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  1. Im needing to move to Mississippi soon. Im flexible on location. I am a mother/baby - NICU nurse. I have 8 years of experience. Im needing to find a location that I would be able to self support myself. Currently Im making $31.00 hr. Is there a locat...
  2. Looking for a good "brain sheet" that can be used for 5 moms plus babies. I have just started on a mother/baby unit and Im in need of a good flow sheet to take report and stay organized during my shift. Thanks so much!
  3. License Endorsement

    No I have never taken it. Im coming from Alabama and we dont take that. I guess Im going with the cheapest site then.
  4. License Endorsement

    Did you take the Medical Errors class online? If so who did you use? I see that there are several that are approved each costing different. I saw one that only charges $8.00 but wasnt sure if I should use them.
  5. Jeff State Grads or Soon to be Grads

    My semester we were allow to do children's and women's. Sorry yall cant go there any more. I see to that you guys don't go to ICU in your last semester for clinical's either. Guess things have changed.
  6. Jeff State Grads or Soon to be Grads

    I graduated last May. I did mine at UAB in the RNICU ( Regional Newborn Intensive Care Unit ) I loved it. Another girl from my class went to St. Vincent's NICU. I know several others did ER at either UAB or Shelby. A few were at Children's too. I th...
  7. If your interested in NCLEX scores for Jeff State.... I can tell you that the May 2009 Jeff State class has a 100% pass rate Great school and I was very prepared for the NCLEX ! Jeff State also has the 90 hr preceptorship in the last semester. Best...
  8. I forgot to say that we even had one person leave the Jefferson campus and came over to Shelby in our 4th semester due to teachers at Jefferson.
  9. Shelby Campus has a better pass rate on the NCLEX. May's graduating class was 100% !!!! The teachers are great at Shelby!
  10. New Grads Finding Jobs?

    Im a new grad and I got a job but its not in Birmingham. Im traveling to Tuscaloosa to work. If you are willing to drive I believe they are still hiring. Its a tough market right now for new grads. Best of Luck and dont give up!
  11. Death in the unit

    Thanks for answering my question. The reason I asked this question is because Im a new grad working in a MICU unit. I have now worked 11 days and have had 5 deaths. Two of which I coded and the other 3 were DNR. I just thought that was alot but sinc...
  12. I graduated from the Shelby Campus. I loved it! My class had 100% pass rate first time on NCLEX !!! So they did something right! I miss the teachers and my classmates..it was a great group! Good Luck!!
  13. Death in the unit

    What is the average number of deaths does your unit see a month???
  14. I m a new RN and just got my pattern that I will be working once Im off orientation in a few weeks. This is working nights. and I commute to work about an hr drive. They have me working 2- 12's ( 7-7) and 1- 8hr ( 11-7) then 4 days off then 2-8's and...
  15. Old nurse looking to get into the ICU, any tips?

    Just wanted to let you know that Im a new grad that is 40 yrs old and was hired into the ICU with NO prior experience other than my clinicals from nursing school. My unit has hired several new grads. Our manager likes that we are fresh. She says that...