday!
  2. NurseLil-lea

    Grief.....a really good movie to explore it

    I love what Dreams May Become! I purchased the movie :) Very powerful film:up:
  3. NurseLil-lea


    I will be praying for you! You can and will do it:)
  4. NurseLil-lea

    Kaplan Qbank

    You are welcome Zadia, you can do it! Simama is correct, take your breaks whenever the computer tells you to. Go outside and get some fresh air. For the LPN test, if it goes pass 85Q, don't panic, you are still in the game like Simam said :)! My test stopped at 92 questions and I passed! Take Sunday off, get a good nights rest, eat a nice healthy breakfast, and go get'em :) Make the NCLEX Lady HAPPY! I will be praying for you.
  5. NurseLil-lea


    I had the same problem with passing the test! I couldn't afford a tutor and all those online NCLEX courses to pass the test. I had to finally just start studying differently than what I was doing. I had so many books I was studying from, tooo much information! I learned from Allnurses (yes, right here) all I needed was one book to study from (SAUNDERS) and learned later that LaCharity was also an Awesome delegation book to have. I studied from those 2 books (ONLY) and finally was successful on passing my test. Also, I had called my school for help and no one could help me, they were just sending me around in circles Stay on Allnurses, go to the throw facts around link (very helpful) get away from negativity, don't tell no one the date you are taking your test at home are they will just keep bugging and bugging you about the test being passed, doing these things helped me be successful with the test. You can do this blynn9173, keep your head up! :)
  6. NurseLil-lea

    should i reschedule my exam

    I would say "Take a Chance". You may do better than what you think you would do. Good Luck :)
  7. NurseLil-lea

    Kaplan Qbank

    I would say, keep doing questions at least 150 to 200 questions every day/night until a couple of day(s) before your test and take a break and do something nice for yourself (RELAX). No one can really tell you to either take the test at your scheduled date or reschedule it (Only you feel this). No one is really ready to take the test, they just take it and hope for the best and do a lot of praying! But in my opinion everytime I rescheduled the test, it only set me further and further back (). Good Luck Zadia, you can do it!:)
  8. NurseLil-lea

    Grades for practice tests

    At least between 65 & 75%. Someone please correct me if I am wrong! I did not get to hung up on the percentages after a while, I just did questions, lots of questions and studied the rationals of why I got a question wrong or right! I had Lippincott's Q&A book (I was not successful with this book) but I finally narrowed it down to just using Saunders and LaCharity!! Good Luck :)
  9. NurseLil-lea


    Are you studying for the RN NCLEX or the LPN NCLEX?
  10. NurseLil-lea

    Pearson Vue Trick?????

    Click this link to take you to the PVT instructions! Good Luck :) https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/pearsonvue-trick-true-374829.html
  11. NurseLil-lea

    What does this mean??

    Sounds like you PASSED!! :ancong!:
  12. NurseLil-lea


    hi daginc911, below are some links from here (allnurses) that you might be interested in and can answer some of your questions. i did not have any cranial nerve questions on my test but there were a lot of infection control and delegation questions . good luck!! :) https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/infection-control-mnemonics-299890.html https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/s-p-i-596929.html https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-student/mnemonic-cranial-nerves-47620.html https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/correct-prder-removal-461655.html
  13. NurseLil-lea

    Is it too easy to become a LVN nowadays??

    by no means was lpn nursning school easy. it was alot of information to take in , in 17 mths, alot of sacrifice between family and friends. it was like i had no life, none of us didn't. we started with like 58 people and it trickled down to 43. namestenurse your right, only the smart survived:d
  14. NurseLil-lea

    LaCharity book

    CleeM89, yes this book is helpful for LPN's also! It helped me loved this book! The book is more towards RN's but it helps with LPN's as well!! Get the book, you will not be disappointed :)
  15. NurseLil-lea

    Support group for nurses

    They say that is common for your first year working as a new nurse! You should probably try to hang in there and get your year experience in so that you can move else where!! Good Luck jthieret, you can do it! Just think positive when you go into work and YOU make it a good day for yourself!! NurseLil-lea