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  1. John Tyler community college

    Has anyone heard anything about John tylers RN program? I am working how long it would take me to finish the program? I am an LPN but they did away with the LPN to RN program.
  2. What is your current LPN salary

    I am in chesterfield, VA. I just got my first nursing job. I have zero experience. I was hired 3pm to 11pm shift. I will be making $ 16.50 an hour plus benefits.
  3. looking for info on RSHT

    I attend rsht. I passed my boards on the first try. I think it is all about how much you are willing to teach yourself as well. No it is the best school but it gave me what I needed. on the floor is where you truly learn the most. I am now working as...
  4. JTCC Nursing program VA

    okay I went to John tyler today to get all of my enrollment paper work done. I did'nt know tha, they did'nt have the LPN to RN track anymore. So I will be going the old regular route, starting spring 2011. I'm excited though, I am taking the steps to...
  5. I can't find a job!!!!

    Yes, I have applied for LTC jobs. I am going to do some follow up calls to some of the places. how is the search going for an LTC jobs for you?
  6. I can't find a job!!!!

    I know how you feel ladies. I had one phone call from a lady just to tell me that i did not have enough experience. I need six months of experience in peds but she would keep my resume on file. just in case something were to change. I did a follow up...
  7. South Univeristy

    :loveya: I just found out that they have an RN program. so they offer two programs. They offer many of the basic classes online but they cost 2000.00 more dollars then VCU.
  8. I can't find a job!!!!

    what kind of jobs do you get by going to a temp place?
  9. I can't find a job!!!!

    Does giving flu shot pay pretty good? I have saw some posting for that job in my area.
  10. I can't find a job!!!!

    I know how you feel. There are a lot of posting online for nurses but there are a lot of us out there. I know some of them don't want new grads. How am i supposed to get that experience under my belt? I know childern cost, and xmas is coming up reall...
  11. Took NCLEX PN today

    :dancgrp:congrads! I did the pvt trick as well. I passed! I got my lincese in the mail before the paper stating that I Indeed passed.
  12. I can't find a job!!!!

    LOL my friend said the same thing. stop stressing and everything will fall into place. Thank you!
  13. Just took the NCLEX-PN...

  14. took NCLEX exam.

    omg congrads!!!!! let me tel you the trick worked for me!!!!!:clpty:
  15. I can't find a job!!!!

    Thank you so much vwde!!!! I applied for a few more postions today. I am planning on going to a few place tomorrow and apply in person. some place do not take applications in person in more. I am trying to stay postive but it is very hard I have a t...