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  1. cherokeesummer

    baby to the nursery please

    Nope I don't call that lazy at all. That is normal. We can't blanket it all and say any mom who sends her baby to the nursery is lazy, its a specific type of person I think of, the ones who don't want to particpate in care at all, i.e. feeding, changing, etc. Now if we could staff for a person in the nursery it would be even better. I offer to my moms to keep the baby if they even so much as think/blink or act like they could use it. If they ask, I say sure and ask how they want the baby fed, etc. If I need to do a lab or anything I will ask, do you want me to keep the baby for a couple hours so you can rest? Etc. This way I'm not pushing but they don't feel bad for asking b/c I've presented them with it. Sometimes you just gotta rest!
  2. cherokeesummer

    baby to the nursery please

    We must work in the same place LOL! Just kidding but it sounds so familiar!
  3. cherokeesummer

    baby to the nursery please

    Ditto, we do this too - ood is very important b/c like you said, in the begining babies may go a long time without waking to eat and we need to make sure its being done. I've had moms really not want to have baby to nursery but they were so to the point of exhaustion and crying that I suggested just a three hour break, that way they can rest and they still don't feel bad b/c its not all night. OOD is a good option.
  4. cherokeesummer

    baby to the nursery please

    Yes. I'd say probably half send their babies to the nursery on any given night. It is rare to have less than 5-10 babies overnight. Generally our charge nurse cares for them or we take turns. Also our admitting nursery nurse will if she is not getting new babies in. We can't staff to keep a nurse in the nursery so we just have to rotate. I don't mind giving moms a break so I'm ok with it sometimes but what does bother me are the ones who never want their baby in the room and they are not resting, they are up on the phone all night long. Or the ones who send the baby to the nursery and the baby is screaming but they refuse a paci or a feed, only wanting breastfeeding (which I think is fine) but I think that when the baby is screaming it needs to be comforted and if you don't want to hold it, comfort it, feed it or pacify it, then it bothers me. I will hold the baby as long as I can but I think that breastfeeding on demand is important and I will take a baby back that just ate if I can't console it any other way. I just explain to mom that baby is having a hard time being consoled even after holding/rocking/etc. and may need to nurse or do skin to skin. Again I'm all for giving mom a break but I can't bear to hear/see the baby so upset and moms not wanting to take part in the care.
  5. cherokeesummer

    Back to work after a loss of pregnancy...

    I also have no magic words and I know each loss is different and the experience is different. When we had our loss I was not in the field so it was different. I could not bear to be around pregnant people for a long time, even family and friends. It was a very emotional time for me. What I can say is this, I've read your posts and I know how caring and loving of a nurse you are. That being said, take some time to care and love yourself. Take some additional days off just to give yourself some time. Also know that some situations may be harder to deal with than they were before (pts with poor or no pnc, patients who are indifferent, etc.) and know that you can grieve for as long as you need. Love and hugs!
  6. cherokeesummer

    Breastfeeding support by HCPs

    PS and I do not give formula unless mom asks me to. I have gone in a room in the middle of the night to make sure its what they wanted if they sent the baby to the nursery for the night but have been otherwise breastfeeding. I will ask if its an out on demand infant (feeding in the room when hungry) or if we are to feed in the nursery and many moms choose to feed formula at night.
  7. cherokeesummer

