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I Got In!!!

sarani specializes in Med Surg.

:balloons: I GOT IN!!! I can't believe it! I didn't even know I was on an alternate list. They said I was their 1st alternate. WOW. So excited, and classes start this Monday-- the 21st!!!!!!

Cherish specializes in Junior Year of BSN.

:smiley_aa:w00t: Congratulations thats great! You start school so soon. Keep us updated on how it is. :w00t::monkeydance:

anelson44 specializes in Labor and Delivery or Oncology.

That is wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS! :balloons:

*Blessed2BaNRS* specializes in Neuro.

Way to go, sarani!!:balloons: :monkeydance: I am jealous, though. I found out last month and I don't start till late August! :( But seriously, COMGRATULATIONS!! Now you can tell US how things go!!! Good luck~

DreamyEyes specializes in Geriatrics.

WOOOOO! Your classes start so soon.....Congrats!!! :cheers:


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