I got accepted!!!!!! Thank You AllNurses !!

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I am so excited right now!!!! - I got accepted into my program for Spring 2011:nurse: I just wanted to thank you guys. You guys have been a great help to me on this journey. You kept me motivated and now my dreams of becoming a nurse are finally coming true:yeah:

I know this is just the beginning, but it feels soooooooo good right now knowing that my hard work for the last year and a half has paid off . Good luck to you guys still waiting on letters. I wish nothing but success for everyone in this community.

Thanks and congrats! Thats awesome news!

Congrats! Where did you apply to?

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Congrats!! My letter should be here first week of October. The waiting is HORRIBLE!!!

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I know how you feel about allnurses. I started here before I took my very first college pre-req ever. I never thought I was smart enough to go to college but this site helped me to take the first steps and now I am done with pre-reqs for the LPN program at my school. Thanks to everyone who listened, helped and motivated me to get through this. My life is so much better now and I dont know if I could have done it if I had never found this place. I have learned so much about myself over the last few years and even if I never make it through nursing school I will be a better person for it. You guys are the best!

Special thanks to IfYouSeeAmy, and dwern31 :bow:

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Good for you!

Congratulations!! :yeah: YOU are now a nursing student!!! :nurse: Good Luck to you!!

Good Job! I hope I will be typing a post similar to this one when I hear back from my school in March 2011!


yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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