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  1. Scrubby

    What should I do about the patient from hell?

    I can really empathise with the OP here because I've been there. When I worked as a PCA we had a resident with MS who was just atrocious to deal with. She took great pleasure in belittling people every chance she got. I kid you not it would take two and a half hours just to get her out of bed and shower her because she was so demanding. This was costing the facility money because extra staff had to be put on just for her and often other residents missed out. I tried everything from being kind and listening to her vent to asking her to please be respectful it didn't work. In the end we were told by the DON to simply leave the room when she became abusive and tell her we would come back in 5 minutes and do the same until she stopped abusing the staff. After a while this resident became much easier to deal with. So to the OP I'm not going to tell you to 'hang up your stethoscope' or to 'go see a counsellor' because I think right now you're facing a learning curve and need some support rather than being judged. I recommend thinking about how you can set boundaries with patients to let them know that you are willing to support them and give them quality nursing care, but will not tolerate abusive behaviour. Best of luck to you.
  2. Scrubby

    Please help me write up this surgeon.

    If I was working with a surgeon that threw instruments I'd remove the backtable to ensure all instrument were out of his/her reach and get the head of surgery and the head of anaesthetics into the OR. I'd probably use the intercom and state something like 'emergency situation' and get everyones attention.
  3. Scrubby

    OK, Y'all...I need some advice

    Our medical students have to go through an orientation by our nurse educator. If they become a nuisance we basically kick them out the theatre and back to the nurse educator. We have enough on our plate without having to babysit and spoonfeed medical students.
  4. Scrubby

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    hmmmmm you guys can argue all you like but surely you realise that OR nurses are the coolest nurses in the hospital?
  5. Scrubby

    A Nurse CAN be both sexy & smart

    I've seen very similar behaviour and it's kind of pathetic. Some nurses are soooo desperate to 'snag' a surgeon and seem to think their obvious and trashy behaviour will impress them or something.
  6. Scrubby

    Demerol 75 mg was given IV instead of IM. Fired!!!

    I guess that makes it all ok then. Seriously, this sort of attitude from you and from the OP is really sickening. You can't just brush a medication error off with 'oh well, patient was dying anyway'. It's clear you learned NOTHING from your mistake.
  7. Scrubby

    Uni Application Is In!

    That's a shame. If you're planning on studying external maybe try applying to different universities to keep your options open?
  8. Scrubby

    Nurses receiving poor care....

    I absolutely tell people I'm a nurse if I'm in hospital or a relative. From my experience when it is known that a patient is a nurse then things tend to get done the right way. I'll use any advantage I can get!
  9. Scrubby

    What is the best shoes for the OR?

    I love my crocs!
  10. Scrubby

    What computer system do you use in the OR?

    We went from HASS to ORMIS.
  11. Scrubby

    Are you really a doctor?

    I sometimes wonder the same thing myself! I had appendicitis about ten years ago, went to the GP and they said I had a stomach bug. A day later I was in hospital and had surgery to remove my appendix. I sometimes think they see the same things all the time and get kind of slack on investigating things like lung sounds, temp and just say 'take two panadol and stay in bed'.
  12. Scrubby

    Combative/Violent patients - NO MORE OF THIS!!!

    Wait till you read their response on the enema thread.
  13. Scrubby

    Combative/Violent patients - NO MORE OF THIS!!!

    I too find it very hard to deal with the combatative alert and orientated patients as well. I agree that the whole fluffy approach does NOT work with this group. I've tried to de-escalate the situation but when someone is not thinking rationally and just wants to lash out, then there is nothing that can be done but to call security. In situations like this my safety and the safety of my co-workers and other patients comes first.
  14. Scrubby

    New Grad Co-worker driving me NUTS!!!!

    It's in our Enterprise Bargaining Agreement that an RN cannot be put in a supervisory position until they have had a minimum of 6 months experience. Now I personally think 6 months is not enough for the majority of new grads but at least you don't have RN's fresh out of uni running the floor.
  15. Scrubby

    So do you actually take your breaks?

    In the last enterprise bargaining agreement my state government agreed to the condition that a nurse MUST have a half hour unpaid meal break within 5 hours of commencing duty. It sounds nice in principle but it's causing havok everywhere. On the wards the am shift starts at 0700 which means the nurses must have either had or started their lunch break before 12. The late staff don't come on till 1300. Managers have been trying to force nurses in some areas to have their break at 0900.