I am GETTING out of hospital work! This is BULL!


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This is IT. By hook or by crook, I am getting out of hospital work.

I am SICKER than a dog right now. I didn't start feeling bad until about an hour and a half or so before my shift. At that time, I thought it was something I might get over, and really it was too late to call in anyway.

We are OVERSTAFFED tonight, but my *&%#@$! supervisor will not let me go home! And WHY, you ask? Because we have people in OVERTIME that HAVE to go home first.

So she sent home a person on my floor that was in overtime. Okay, fine and dandy. She said that she might be sending yet another person home; we are still "one nurse over". Okay.

My charge nurse talked to her a little while ago. She offered to let me go to the ER. Uh, no, I don't need to go to the *ER*, I just need to go home and let this pass! What are they going to do for me in the ER, other than MAYBE give me some IV fluids???

She THEN says... that if she does let someone go home, it will be another person on another floor... and then she'll FLOAT one of us TO THAT FLOOR!

What kind of a PERSON does it take to be a house supervisor, anyway???

Screw this, I'm outta here! I'm bound and determined to find something a lot better.


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Good luck to you in finding another area where they treat nurses better.

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Good luck to you in finding another area where they treat nurses better.

Unfortunately, it seems that these areas are fewer and fewer, however, yes, find the best place for you and run for the hills. Sometimes it takes minute incidents to give us the incentive to cut our losses and look for better.

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Good grief, that IS BS. :angryfire Why does health care not take care of its own???:madface:

Feel better...:icon_hug:

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That is Bull. Funny how we are not supposed to come to work sick and infect others, yet they leave us no choice. I have a similar complaint at my job, there is no such thing as a 15 minute break and usually no time for lunch either. They send out memo's saying it is mandatory to take our breaks, S#@T we are lucky to use the restroom and scarf down a snack.

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Heh, well I am home now. They pretty much had no choice but to send me home after I barfed ALL over the hallway.

I had been drinking Sprite, but still feeling like I really needed to throw up. Tried to make myself throw up even; no dice.

Took ONE sip of sweetened tea... ONE little sip... and the dam broke.

Most other jobs, decent jobs, let someone go home when they are feeling that bad.

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I'm sorry you had to go through that. Get some rest!


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"...and really it was too late to call in anyway."

You may not want to hear this, but you brought this on yourself.

Nurses always do this...go to work when they feel ill.

There's no such thing as, "too late."

If you go in, then expect to be treated like any other nurse. Of course, it would have been nice if she sent you home. But what if you came in and the floor had not been overstaffed, who would then have been the focus of anger?

Stop being the selfless nurses who feel that it's your job to provide staffing policies. If you're sick, stay home...if not, go to work. Management, needs to worry about having intelligent policies for sick calls...not you...

And to AimeeJo RN, you have no breaks because everyone fails to regularly take them.

Expect your breaks and take them. But, ironically, you'll have to have the courage to take back what's rightfully yours since you've pretty told management via your behaviors that you don't need breaks or lunches.

Stand tall, set an example for others, and stop perpetuating bad habits that only guarantee the same for new nurses.


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Sorry it took you to barf for them to come to their senses. I am glad you got to go home. Good luck with finding something else and you will.


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DEJA VU!!! Same darn thing happened to me. They always tell us to stay home if we feel bad but then write us up for calling in. I called in twice this year and was written up for it! Even had a doctors note and a nice ER bill to prove I was sick and got a big fat lecture. RIDICULOUS! Yep, I got me a new job and I feel 100% better.I am even treated a bit better by the management. Good luck.:heartbeat I did not go for my new job right away, I did stick around for some more abuse because I loved my co-workers.

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Nursing homes are no better. They expect us to come in if we have to crawl. It's funny, though, pencil pushers (administrators) and supervisors can take sick time off without anyone questioning it.

That's life when you work in a for profit industry. I would expect no less, really.

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