Is this the norm or even right??

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I m a new RN and just got my pattern that I will be working once Im off orientation in a few weeks. This is working nights. and I commute to work about an hr drive.

They have me working 2- 12's ( 7-7) and 1- 8hr ( 11-7) then 4 days off then 2-8's and 3 days off then 4-12hr and 1-hr ( This is working 56 hrs straight!! ) then 4 days off then 2-8hrs then 3 days off and back to 2-12's.

What really concern's me the most is the 5 days straight ( 56hrs) working night shift and driving hr each way to work. Im just not sure how safe this could possible be?

Any advice is very much appericated!!



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I could NOT do it... just couldn't.



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I work 4 12's ,then 6 off, 2 12's and 2 off and it starts over. 1 call day during the month and usually 3 days overtime. I also have to drive an hour to work. It took a little while and I was not a newbie, but I love my schedule now. I have worked 7 in a row and will never do that again. Could not imagine my schedule working if I was new. No way I could handle it.


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I would talk with your nurse manager, or whoever does the scheduling for your particular unit. Where I work 3 12's in a row is all they are allowed to schedule, however we can request 4 or 5 in a row and be scheduled that way if desired. That is way to many 12 hour shifts to work in a row in my opinion, especially for someone just coming off of orientation. Nursing shifts are quite flexible, and with the number of days off you get working 12 hour shifts it shouldn't be a problem switching a shift or 2 so you aren't working so many in a row. I'd think they'd be open to that, especially if they are at all concerned with nursing retention. Good luck to you, and always know your limits :D



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We are never scheduled for more than 3/12 hour days. Talk to the person who does scheduling at once and have them take you off 1 of the 12 our shifts. 4/12 hour days is very hard for most, but coming off of orientation that will be even more brutal. I'd set some boundaries now. Your request of only 3 in a row isn't unreasonable.


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Agree with the above two posts. Ask to be accommodated now before the exhaustion sets in. You want to avoid a tragedy if you can help it. And look into that hour commute situation. See if there is some way you can alter it. I commuted an hour and a half each way while I was going to school and juggling full and part time work, and my car and I gave out.


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I m a new RN ....

Any advice is very much appericated!!

Mountain dew.



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:DI would talk to them about a tweek in that scheadule. Remember they will take advantage of you if you let them. Three 12 hour shifts :yawn:in a row with a 45 minute drive was more than enough for me. Good luck.:redpinkhe

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Personally, when working nights, I prefer as many shifts in a row as possible. A night or two off just throws off my sleep schedule. But you have to know your limits, and I'd say off orientation 5 in a row would be pushing it. It's a valid concern, I'd see if I could get it changed.


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When I did nights, by the 3rd night I was totally exhausted and would sleep forever once I was off. When I was younger, I could do it, but not now. I would definitely talk to the scheduler. That will be very hard, especially being a new nurse. Good luck.

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Wow, that sounds rough. I just started my job as a new grad, and we have shared governance - we pick our own schedules, with a few guidelines, of course about holidays and weekends.

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