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  1. Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I got the pop up minutes after I finished my test, quick results today showed I passed!!! My BON (Texas) also told me yesterday that the temp (GN) license is removed immediately if you aren't successful - so that's another "trick" to check.
  2. New OB RN

    Where on earth did you find it for that price?? travelling to Haiti to work in a midwife clinic before I begin my L&D job as a new grad and would LOVE to have this to read while I'm there!
  3. I cannot wipe the giant smile off of my face - I keep pinching myself! Not only did I land my dream job, I got the offer before I even graduated!! I wanted to ask some seasoned L&D nurses for their wonderful wisdom & advice... What do you wi...
  4. New grad L&D interview this Thursday...

    Do a Google search for John Hopkins Interview - should point you to a 13-ish page .pdf with great interview information! Scroll down a bit to get some ideas for questions for you to ask - some people just gave me great advice. I interviewed today :) ...
  5. Which Specialty Get the Most New Grad Applicants?

    Overwhelming majoring of my classmates want ED, ICU, L&D, or NICU. (We graduate next week!!!) Very few have accepted positions in these areas, though some have! Many are headed to Med-Tele units, while majority are still (desperately) seeking. We...
  6. Dream job interview... What should *I* ask??

    Thanks!! That's exactly the impression I want to give because it's the truth!
  7. Dream job interview... What should *I* ask??

    Thanks! I'm a little familiar with the unit, as I completed my 120 hr preceptorship there, but still nice to have things to ask them! If they get to ask me, I think it's only fair that I have a few questions in return.
  8. Dream job interview... What should *I* ask??

    I have landed an interview next week at my dream job and while I feel I am prepared for most questions they may ask of me, one that I'm not is "do you have any questions".... So... Do you have any advice on questions I should ask? What do you wish yo...
  9. UTMB Fall 2013

    Hey guys - if you read through past class threads, you'll see the same "well I was told this, I was told that" story... I KNOW its hard, believe me, I do! It doesn't make it right, but sometimes they say anything to get off the phone - try to imagine...
  10. UTMB Fall 2013

    Yes. The job market is very tough for new grads, even more so now that hospitals are waiting until after the NCLEX to even offer jobs. In the class that graduated last April, only one is still not working, however, that person only recently passed th...
  11. UTMB Fall 2013

    Clinicals: You may or may not get to "chose" - it depends on the course. If students get a say, you may only get to give your preferences for days/times (there are some weekend clinicals) and not have any idea of location other than katy, galveston, ...
  12. UTMB Fall 2013

    The past 6 semesters have all been 120 accepted. Due to the state mandates, I doubt that number actually decreased; if anything, it should be going up. I don't know about the applied figures for this semester - it varies each time.
  13. UTMB Fall 2013

    I like it. Of course, it has it's fair share of issues - but then again, I don't think there's a nursing school in this country that doesn't! No one can be perfect. I'm graduating next month and feel 100% prepared to pass the NCLEX on my first try (t...
  14. UTMB Fall 2013

    I have several classmates who began an ADN program then were accepted at UTMB, however, they didn't "transfer"... meaning no credits were accepted from their other program - they started from scratch, again. So keep that in mind when making the decis...
  15. Free Perinatal CEUs

    I had looked at medscape, and countless others. Anything more than around 1.8 hrs was a paid thing, which I wouldn't mind doing if I didn't already have everything I needed for my 2014 renewal!! I gave up and took AWHONN's basic fetal monitoring. I'm...