I am GETTING out of hospital work! This is BULL!


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Well, despite my ADD I just read all these posts on this thread and feel like I'm going to throw up now...LOL...THANKS!

Blessings, Michelle

P.S. If someone had puked on me, I know I would've returned the favor; can't stand vomit!

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This is IT. By hook or by crook, I am getting out of hospital work.

I am SICKER than a dog right now. I didn't start feeling bad until about an hour and a half or so before my shift. At that time, I thought it was something I might get over, and really it was too late to call in anyway.

We are OVERSTAFFED tonight, but my *&%#@$! supervisor will not let me go home! And WHY, you ask? Because we have people in OVERTIME that HAVE to go home first.

So she sent home a person on my floor that was in overtime. Okay, fine and dandy. She said that she might be sending yet another person home; we are still "one nurse over". Okay.

My charge nurse talked to her a little while ago. She offered to let me go to the ER. Uh, no, I don't need to go to the *ER*, I just need to go home and let this pass! What are they going to do for me in the ER, other than MAYBE give me some IV fluids???

She THEN says... that if she does let someone go home, it will be another person on another floor... and then she'll FLOAT one of us TO THAT FLOOR!

What kind of a PERSON does it take to be a house supervisor, anyway???

Screw this, I'm outta here! I'm bound and determined to find something a lot better.

Hey! Just hoping you were feeling a little better!

Anne, RNC


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we give each other a hard time at times in our hospital about taking sick days(especially those that seem to set a pattern of calling in)---mostly in fun but the undertone is serious---after all, we get 8 hours' sick time each month--and it is ironic how many take a "sick day" the very first day of every month or within the first 10 days. ironically the # of mandated employees(to work ot) equals the # of sick calls. it's maddening.

haha, believe me, the hospital admin couldn't give a crap about residents. they might have cared if i died because it would be bad press for them, but other than that, they wouldn't care. some programs have "sick leave," but it's really, really frowned upon to take it. but yea, residents really have almost no bargaining power w/ the hospital i'm at.


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I am really sorry you went through that. As a Director of Nurse's I am appalled that someone in authroity would be so uncaring. Unfortunately, sometimes as supervisors we get burned out by people who are calling in all the time for every little thing that we forget how to be caring and how to recognize those who are truly sick. My staff (thankfully) always remind me when I am getting out of hand. Ha Ha. Again, we work in a small facility and everyone is like family so everyone pitches in when someone is sick and covers the shift. However, since you were overstaffed to begin with this should not have been a problem. Have you tried talking to someone in authority?


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:uhoh3:That is truly ridiculous. Don't these people realize that you are NOT going to work as well and possibly not provide the best care to your patients when you feel terrible. It never ceases to surprise me when supervisors do things that benefit themselves. The same thing happens at my place of employment. They just don't care. And they are suppossed to be nurses??? Ya right. Sorry for the situation. and people wonder why they have a high turn over rate. I totally understand.

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take care of yourself and don't sweat it. they did you wrong and that's that ! now you are home and you need your rest.

feel better soon :heartbeat

praiser :redbeathe

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