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Controversy at WCC Dothan about Hesi



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Every school has some sort of exit exam.

I think what they are saying is that they weren't told about HESI until they were further in the program

We had a similar issue with our program, only they changed the score for passing. Originally it was 850 to pass and graduate. In the 2nd semester they changed it to 900 to pass. This was for the LPN and the ADN program as well. The problem came when it was time to take the HESI we had only taken 3 hesi style tests and they were in the 3rd semester. We were not told that it was a do or die test until the last semester.They did not tell us how many times we could take it or what would happen if we did not pass... I was one of the lucky ones and passed on the first time, but we only passed 6 out of 18 after 2 attempts. Keep in mind this was a paramedic to RN bridge program and it was only 3 semesters long. We had to study for finals, finish preceptorships, study for NCLEX and take an math exit exam as well, the the bomb was dropped that if you didn't pass the 2nd time you had to pay 300 for a review class on your own then take the HESI again and if you failed the 3rd time you had to repeat the 3rd semester again..thankfully everyone passed after the 3rd time but it was only because they dropped the score to 850 again for the LPN class because they only had 6 out of 28 to pass after the 2nd try. When we found out about them passing the LPN's we complained and finally after everyone paid for the review they changed the passing score for us back to 850 but by then the ones that would have graduated did not get to walk with their class, like the LPN's did it infuriated our class... but things have changed again and now it is just a percentage of their final grade... I understand the need for a test like the HESI but I think they have gone about it in the wrong way, especially at my school. the factors are not consistant.

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