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  1. ileany11

    Which NCLEX review book??

    Which NCLEX review books do you all recomend for reviewing for the boards I am in PN school... any opinions would be GREATLY appreciated! I really have no idea what i am looking for.. or what's good out there.. thanks in advance!
  2. I failed a test for the very first time last night.... now it wasn't just me eveyone in the class failed but 2 people so i dont feel that bad but i am still pissed off at myself... i studied so much and it just seems as though i studied all the wrong stuff... i am so frustrated! we are retaking it tonight.... and i am so stressed i barely slept last night b/c i was up thinking about this dang retake for tonight.... i got up at like 8am and ihave been studying all day... it is now 2:15 and i have to retake this thing tonight at 5:30..... grrrr i just needed to vent thanks for listening!
  3. ileany11

    Help w/ taking BPs!

    Practice, Practice, Practice!!! That's really all i can say... when i first started i couldn't hear it either but then i just practiced! and i got it eventually!!!! Good luck!
  4. ileany11

    Feeling discouraged... need to be uplifted

    Thank youto all of you that ihave responded.... Today was a NEW day and a much better one at that! I had a different patient but i did go to see the one from yesterday and she was more A&O so that was nice to see.... it was a good experience all in all... thank you again for listening to me... last night i was really down and out about the whole thing... i know i want to be a nurse and i know i can do it sometimes i just get lost in the process.....Thanks again!
  5. Well i am in level 3 at my school.... we are doing physical assessments... and that's about it really we will be doing dressing changes next week but for this first week of level 3 more assessments... anyways.... i had this pt today that is "dieing" anyways i lost my grandpa 4 months ago today... with the mannerisms this pt had i was very much reminded of my grandpa... anyways when i left i told her i was leaving and that i would be back tomorrow.. and i would see her then... she says to me "if i am still alive" :crying2: I am just feeling really really discouraged right now... is this normal???
  6. ileany11

    Any NS from South Florida???

    I am southwest FL, Venice just 15miles north of where hurricane charley hit
  7. ileany11

    Where is everyone from?

    Southwest FL baby!!!!
  8. ileany11

    Drug cards...

    GOD I HATE THESE THINGS!!!! :angryfire It's not that they are hard.. they are just a pain in my A$$!!!!! Does anyone have an easier way of doing them.... i have to write or type mine out... i have choosen to type mine so that i can read it better, and get more info on the card... but good lord i hate these things... i dread them.... well i am off to do some more i have 24 due on Mon... drug cards the story of my life now. :chuckle
  9. Ok this is the thing..... I go back to school tomorrow from winter break.... well let me tell you what happened over break, i took care of my grandpa who helped raise me well he died Dec 20..... i am heartbroken to begin with but scared that when i go back to school we are clinical at a nursing home... i am scared that i am going to lose it when I get there... i have already been there before break so i know how bad some of these residents are... i am just sacred that with this still being so fresh to me... that i will break down... i have never lost someone so close to me.... i am petrified i am not going to mmake it b/c of this! what should i do? am i being silly? i still have nights that i just cry myself to sleep i miss him so much.... i just need some help or encouragement or something i dont' even know anymore! thanks in advance!
  10. ileany11

    What inspired you to be a nurse??

    What made me want to be a nurse.... well at the at of 19 my best friend was diagnosed with a rare form of lukemia..... he was 21... anyways i watched him go through chemo and all that stuff.... after 14 short weeks of fighting cancer he lost his life.... being there when he died was the hardest thing i had ever done.... but I knew that he would want me to continue on and do something to help those that are illl...... so here i am.... after fighting a few health issues myself (ovarian cysts... endometriosis....) i have finally gotten on board to become a nurse.... and to make a difference this is my way of rememebering him daily!
  11. ileany11

    OMG I am freaking out...

    OK i am totally freaking out here.... my bf is a marine and is deplpoyed in kuwait.... he called me on Thanksgiving to let me know he was shot at but dind't get hurt i was so scared and well still am.... anyways..... he got online tonight to tell me he is coming home early.... not just a few days early like 2 months early!!! OMG I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!! :hatparty: :hatparty: I can't wait to have him in my arms again! Unfortunately I am gonig to have to miss a few days of class to go to NC from FL to welcome him home but my teachers are already cool with it! OMG OMG OMG i can't stop smiling! AHHH how am i ever goign to concentrate on things tonight!?! well thanks for listeing to me ramble!
  12. ileany11

    Happy Thanksgiving! What r u thankful for?

    I am thankful for: My Family and friends My boyfriends safety while deployed overseas The life we are able to have here in the good ole USA! The oppurtunity to get an education and make my life better
  13. I am sorry that this has happened to you but I think that you are being very judgemental about this girl... I have a big colorful tatoo on my lower back... but that doesn't mean that I am not trustworthy, or can't be a good nurse or friend or even someone that other classmates can trust and it really has NOTHING do to with being conservative or NOT!!! .... I think that you need to take a hard look at yourself... I knwo you are sad and mad about this whole situation however judging her for a tatoo doesn't make you any better. Good luck in this...
  14. ileany11

    Diamonds in school?

    Ihave never heard of that either. We were told only wedding bands, earing studs, and no necklaces. Actually i have diamond studs and i wear them and they have never told me that i couldn't!
  15. ileany11


    :chuckle LOL i got it!!! cute!