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AimeeJo RN specializes in ltc and med surg.

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  1. AimeeJo RN

    Why Not Citrus Juices?

    Other recommendations for preventing UTIs: Drink plenty of water. Void often, don't let the urine sit in the bladder to allow bacteria to flourish. Wipe from front to back(women only obviously). Void after intercourse to flush bacteria from the urethra. Avoid tub baths with irritating soaps/bubbles.
  2. AimeeJo RN

    I'm the world's biggest idiot...

    Don't be so tough on yourself. I feel your pain, that really sucks. I still have nightmares about waking up late and missing the NCLEX or failing. And I passed it almost 2 years ago. It is just stressfull.
  3. AimeeJo RN

    Need honest opinion. Best area for new grad to start

    I have to say congratulations for thinking things through before making such an important decision. I would say that LTC is a good way to start to get familiar with Geriatrics which is a large part of the population in Med/Surg. It helps to learn time management and basic old people meds and conditions. However, you could start in Med/Surg many new grads do well there. I would not compare it to school/clinicals, it is much different when you are on the job. I learned so much during Orientation. I felt that orientation on the job is where I learned all the things I wish I had learned in school.
  4. AimeeJo RN

    Morphine Diversion--Need replies ASAP

    I have seen this happen before. It is very hard to believe, though it happens. Before you know it she will be back to working with medications. Has anyone mentioned the fact that the patients may have been recieving no pain relief when given what the nurses believed to be Morphine for all those years. Diversion is bad enough but when it comes at the suffering of those who trust us, IT IS NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME. That breaks my heart.
  5. AimeeJo RN

    Male travel nurse?

    I agree with the previous posts that recommend years of experience first. It is great to work with travelers because of their experience. We have had several travelers at my hospital and many of them were male. They are a great asset to the team.
  6. AimeeJo RN

    As a Nurse what are some things that make you sick?

    prosthetic eyes, removing or inserting them gives me the willys. and colostomies
  7. AimeeJo RN

    Feeling guilty, lazy, and incompetent...

    Don't feel so bad. It is not your fault if you are busy with other tasks. You cannot be there every time a resident is cleaned up or toileted, what are you supposed to do apply the creams in the dining room or hallway or wherever they may be 90% of the time. Long term care nurses have responsibililties and tasks piling up constantly you can't do everything just because you are supposed to.
  8. AimeeJo RN

    Changing Out a Supra Pubic Catheter

    Thanks for the info. I have a suggestion as well. At my last job we had a patient who ended up with peritonitis and sepsis, when his suprapubic catheter was changed 4 times in less than 2 days, the nurses were having trouble with the catheter and each shift decided to replace the catheter. Finally after the fourth change when the nurse noticed the catheter flushes weren't coming out into the drainage bag the MD was notified. Somewhere along the way the catheter was in the wrong place.
  9. AimeeJo RN

    Olympic College PreReq - Which Instructors do you like?

    Baldwin for chemistry, he is awesome. Ferguson for A&P. Elauria for Micro.
  10. AimeeJo RN

    Best places in Washington for new nurses?

    I have heard some nurses especially new ones have a difficult time getting hired. It seems like Franciscan hospitals hire quite a few new nurses. Residencies are a great way to get started if you can find one. PM me if you want details.
  11. AimeeJo RN

    pregnancy and the agency

    I almost took a job with an agency. They wanted extensive personal health information. Even with pediatric patients who will not be a challenge to transfer or lift, they want to make absolutely sure you can do the job and no issues will get in the way. The process was way more involved than I had imagined.
  12. AimeeJo RN

    Nervous About First Job

    At the end of my LPN program my class had the same concerns. We mentioned this to the dean of the program when she asked how we felt about the program. She said that the purpose of the program is to get us ready to study for the NCLEX. When you go to work you will learn more about being a nurse. You sound like you are headed in the right direction by avoiding jobs where you have more independence at first.
  13. AimeeJo RN

    Where do I fit in?

    I remember feeling like I was in a room full of strangers. There are some people who feel the same as you, whether they show it or not. You all have Nursing in common.
  14. AimeeJo RN

    Lacking Motivation to Study.... anyone else?

    I feel the same way. I graduate the bridge program in less than a month. With 3 kids I am having a hard time making time to study. I keep my NCLEX review book next to the bed and read about an hour before bed every night usually while breastfeeding, it helps. It has been a struggle to keep motivated sometimes I go online and look up jobs and RN salaries to give myself a boost.
  15. AimeeJo RN

    At Risk For Falls

    It is my understanding goal statements are to be simple and specific, an example for you would be that your goal is : patient safety.
  16. AimeeJo RN

    Pimples, blackheads and acne

    I have finally found people like me. I know I should not squeeze them but I can't stop, especially if I am tired or bored. I don't think I could squeeze someone elses blackheads though. I would really like to see one of those 4 inch ones sometime, ( I can't believe I said that). I saw something interesting a couple weeks ago. My hubby had an ingrown hair on his cheek, this sucker was just growing right under the skin like a half inch long, you could see it through the skin. It was gross but so much fun to pull out with tweezers. I am anxiously awaiting the next one. (can't believe I said that either eww.)