I gather 46 is too old to be a CNA

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I am new here, but I can gather from your silence to my earlier post that 46 is too old to be entering the CNA profession. Can one of you please confirm this? Thank you. It is nice to meet all of you.

Don't be so hasty. It's the weekend, and this forum tends to be pretty slow on weekends. Give it at least a week before giving up.

Not as far as I'm concerned. 53 here. :up::lol2:

I worked with a CNA in her 70s.

if you are healthy and willing to acknowledge you limits.....and this applies at 16 or 46......no.

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Not if you're physically able to do the work. Many of the CNA's I worked with were older. However- I realized quickly I wouldn't make it as a CNA long- the physical labor is intensive and where I worked noone ever assisted each other.

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46 is not too old at all. In fact, this one guy I know where I work used to work in Housekeeping for years. Then he became a CNA around......I'd say he was between 45 and 50. Now its been two years and I just saw him wearing nursing scrubs last month.

Go for it

IMO i don't think it is to old to be a CNA.... I am in the class (again, took it 11 yrs ago and for some odd reason the state won't take my hours from then...(j/k)). Are you looking for a career change? and looking into nursing? I am not going to stay a CNA, it is just a means of income for me and my boys (my husband of 9 yrs just lft me and my 2 little boys (4yrs and 2 months)) while i'm getting my RN. Good luck

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Not too old. I work with CNA's in their 60s. Go for it! :)


NO! Not too old...I am 48 now, certified as CNA at 47 and starting RN classes 2 days before I turn 49! :o)

Good luck to you!


(It'd) better not be. I'm 50% older than you, and expecting to complete CNA school in about 4 weeks.

(Then 2-3 months to get certified--cannot take state test until 6 weeks after end of course, plus however long their paperwork may take.)

Yes, I've done a few other things in this life; may do a few more (other things).

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You see CNA's of all different ages. What I would ask, and I would ask this of people at any age - is do you have a strong back and good knees?

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