Help!! Need to move to Mississippi...up for location!

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Im needing to move to Mississippi soon. Im flexible on location. I am a mother/baby - NICU nurse. I have 8 years of experience. Im needing to find a location that I would be able to self support myself. Currently Im making $31.00 hr. Is there a location somewhere in Mississippi that I could make this amount? Thanks for your input!

dianah, ASN

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I found several sources of mother/baby or NICU nursing jobs, with variable salaries.

You might choose an area that appeals to you and then check out any available openings for the areas you are interested in -- or, conversely, choose some available facilities to check out if they have positions available, and what is the salary range, then if you/they are interested, base your moving plans on that?

good luck to you, I'm sure you with your specialized skills will be an asset!