I am officially an RN!!!!!!!!!! Whooooo-hooooooo!!!!!!!!

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Been checking online about every 3 minutes for almost 48 hours. Quick results for my boards still aren't up, but I got the good pop-up Wednesday. So today on a whim I checked the KSBN license verification. My RN license was issued yesterday!!!!!!!

OMG, OMG, OMG! I FINALLY did it!!!!!!! Never worked so hard in my life for anything, and I MADE IT, BABY!!!!!!

:nurse: I'm an RN!!!!!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!! :D

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Congrats, I remember that feeling :D


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:hpygrp: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

congrats to u and I just found out I passed today too

Congrads!!!!! :cheers: I just found out that i passed this morning as well!


congrats :dancgrp:


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congrats registered nurse!!! :w00t:


angel, rn

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congrats to all who passed the test! I am an LPN and got my results on my birthday. I am starting the RN program in January and I hope to be doing the happy dance in 18 months as well. Again congrats to you all!:ancong!:


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