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Hypoxic specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. Hypoxic

    The end of the world???

    I'm sorry to hear that you failed. Take a break for now and then hit the books again.
  2. Hypoxic

    Testing 8/24

    Your scores aren't that bad. Just try to read the information from the book in the areas that you're weaker in. Read the rationales for both the questions you get right and the especially the ones you get wrong. As far as comparing the scores between Kaplan and Saunders, you can't. I did both and to me (IMHO) Saunders was much easier, so of course you're going to think that you're doing better. In my experience, I think Kaplan is a much better as far as questions are concerned, they're a lot more challenging. I also might add, the 24th is my birthday, so you will have some of my birthday luck to go with you, lol. Good luck!!!
  3. Hypoxic

    Shut OFF at 123...!

    Congrats!!! I knew you could do it
  4. Hypoxic

    How long to get CA NCLEX-RN results?

    I actually had my new hire appt today. They don't need your license right away. They told me just to bring it in when I get it (if I get it). What floor are you working on?
  5. Hypoxic

    Just took NCLEX RN- shut off at 75

    That's a little reassuring. If your friend had that many SATAs and was able to pass, then I might have a good chance as well. If I was able to answer them correctly.
  6. Hypoxic

    How long to get CA NCLEX-RN results?

    Yeah I graduated from sac, weekend group. you? I start in August too. PIH?
  7. Hypoxic

    Just took NCLEX RN- shut off at 75

    Well I had my ice cream, and I feel a little better. Maybe some sleep will do the trick.
  8. Hypoxic

    How long to get CA NCLEX-RN results?

    Whoa, I graduated from Walnut too!!! I received my ATT on June 16th. I have a feeling the BRN hasn't finished your file, that's why it's taking so long.
  9. Hypoxic

    Just took NCLEX RN- shut off at 75

    yeah i'm thinking about getting some ice cream right now. maybe that'll ease the pain, lol. wow!!! 105, that's pretty hot. it's weird, here in ca its only in maybe the mid 80s. normally its really hot this time a year, but for some reason its pretty cool.
  10. Hypoxic

    How long to get CA NCLEX-RN results?

    Does anyone know how long it takes the BRN to complete a person's file? I graduated on June 15th, but had turned in my application before then. The following Monday after graduating I received my ATT. And today I attempted to tackle the 'beast.' I was hoping the BRN has my file complete so that I don't have to wait an entire 4 weeks to get my results, cause that would just stress me out.
  11. Hypoxic

    Just took NCLEX RN- shut off at 75

    thank you very much!!! all the time that i've read of people's post about the wait after taking boards, seems so real now. and the anxiety of not knowing if you passed or not just eats at you. you replay and replay the questions in your mind, and try to figure out whether you answered them correctly. if i hadn't had so many sata and meds, i might feel a little better right now. but because of those questions, i don't feel at all comfortable.
  12. Hypoxic

    Shut off at 77 question!!!!

    I feel your pain. I didn't have too many infection control questions, or prioritizing questions. A few here and there, but my exam was mostly pt teaching regarding medications or diets after procedures. Good luck to you!!!
  13. Hypoxic

    Just took NCLEX RN- shut off at 75

    Thanks I appreciate the words of encouragement. I'll try and relax with a night at the movies. Hopefully that will get my mind off of it.
  14. Hypoxic

    Just took NCLEX RN- shut off at 75

    Wow what a test!!! When I went into the testing room, I was surprisingly not too nervous, but that quickly changed. I had one drug calc, about 10-15 med questions (some I've never heard of), and somewhere between 10-20 SATA. I lost count of the SATA, but I know I had about 5 or 6 in a row, and I was thinking to myself, "what am I doing wrong, why do I keep getting SATA." I thought I was kind of confident before the test, but after seeing so many SATA, I came out of the test really bummed out and frustrated:banghead:. I really really really hope I pass!!!
  15. Hypoxic

    Kaplan qtrainers

    I'm hoping the results post that fast. If I don't see them by then, I'll begin to worry.
  16. Hypoxic

    NCLEX tomorrow.. suprisingly not freakin out

    Good luck tomorrow!!! I also take the big test tomorrow. I wish I were as confident as you. Hopefully by the time comes to take the test, I'll feel a lot better (which I doubt, lol).