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Malefocker is a BSN, RN and specializes in Home Health Nurse.

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  1. Malefocker

    Wound Care Nursing Jobs!

    Hi I am currently a home health nurse and have absolutely fell in love with everything wound care related. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on getting a job as a wound care nurse. I currently live in South Orange County. Thank you
  2. Malefocker

    CSULB-ELMSN Fall 2011

    xInspiredx... I realize your post was from 8 months ago... but if you are going to apply for the new cohort I can help you calculate your score
  3. Malefocker

    Oh the horrendous wait.....

    Jazz1986 - Did you eventually get your license? how long did you have to wait? I am unfortunately in a similar situation and it is driving me crazy!
  4. Malefocker

    California-obtaining RN license, need help!

    I'm curious what happened in your situation? I am in a similar one?
  5. Malefocker

    CSULB ELM 2013 Hopefuls!

    Not about the program... But I did get a letter from the president saying that LB would receive additional funding... Not sure how this affects nursing... I can ask when I'm on campus Tuesday
  6. Malefocker

    ELM Program: UCLA vs CSULB

    You can definitely still get in with a C in progress especially if all of your other grades are A's which it sounds like they are. All that really matters is your overall score... I would say as long as you have over a 9.0 then it is worth putting in your application... it is competitive but for some like myself the fact that it is completely GPA based and TEAS score based is actually nice. Anyway take the TEAS V and do well on it because it is heavily weighed especially the math part. Good luck... and honestly if you are a 4.0 student and do well on the TEAS even with a C there is a very good chance you will get in. I remember being in your shoes and worrying so much.. I ended up getting into 3 different nursing school and I didn't have a 4.0. Anyway good luck if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.
  7. Malefocker

    CSULB ELM 2013 Hopefuls!

    No sorry I haven't heard anything... Don't quote me on this but I am pretty sure that Long Beach won't know anything till after the election because some of the things that are being voted on directly affect whether or not they will receive funding!
  8. Malefocker

    ELM Program: UCLA vs CSULB

    I'm currently in the ELM program at CSULB curious to what program you chose?
  9. Malefocker

    CSULB ELM 2013 Hopefuls!

    Hey Everyone... I am currently in the ELM program and want to assist you guys with any questions you might have? Your undergraduate GPA is not part of the 10 point system... however you must have above a 3.0 in your undergraduate degree in order to apply to the ELM program
  10. Malefocker

    CSULB Fall 2012 BSN

    Cluelessnursing guy... I tried to PM you and answer your questions but your box is full!
  11. Malefocker

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    I thought about doing the same thing... but you should definitely go straight for your RN if you have the grades and here is why. First off it is about 25k to become an LVN and when you are done it is nearly impossible to find a job especially they way the market is right now. However getting into nursing school is extremely difficult so it kind of depends on the situation you are in. If your grades are not good and you didn't do well in your pre-reqs you might have to take the LVN route. There are 2 advantages of being an LVN first 1) you can gain some experience and see if becoming an RN is what you would like to do. 2) Getting into a program as an LVN and then getting your RN is a lot easier than just getting into a school for just your RN.... a lot less competition. I have two friends that had about a 2.0 grade average so they went the LVN route both of them finished school in December in Southern California and neither one of them has been able to get a job. It is my understanding that Kaiser is the only hospital is still employing LVN's. Anyway hope this helps. Being a CNA is awesome btw... you will find that you are a lot more comfortable in the hospital then most of your classmates! Good luck
  12. Malefocker

    CSULB-ELMSN Fall 2011

    And you should take them elsewhere if you can because first semester is hard enough and if you don't have to take these classes you will definitely make it a little easier on yourself.
  13. Malefocker

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    Realized I didn't answer your question above? Registering for classes is done exactly the same way as you would if you were attending CSULB. However, all of the nursing classes are locked so only nursing students can get into them. So you are guaranteed the class you need. It is pretty nice! :) If you have any other questions please ask me. These boards are what got me through the 3 years that I was taking pre-reqs so I am glad to return the favor!
  14. Malefocker

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    Ours was in June!
  15. Malefocker

    CSULB Nursing Interview Fall 2011!!!

    You can miss the orientation meeting... it is not that big of a deal.. they will just have someone sit in for you. One of the girls in our class couldn't make it and I sat in for her. Go ahead and make your plans!
  16. Malefocker

    Which program do I choose?

    That is awesome! I also am starting at CSULB ELM program in the fall I got accepted into a couple different schools and ultimately chose CSULB for the same reasons you did... if you search on FB you can find our group if you are not already a part of it! See you in a couple of weeks.... it's under elm 1212E I believe!