I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW!

Whether its who you know or not, 2.5 GPA vs 4.0, previous CNA/Tech/LPN experience or none, BSN or ADN - You've got to get out there and make something happen for yourself! Faxing in the good ol' resume just doesn't cut it anymore. Be PROACTIVE.


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Clever!!!! And good for you! Great tips.....:yeah:

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I'm amazed at your effort and creativity! Congrats on the job... you definitely earned it!

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Stalking is hard work! ;) Congrats, and thanks for the tips!!


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ChicagoRNtoBSN said:

I am cheeeesing!!!

*doing my happy dance* Boo-yow!!!!! *fist pump*


Three questions:

1. What is "cheeeesing"? Is it some kind of really nasty skin condition? A episode of South Park informs me that this is sniffing cat urine to get high.

2. What is "Boo-yow"? Did you stub your toe? A monkey on a show I was watching made a noise just like this when it was trying to attract a mate.

3. Did you GTL before or after the *fist pump*?

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Congratulations!!!:o I can see how excited you are, it shows in your post. :)

Good luck to you. hope you will like the new surroundings. :nurse:

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Congrats ChicagoRN and thanks for the tips! Good luck on your new job and keep us posted.



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Fabulous post...one of the best I've seen here!

Your enthusiasm is infectious! You had be laughing out loud more than once!

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Malefocker said:
You are my idol!!!!!


GM2RN said:
Fabulous post...one of the best I've seen here!

Your enthusiasm is infectious! You had be laughing out loud more than once!


Hey...what can I say? Laughter is good for the soul and I believe in sharing it! Thanks for the support! :D

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Fabulous advice! I've done the email trick before - but with complaints - most recently with a popular cell phone carrier - worked like a CHARM. I never thought to try it while job searching. I'm going to remember this thread the next time I'm seeking a job. Too bad it can't work like this for BSN school admission!!

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For job hunters, this is the BEST post. EVER.

Thanks for the effort you took in detailing your strategies. Best of luck in your new employment!


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Thanks for all your input! Congratulations!!!