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  1. A psychiatric nurse told me that Ambien definitely comes up as a benzo on a urine drug screen. I know it is a sedative/hypnotic, but other people have told me that too. When I said she passed her drug screen, I meant she didn't have any other meds on there besides her Ambien. She was negative for illicit drugs and alcohol. I haven't talked to her today but will keep everyone posted on the outcome. Thanks for all the advice... Blessings, Michelle
  2. Ugh. In response to the meds being their business question, most health care facilities in our area do a drug test upon hire and random ones they feel as necessary. I know Ambien and Xanax would come up as a benzo...however, I don't see how they could hold that against you if you had a valid prescription for it and could bring your med in as proof or a written note from your doc. Just a thought.... Blessings, Michelle
  3. Well, I know she takes Ambien CR and they've given her static over that in the past. I think the place she works wants healthy hearty nurses on NO meds at all. I know another nurse who used to work there too that was on Paxil and Xanax and they railroaded her too. It is so sad that in this day and age, mental illness still carries such a stigma, especially with health care professionals, who should be the most understanding! My friend was told that since she is only "prn" that she should never ever call in unless death. She has only ever called in once and has worked there like 5 years. Then this happens to her. I personally don't think it's fair. My friend is very honest and has no reason to lie. I believe her; I know you all don't know her like I do so it is easy to assume there is more to it. Basically, my friend is an awesome nurse and "everybody's friend" and someone there has it out for her. Blessings, Michelle
  4. I just got off the phone with her; she is already notifying an atty who is a friend of her parents'. She says she has never had any action taken against her license of over 20 years and cannot believe this is happening to her. They are threatening suspension and revocation because she came in "over-medicated" and this made her "unsafe" to care for her patients. She also said she wasn't even there one hour and made no errors while there, no one fell or got sick or anything while she was there. She said she was simply dizzy and laid her head down so as to not fall down and hurt herself on the floor...she said that was a mistake, she thinks now, but doesn't feel she should lose her nursing license over it. Thanks for all the advice so far...I feel really bad for her, I've known her a long time and she is an excellent nurse. Blessings, Michelle
  5. I have a friend who is an RN who just got out of a psychiatric hospital. She has problems sleeping and today was supposed to work and did try to go to work although she was very groggy. She tried to call in and was told she would lose her job if she didn't come in. So she went in and said she felt very dizzy and laid her head down on the nurses' station for about 10 seconds...however, another employee saw her and told everyone she was sleeping. The nursing manager shows up and gives her a drug screen, she passes, but they place her on suspension anyway and are threatening to call her BON and get her license revoked. Doesn't she have any rights at all in this matter? I want to help her in any way I can... Please advise! Blessings, Michelle
  6. mondkmondk

    UMKC's RN to BSN program, anyone?

    I'm a Missouri licensed ADN/RN interested in an online BSN program...ultimate goal of being a nurse practitioner. I am thinking maybe I can do it all at UMKC. Has anyone else here attended UMKC? What did/do you think of it? Where do they do most of their clinicals? Anyone take online classes there? If so, what did you think of them? Thanks in advance and blessings, Michelle
  7. mondkmondk

    Sex offenders

    One facility I worked in a couple years ago had a sex offender as a resident whose crime was molestation of female children...his own granddaughter being just one of his victims at the age of 6. He came to that facility from jail due to decline in health. He stayed in his room mostly and kept quiet. But one day a CNA came to me and told me I needed to come to the dining room NOW. When I got down there, I noticed he was trying to get a little girl that had come in to sing for church to sit in his lap. He was offering her candy. I immediately grabbed the little girl and carried her back to the church people and escorted him to his room. I immediately notified my DON and the administrator and had to chart a book on him. The whole situation made me very uncomfortable to say the very least. I think personally, that there should be some kind of LTC for inmates that are too frail to be in a jail's general population. I don't think inmates should be in a regular LTC....just my personal opinion. Blessings, Michelle
  8. mondkmondk

    Advice regarding termination

    Ditto what CapeCod said in our state too (Missouri). One facility fired me for excessive abscences. I did put on the next application that I was fired, but never asked why. Claiming you were terminated on your app still makes you honest, but I wouldn't go into detail unless the next facility specifically asks you why. Just my less than 2 cents'! Blessings, Michelle
  9. mondkmondk

    Want to hear your pet peeves in LTC nursing

    The DON that used to be a staff floor nurse that when she was a floor nurse, used to cut up with you and joke and laugh and was a great person to be around. But once she got "DON" behind her name, she decides to ridicule you in front of other employees, write you up for the stupidest things, and basically uses her title to belittle and humiliate all who are under her. ARGH! Blessings, Michelle
  10. mondkmondk

    should I complaint?

