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  1. Owensfamily

    Controversy at WCC Dothan about Hesi

    I think what they are saying is that they weren't told about HESI until they were further in the program
  2. Owensfamily

    Controversy over nursing exit exam

  3. Owensfamily

    Controversy at WCC Dothan about Hesi

  4. Owensfamily

    I'm In!!!!!

    Congratulations!!! Best of wishes to you in NS!!! Kendra
  5. Owensfamily


  6. Owensfamily

    I got In!

    Wow!! Congratulations to you! Best wishes to you in Nursing School!! :yeah:
  7. Owensfamily

    Yay! I got accepted!!!

    Congratulations to you!!! Best of wishes to you!!:balloons::balloons::balloons:
  8. Owensfamily

    Fall 2008 Acceptance Letter - Estrella Mountain

  9. Owensfamily

    Getting in early!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!! :balloons::balloons::balloons:
  10. Owensfamily

    OMG I'm getting married

    Congratulations!! Best of wishes to you!!:balloons::balloons:
  11. Owensfamily

    Mnemonic for cranial nerves

    It stands for the spinal accessory nerve.
  12. Owensfamily

    Mnemonic for cranial nerves

    This one has helped me... Old Opie occasionally tries trigonometry and feels very gloomy vague and hypoactive. Kendra
  13. Owensfamily

    I Got In!

    Congratulations!! Best wishes to you in Nursing School!!! :balloons::balloons::smiley_aa
  14. Owensfamily

    Potter & Perry Fundamentals of Nursing Study Guide

    We use the study guide. Our school required us to purchase it. It really helps me when I'm studying for tests. Some of the questions in the study guide do tend to appear on the tests too.
  15. Owensfamily

    awesome nursing clipboard

    I love it! Thanks for posting this!
  16. Owensfamily

    Will I be too old for nursing school?

    I'm 28 which also seems to be average in my classes. There are a few 19-20 year olds. There is even a young lady who got her LPN at 30 and at 60 years old she is going for her RN (which I admire about her). Go for your dream. It's not your age that will matter to your patients anyway.