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KimberlyRN89 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg/urology.

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  1. Hi all, I recently had a phone interview for an assistant nurse manager position on a mother baby unit. I have 7 years of nursing experience, 4 yrs of that in mother baby, charge nurse experience, but this is my first time applying for this type of position. The manager set up a second step of the interview process in which I meet with the night shift staff (this position is on night shift), as well as other department managers in various units such as NICU, peds, l&d, and the director of women’s services. I am pretty nervous! Any advice?
  2. KimberlyRN89

    CHPN Certification

    Glad to see a good review about the practice book. I just received it today and hope it will help me adequately prepare.
  3. KimberlyRN89

    Nurse patient ratio?!??

    I am in MD. I have been working on a med-surg floor since January of this year and I worked both days and nights (currently on nights). On day shift I was typically 1:5 or 1:6 at the beginning of the shift, but with discharges and admissions it could be 1:8. On night shift I'm usually at 1:6 or 1:7. The nights that we are 1:5 are few and far between.
  4. KimberlyRN89

    Why in the world would you go lvn route???!!!??!

    My BSN program gave us the option to take LPN NCLEX after the first year. I did and passed on the first try. I got a job in a jail, and finished up my final year of school. Now granted, when I finished my BSN, some interviewers weren't all that interested in my LPN experience , but others were- including my current job. I enjoyed my time as an LPN and I recommend it to anyone.
  5. KimberlyRN89

    New Grads-how long for first job

    Almost three months after passing the NCLEX.
  6. KimberlyRN89

    Columbus, MS

    Hello OP, I'm not sure if you are still looking into moving to Columbus. I am currently visiting the town (visit yearly) and I was told there a few dialysis clinics in neighboring cities (Fresenius in Starkville comes to mind).
  7. KimberlyRN89

    When to leave Med-surg?

    This has been my rationale too. I started my job (also med-surg) in January and I have started the application process a couple of weeks ago. I figure by the time they call me, it will probably be January by then. I'm not only tired of med-surg ,I'm tired of the area I'm in..but that's a whole `nother thread lol.
  8. KimberlyRN89

    HIPAA violation

    Sorry to thread jack but I feel like this relates. Our manager wants us to do bedside reporting. Although the majority of our rooms are private, we do have thee semi private rooms on the unit. I feel like going inside the room and doing report while the other problems (and oftentimes, the family ) is there is breaking HIPAA.
  9. KimberlyRN89

    Its been 7 years since nursing school

    OP I'm so sorry for your losses. I think it takes courage to pick yourself up and move forward, so you are on the right track. For studying material, I definitely recommend Saunders. Their nclex books are great! Kaplan would be my other recommendation because their questions are so detailed and close to nclex, but the program is pricey.
  10. KimberlyRN89

    what is a typical patient load like

    I had an interview at a ltac in North Carolina and the day shift typically had 5. Looking back on it, that would have been overwhelming for me as a new grad.
  11. KimberlyRN89

    What age of patient's are the most difficult for you?

    Yes, I rarely like dealing with pts my age (20 something's) .
  12. KimberlyRN89

    Whats your opinion on the Nclex learning extension?

    I used it when studying for the nclex pn because it's pretty much the cheapest review out there. I think it was very thorough and detailed. The questions were harder than the actual nclex. I passed with 85 questions on my first try.
  13. KimberlyRN89

    Is having an ADN really a terrible choice?

    First off, congrats on finishing school and landing a job. Ltac seems awesome, I had an interview at one but unfortunately I didn't get it. I too was an LPN and I was also a CNA prior to finishing my BSN. But that doesn't seem to matter, because the majority of the interviewers didn't care about it at all. I guess because none of it was acute ::shrug:: I guess I am trying to say that in today's market every little advantage helps.
  14. KimberlyRN89

    Seriously guys, relocate.

    I like your post. I too am a new grad and the market in my area is awful. I accepted a job in a small town in Pennsylvania and the pay is pretty okay (almost comparable to the starting pay in my area). But before I accepted this job, I had a lot of interest from hospitals in rural towns located in West Virginia. The pay was too low for my liking though
  15. KimberlyRN89

    Too quiet to be a nurse?

    I agree, that was very insensitive to say. But I say this as a warning- you may encounter much ruder remarks than that. Perhaps they will come from other instructors, or even from future coworkers. Don't let the words of an instructor you will probably never see again get to you and make you question your abilities.
  16. KimberlyRN89

    How long is the average wait before an offer?

    I feel ya, it's rough out here. I had a few interviews before I got an offer. A couple of them I canceled because I just couldn't see myself living there (note to all new grads: research the area before applying !) and a few I drove 3-4 hours to, just to receive a rejection a few days later. My last interview, the manager stated "you'd make a great hire, HR will contact you by Friday". Friday came and went. Then another Friday passed. HR then finally contacted me(2 weeks later) and asked for references. After that, I got an offer the following week. So I say all that to say this : just keep searching and waiting. It never hurts to follow up with the manager or even HR before writing them off.