    I wouldn't complain. The staffing sounds adequate to me. 3 CNA's and a nurse to 30 residents? That is approx. 7 residents to each staff person. That for LTC is really not bad. Anxious to hear other responses you'll get...good luck! Blessings, Michelle
  11. mondkmondk

    Student nurses do the darndest things

    I had my RN clinicals at a big teaching hospital notorious for the nurses playing practical jokes on the students. My patient was just out of OR for a hip replacement and was cold. The only blanket warmer on the floor was broken, so the nurse I was assigned to instructed me to put a bath blanket in the unit microwave. I thought she was kidding and just laughed. She got really serious and told me to do it ASAP or she would go get my instructor. So I complied. I remember I didn't put it on for very long, but did leave the room where the microwave was. Next thing I knew, the whole unit smelled like something burning and the fire alarm went off! The head nurse came out of the microwave room with the blanket with burnt holes in it and asked who did it. I was terrified and didn't say a word. The nurse that told me to do it was standing there laughing and told the head nurse she thought one of the students did it but "couldn't remember which one". I did tell my clinical instructor and she told me she'd take care of it with the head nurse. I will never forget it. One of my friends in RN school was feeding a little old man a cup of broth. She said the whole time she spooned it into his mouth, he would make a face and shake his head. When she got to the bottom of the cup, she picked the cup up and noticed the packet of broth underneath. She had fed him a cup of plain hot water!!! lol Same friend in RN school (we rode together so we exchanged many stories)...we chose the locked ward in psych nursing in order to see many different diagnoses. Her assigned patient that day was a real doosy. She said it was all she could do in order to keep a straight face while talking with him. He told her that he had fathered a horse baby and his goal in life was to find a transvestite horse and father its babies. I will post more if I think of more! Blessings, Michelle
  12. I was placed on a wing last night that I had never worked before. 45 residents. I told my boss I wasn't comfortable working without at least one shift of orientation. I don't even know where half the supplies are kept for this wing, let alone important papers etc. They weren't happy with me, but gave me 2 nurses to orient me. Each nurse split the shift, so I had 4 hours with each of them. The first one orienting me who I usually get along with just great, yelled at me about 4 times. She didn't tell me that 4 of the 5 meds at midnight were to be crushed; I had a question about a narc card with a dose that didn't match the MAR and she told me to just set up my meds by the narc book (uh, NO!), then she pretty much treated me like dirt the 4 hours we worked together. The second nurse to come in for the next 4 hours yelled at me about the evening shift nurse forgetting to sign out a narc so count was off. I didn't even do the count, the nurse "orienting" me counted with the evening shift nurse, but the day nurse blamed the off count on me. Then without thinking, I accidentally put a capped syringe in the sharps container and the day nurse lectured me on that. The first orienting nurse told me I had to pass the 0600 meds and I did and the day shift CMT yelled at me and stomped around and threw stuff around on her cart even though I apologized. I think I would've been better off just winging it on my own. Why oh why can't we just all be team players and go on without all the drama??? Blessings, Michelle
  13. Well, I hate gossip/rumors etc. so I'm going to let this drop. If the nurses in question want me to know, they will surely tell me...or tell my hubby since he works with them. I was just worried about what this means for the rest of us nurses on staff. I guess I will start double checking all my charting and if someone goes bad on me, I will contact the DON to see how she wants me to proceed. Thanks everyone... Blessings, Michelle
  14. mondkmondk

    Share your story: How did you land your first nursing job?

    Well, I took a CNA class when I was a senior in high school and worked in a LTC facility while going to LPN school. I stayed on there after graduating and worked several years as an LPN before I went back and got my RN. After I got my RN, I went to a different LTC facility. My advice to new grads? Don't do LTC until you've had at least 1 year of hospital experience. I wish I would've done hospital when I was a new grad...just for the experience. Blessings, Michelle
  15. Was interested in hearing how much liability amount you get...and who is the provider? I used to have this back when I was full time through NSO I think it was but when I went prn I let it lapse. However, here lately our DON is write-up/suspension/termination happy, and I'm thinking it is about time I get back on something. How much coverage and through who do you all recommend? Thanks and blessings, Michelle