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  1. Im needing to move to Mississippi soon. Im flexible on location. I am a mother/baby - NICU nurse. I have 8 years of experience. Im needing to find a location that I would be able to self support myself. Currently Im making $31.00 hr. Is there a location somewhere in Mississippi that I could make this amount? Thanks for your input!
  2. 09RN

    License Endorsement

    No I have never taken it. Im coming from Alabama and we dont take that. I guess Im going with the cheapest site then.
  3. 09RN

    License Endorsement

    Did you take the Medical Errors class online? If so who did you use? I see that there are several that are approved each costing different. I saw one that only charges $8.00 but wasnt sure if I should use them.
  4. 09RN

    Jeff State Grads or Soon to be Grads

    My semester we were allow to do children's and women's. Sorry yall cant go there any more. I see to that you guys don't go to ICU in your last semester for clinical's either. Guess things have changed.
  5. 09RN

    Jeff State Grads or Soon to be Grads

    I graduated last May. I did mine at UAB in the RNICU ( Regional Newborn Intensive Care Unit ) I loved it. Another girl from my class went to St. Vincent's NICU. I know several others did ER at either UAB or Shelby. A few were at Children's too. I think everyone was happy with their experience. I would pick an area that you think you'd like to work in. Its a great way to get your foot in the door. Hope this helps!
  6. 09RN

    calculations test???

    Everyone in my orientation had to take the test and not all were going to MICU most were going to med surg floors. I also have a friend that went to work for Children's and she had to take a math test as well and another at UAB with the same math test to take. I think most hospital do. I too did not have any math on my NCLEX. Really that's a lower level question if you do get one but have known a few in my class to have a few. Its good to hear that you have a job!Congrats!! Alot still in my class do not.
  7. 09RN

    calculations test???

    Just thought I'd give you a heads up..your really not behind it. Once you go to work at a hospital you will have a math test and you have to make 100% on it. But really once you learn it and by the time you are ready to graduate it will come like second nature to you.
  8. 09RN

    Best Hospital for New RN Graduates?

    It's not always an option to move especially when you have a husband and kids to move too.
  9. 09RN

    keeping my Danskos white!

    Afetr two years of weraing mine I finally was able to find something to cover my scuff marks up......White Out. It worked great!
  10. 09RN

    Best Hospital for New RN Graduates?

    Im a new grad and just started in the MICU. Before even stepping a foot on the unit I have been in the class room. First week was hospital orientation with check offs on skills, math, rhythm strips, etc. Now Im in a critial care class learning all kinds of things for the next two and a half weeks. After that I will be with a preceptor for about 6 weeks. You will never be thrown out there! I was told that if after my 6 weeks I was comfortable it could be extended until I was. Right now alot of hospitals in the Bham area arent hiring but I think that will change soon. But incase that happens when you start looking remember to think outside the box! I ended up driving 45 mins to the hospital in the next town. Its been great and I love the people I work with! I wish you the best!!
  11. 09RN

    Navy or Burgundy......Help

    I have finally decided to get a Littmann Master Cardiology but now I cant decide on which color. I really wanted pulm but the site that im getting it at doesnt offer pulm and I cant go else where due to a 20% discount so I need to pick either Navy or Burgundy. I like both so Im hoping yall can help! Thanks!!!!
  12. I have a Littmann Classic 2 S.E. and was thinking about going to the Littmann Cardiology 3. Do you think this is a wise investment? I feel like there is several things I would like to get to help me be successful in the unit. Im trying to be wise about my spending. Thanks for your replies.
  13. 09RN

    My confidence is sinking

    Quick update...I got the call today and was offered the job. It took almost 6 weeks from the first interview till the offer came thru. This is my second carrer and I can tell you that it doesnt take this long in other professions. This is more stressful that getting your NCLEX results. Im just very thankful that I have an offer. Jobs are hard to come by in my area. I wish all the new grads out there the best!!
  14. 09RN

    My confidence is sinking

    Im not sure what to think or to do...here's my situation. Im a new grad ( May 09) and went on an interview back in July. The interview went great. I was taken around the unit and introduced to all the nurses working that day and shown where my mailbox would be. I was told I would be hearing from the NR in a week due to the nurse manager was on vaction. A week went by and nothing. I finally get a call but it was in regards to something completely different. So I asked if she had heard from the manager on the unit I had interviewed with. She said that she knew she had been on vaction and was busy with work that had piled up while she was gone but she would check and see if she was still interested in me. Another week goes by and no calls so I call and leave a message that I was checking to see if she had heard anything yet. She called me back and said that the manager had told her that she wanted to offer me a spot on the unit. The manager was going to get an approval from the board and HR was starting my back ground check. I was then told I would her back on Monday late or Tuesday with an offer. If I didnt get a call to call her and she would see what the delay was. So again Mon passes, Tuesday passes and no call so I call and leave a message ( do they ever answer a phone ?? ) and no return call yet. Granted I called yesterday at 2 and its only 12:00 the next day but she has always called me back the same day that I have left her a message. My heart is sinking and Im starting to think she may not call me. What could have happened? Why would she get my hopes up?? The most upsetting part is that the hospitals in my area are not hiring new grads right now. With this hospital I would be driving an hr but it worth it to have a job. This is the only hospital there so its not like I can apply at another. Am I crazy or is there still hope that they will call and still offer me a job? Thanks for reading this it really helps to get it out!
  15. 09RN

    anyone know of places accepting new grads??

    Well I have been applying to Brookwood for months and so has half my graduating class and none of us have even gotten an interview there. Wonder why???
  16. 09RN

    Jeff State, Wallace or Lawson...choose one

    Jeff State just got a 100% pass rate on NCLEX from their Shelby campus May 2009 graduates!!

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