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chenoaspirit is a ASN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Home Health.

I love making a difference in people's lives, but nursing is not what I had initially thought it was going to be. I am married and have a beautiful daughter and 2 special stepdaughters. I also have a son in Heaven.

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  1. Need help with my 485

    We were told we couldnt ever put a 0 as a frequency, ever. I agree with the others on how to write it.
  2. Does non-violent crisis intervention really work?

    Our instructor who teaches this works on a psych ward and uses it often. However, about a year ago she was attempting it and the patient took HER down and it broke her hip. She had to have emergency surgery. I think it can be very helpful, but not...
  3. scrotal edema...what to do?

    a scotal support strap to elevate it? Not sure. Does he have a f/c?
  4. Blatant Nursing "No-No's"........what's your worst???

    A nurse in ICU here gave 150 units of insulin SubQ. This patient was on an insulin drip so I have no clue why she would give any insulin subq, let alone 150 units. When you have to draw up more than one syringe, thats reason to question yourself. ...
  5. Pros and Cons

    One of the MAJOR cons is the paperwork. An OASIS is long and it has to be completed correctly so the agency will get their money. A pro, for me, is the flexibility with my time.
  6. Can someone explain this mess to me?? sorry so long

    Rather than go to the DON yourself, why dont you all go together (nightshifters). I think you can get more done if you stick together and be firm.
  7. question about giving meds thru PEJ tube

    And also with IV have a risk of crystals forming when mixing noncompatiable meds...not a worry with administering PO meds into the gastric system. Ive never seen anyone do it seperately, it would cause alot more fluids to be adm...
  8. I use up all of my compassion at work.

    My husband and I were just talking about this the other day. He wasnt feeling well, I wasnt as considerate as he felt I should have been. We began talking and we realized that beginning after about the second year of nursing, I began to change. If...
  9. Well, I NEVER type on here in "text-style". But I got slammed for saying "ya know", which to me was a bit too far. Now, Im finished with this thread and on to the important ones. If someone doesnt like how I type, then skip over it, plain and simp...
  10. However I do agree that we all need to type so that we all can understand, but if everyone is gonna (going to) slam every little typo, lack of comma, etc, then this place will not be very pleasant. It WAS nice to come on here and relax, not worry if...
  11. Thank you. I had no clue.
  12. Ok, what is "BB". If you want to get technical, then why are YOU using shortcuts? I seriously do NOT know what 'bb" is.... yes I said "ya know", geez. If Im gonna get slammed for every little typo or shortcut on here, then I will just not come on her...
  13. I agree, but whew, it feels good to be on here and not worry about "killing someone". ya know?
  14. Syringe Question

    I would count that as 25ml? Anyone else?
  15. question about giving meds thru PEJ tube

    They all get mixed together in the stomach when swallowed anyway... :shrug: I mean, they get all mixed up when taken