    Breastfeeding support by HCPs

    We support it at our facility BUT often are over worked and understaffed and do not have the time we would like to devote to it. BUT when someone asks me to help latch a baby I do it, even if it takes time that I don't have at that moment I do it b/c its important and even if it is someone who really doesn't want to do it but is feeling pressured. I've had a patient ask nurses to tell her spouse she was unable to nurse b/c of a breast surgery b/c she didn't want to nurse and didn't want to just tell him that. Frustrating. It is frustrating when I tell ppl over and over again that colostrum is small in quantity and huge in quality and that its important to try to latch if they want to breastfeed and then they give up immediately b/c the baby is crying. I try to explain that it does take work, dedication and its a personal choice, i will support them either way. On the flip side I get frustrated when I have a baby that has a HUGE decrease in weight and increase in bilirubin and the parents will not budge on giving a supplement and only try to nurse the baby when its awake and only for a few mins. I suggest at that point finger feeding/syringe feeding pumped milk and formula. I want to support moms but at the same time, I want their babies to be able to go home with them so I try to get them to breastfeed successfully and offer alternatives to supplementation that do not involve a bottle. If they want a bottle I will give it to them without lecture and I explain that it is still possible to switch from breast to bottle, it may take more work but it can be done. I was one who tried, could not get it right, my son had a bottle from the start b/c of hypoglycemia and when I tried to latch I couldn't and I gave up too quick and didn't seek help. I pumped and gave that to him for a bit. I still feel bad about that 4 years later and try to help my patients so they can work harder at it if they want to. I wish I had worked harder at it but I know that he is happy and healthy and thats what counts. But no I do not think that HCP are against breastfeeding, but there are those who will be hardcore one way or the other as well.
  8. cherokeesummer

    Newborn evacuation plans

    Do you guys have an evacuation plan in place for newborns and what is it? I am working on updating (hopefully) or at least clarifying our policy/plan and was looking to see what other options are out there. Thanks in advance!
  9. cherokeesummer

    Animosity between L/D & Postpartum

    We have the same issues and for the same reasons. It sucks for both sides that sometimes the other side doesn't get what the other needs, but yes we have the same problems and same underlying causes.
  10. cherokeesummer

    big babies...

    I should add that I am a type I diabetic since age 12. My diabetes was in great shape during pregnancy, HA1C was 5.9 (best it had ever been) the entire pregnancy but as I got further along my pump infusion had to be increased quite a bit, the doctor said to expect that and we adjusted as necessary. He was born at 39 weeks exactly, via c-section. He also needed some o2 to get going and then spent the first 24 hours in the NICU with a drip due to low glucose. I don't think we'll have any more children but if we do have another one, it would be nice to have a little smaller one. :)
  11. cherokeesummer

    big babies...

    My son was 11.4 lol, I had a c-section. We expected him to be bigger anyway but not that big. LOL! He is now a 4 year old that is 44 inches tall and 80 lbs. My hubby is a big guy tho, so we figure he gets some of it from him lol. I've had a patient that had an 11.7 baby vaginally with no tears and no epidural!
  12. cherokeesummer

    Could I like OB even if I'm an "all natural" kind of girl?

    100% all the way agree with this!
  13. cherokeesummer

    pre-delivery "grooming" issue?

    Yeah I was thinking about that too. I really have no problem with those who want to be bald and can see that men would appreciate it and like it or even prefer it. The only thing I have issue with is a man telling a woman she must do it. LOL, I just don't like being told what to do lol!!!!!!!!! :) I can not imagine the pain of waxing but hey its probably more effective than the old razor deal! :)
  14. cherokeesummer

    pre-delivery "grooming" issue?

    LOL yeah! I asked my hubby about it once, lmao and he was not for it LOL, but hey I'd support him even if he wanted to color it rainbow colors lmao! But I'd still have to laugh a smidgen! :):)
  15. cherokeesummer

    pre-delivery "grooming" issue?

    LOl I love this thread, cuz I've seen all kinds of things at work LOL. I must say, my husband cares not either way - hair or no hair. There is no "reward" he does what he does b/c he loves me :) He also fixes things and eats a lot of steak lmao! And my thought is if you want the woman to be bald then the guy parts need to be bald too. Which in itself sounds like it would be pretty funny looking lol. :)
  16. cherokeesummer

    Was I Inappropriate

    Idk about phone calls but often if I'm off two nights and come back and a patient that I had two shifts ago was there still I will go in and say hi to them, check on them etc. If I pass them in the hall, same thing.