I got to see a Delivery!!!!

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Woohoo! During clnicals today I got to see a delivery, I was in with mom and family from the begining and then to the c-section, and then with the baby to special care and assessed the baby, did a Ballard, etc.

Spent the entire morning with them. But also during clinical we had a code so we (the students) helped the staff with other things (vitals, trays, phones, etc.) while they handled everything else that was going on.

I'm so excited I got to see a DELIVERY!!!! AND I didn't get sick to my stomach at the surgery!!!! :rotfl: :balloons: :chuckle

Tweety, BSN, RN

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I got to see two vag deliveries and a c-section during my rotation. It was awesome. Glad you're having a good time!


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I got to see a vag delivery last week! It was soo exciting. The mom, grandmother, great grandmother and me and the other student were all crying by the time it was over. =)


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OH i Hope i get to see one during my clinicals! I really want to be in the NICU once i get out of school and all!!! I am glad you didn't get sick either:wink2:


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I am in OB at the moment and can't WAIT/am HOPING to see a delivery! So far I have just worked with the moms in postpartum. I watch them on TLC and Discovery Health Channel all the time and cry my eyes out!

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You are very fortunate. Many of us who rotate through OB don't get to see a single delivery. Tomorrow is my last clinical OB day and I have yet to see one. One of our classmates fainted dead away during a vaginal delivery a couple of weeks ago.

jschut, BSN, RN

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I'll never forget the C-section I got to witness in school. It was the most awesome sight I'd ever seen, and one I doubt highly I'll ever forget!

Especially when the nurse rubbed the little guy and he took his first breath~his coloring was bluish, of course, and as the oxygen spread throughout his body, he became the most healthy pink.....lovely young man! :)

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good for you!!!!! I got to see an autopsy my 2nd week, but geez a new life would be wonderful.


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That's so cool. I hope to see one on my OB rotation, but I can only hope:)

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LOL More often than not you'll labor with your patient and then go home before she delivers. I don't think I saw a single vaginal delivery during my OB clinical rotation. I did see a C-Section, though, and it was awesome. :)


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I saw a C-section tonight!! It was awesome, definately not as bad as I was freaking out that it would be! I almost cried when the mom got to see the baby, but then she started to throw up (the one thing I can't handle) and my sentimental moment disappeared :chuckle . I was disappointed I didn't get to see a vaginal delivery, hopefully I will get to before the rotation is up. There is usually one every night we're there, but not tonight of course!


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I guess I'm lucky. So far I've seen 3 vag deliveries and 3 c-sections. I happen to get a rotation at one of the cities busies baby hospitals. I can't say that I've enjoyed this rotation. Mostly I've found it quite boring and frustrating. I'm much more hands on and the nurses I've worked with so far don't really encourage students to participate.

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