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How soon after graduation did you test?


I'm using Kaplan testing strategies book and I have this week and next week to study, every one says not to wait longer than 3 weeks after graduation. What are your thoughts?:specs:


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I tested (and passed) exactly 1 month after graduation. I have read (I think somewhere on allnurses.com - go figure) that studies have shown that those who test within 3 months of graduation have a better chance of passing the NCLEX.

jessi1106, BSN, RN

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My school didnt send paperwork to the State for over a month after graduation.

I tested 2 1/2 months after graduation and passed first time w/ 75.


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i graduated this past saturday and im scheduled to test on july 28th


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I graduated on December 17, 2005, and tested on February 28, 2005. I wanted to test earlier, but my school was super slow getting our paperwork in. I had time to take the Hurst review once live and then do the videos. It worked out fine, passed in 75 questions.


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A month for the Canadian exam then a year and a half for the NCLEX (passed in 75). I had to wait from my greencard. If you study in the meantime, you'll remember what you need to.

I graduated May 9th, sat for the NCLEX June 10th, and was an RN June 11th.

Graduated May 10th and tested June 11th. Half of my class is testing in July, but I was worried that I'd get out of school mode and end up shooting myself in the foot.

My advice is to test as soon as possible providing you feel you have put enough effort in studying the material.

Lots of luck!

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