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  1. chocolate, if you have an RX for them it wont show that you tested positive
  2. B52-H


    Very nice! Did you finish orientation already?
  3. B52-H


    Wow 60 people! Did they say how many they would hire as RNs? And how long is the CPOE job for?
  4. If you can move out of California you will definitely increase your chances, just be prepared because it's still tough in a lot of desirable states. A year of experience is what most open positions listed on so cal hospital websites require. A lot of these are just fillers; positions that they really have no interest in filling. So do not use these postings to gauge what the job market is like. Maybe a recent job hunting nurse in the so cal area can weigh in.
  5. Nah. Whether you're a new grad ADN, BSN or MSN, you still have no experience and are in the same pile with everyone else. "Here, you are all equally worthless." - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey), "Full Metal Jacket" :rotfl: Sorry couldn't resist, it was the first thing that popped into my head as I was typing this.
  6. B52-H

    California's 2011 New Grad Program

    Yep they called and left a message this morning.
  7. Yep. Every once in a while you will see the article or post from an experienced nurse who complains new grads are too picky or unwilling to work nights/weekends and that is the reason for the slim job prospects. Those days are long gone. People are desperate and willing to take jobs in any unit or non nursing positions (electronic charting tech support) and sometimes unpaid internships. In fact, it's rare you are even given a choice of what shift and in some cases the specific unit. They know the job market sucks and asking for shift accommodations will most likely get you cut. There are at least 50 other new grads willing to take any shift. Heard from someone else that with the job prospects so bad, when interviewing new grads about which unit they would like to work in, a very common response they get is "Any unit". Don't do this; show that you have a passion for a specific specialty but also indicate you are open to other units.
  8. B52-H


    I think its around $12-14 hour. Work hard, make a good impression and you will get your foot wedged :) Depending on what phase of transition the hospital is at in transferring over to electronic charting, you may also be providing support for other hospital staff (Nurses, RTs etc) Usually it's just the physicians as they seem to have the hardest time switching over, unless you give them a shiny new iPad 2 to enter their orders with
  9. B52-H


    Yep! You are going to be providing tech support for physicians whose hospitals are transferring over to electronic order entry/management. They will call you if they have problems with the software or need help. I know of a hospital that has almost 30+ new grads hired in this role. Hospitals are using this position to offer new grads a break with the bad job market and screen new grads they like and offer the lucky few a job.
  10. B52-H

    Military member seeking nursing career

    Stop by your on base education office. They have tons of info and would be more than willing to help you locate a school.
  11. B52-H

    nurse scholarship in exchange for set employment

    The school I went to offered a program just like this; small stipends given out each semester in exchange for an employment contract. The payments were taxed though and counted as income. I didn't bite because even a small stipend counted as income would have dramatically cut my other financial aid. They are no longer offering the contract anymore, too many new grads, and cancelled many of the contracts people signed. With the current state of the new grad employment, I would sign even if they didn't offer money. Just cross your fingers they don't cancel on you.