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Scrubby has 6 years experience and specializes in Operating Room Nursing.

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  1. Scrubby

    pay scales for private hospitals

    I don't know about Melbourne but in Adelaide you paid about 1$ less an hour working in private.
  2. Scrubby

    More Hospitals Banning Elective C-Sections

    I've never had children but have recently married and am starting to think about the idea of having a child. I personally would prefer a c-section because I don't want to have to ensure going through labour, the crapping, the epistotomies and feeling...
  3. Scrubby

    free training to be EN or go to uni and study RN?

    Again you're making bold statements without knowing the facts. No patient's life is being put in danger with the closure of beds, the ANF have set a certain criteria which takes into account patient acuity. If someone has a condition that is life thr...
  4. Scrubby

    free training to be EN or go to uni and study RN?

    To the OP I guess if you ever become a nurse you'll refuse a payrise? After all you wouldn't want to be accused of being GREEDY. On a serious note there is a world of difference between being money hungry and wanting to earn a decent wage and have...
  5. Scrubby

    Where to study?

    I recently completed a hospital run preceptorship course and we were pretty much told by the people running the course that the expectations from UniSA students had to be lower because of how the nursing program is run. I think it's very unfair to th...
  6. Scrubby

    Going green makes me red in the face

    My department is trying to get us to recycle in the OR. I wouldn't have a problem with this but the recycling company the hospital uses has stipulated that plastic and paper have to be separated. I don't have to separate paper from plastic at home wh...
  7. Scrubby

    I am a Scrub Nurse. I badly need your help.

    Give it time. You're lucky that you're in a supportive environment so go with it and if you still don't like it after a few months then reassess. :)
  8. Scrubby

    Where to study?

    Looks like you have to do first year on campus at UNE and then the last two years can be done externally.
  9. Scrubby

    Where to study?

    looks like you can work as an en after completing two years at une. "students can apply to graduate with the advanced diploma in nursing upon successful completion of 96 credit points and be eligibl...
  10. Scrubby

    cloth scrub hats in the OR

    They tried banning the cloth hats in my department but it never worked. I get itchy from the disposable hats and I have lots of hair and it keeps falling out. I love theatre but I am not cutting my hair!
  11. Scrubby

    Yes to nursing renewal termination

    I know how upsetting it can be to be thrown in the deep end like that but leaving like that without letting the supervisor know and not giving a formal handover is not the right thing for the patient as well as the nurse you were working with. Yeah i...
  12. Scrubby

    Where to study?

    I went to UniSA but we had more rotations back then, for some reason they decided that students shouldn't get any clinical exposure until 3rd year. I find that they are way behind the Flinders and Adelaide Uni students. To the OP what about the U...
  13. Scrubby

    are there CRNAs in OZ??

    The closest we have in my hospital are nurse sedationists who administer propofol to patients having minor procedures like bone marrow biopsies.
  14. Scrubby

    Surgical Technologists Taking Over Nursing Roles?

    I'm not from the US but we have some similarities in my workplace. The RN's in my hospital scrub for major cases while the EN's (LPN) are mainly circulators.
  15. Scrubby

    What is the difference between LPNs and RNs?

    AlBruin's Mom is that if you show the same level of disrespect towards LPN's in real life as you do here on allnurses you'll get as much help from them as you deserve In Australia we have Enrolled Nurses which are the equivelant of an LPN. There ...