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1MOM2RN specializes in Med/Surg.

Mother of 4, RN in first year of nursing, staring BSN program 9/2009

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  1. 1MOM2RN

    Is Rivier College a good school?

    I would question that pass rate chart ... there are no values for several years (including 2008 when I graduated) and there are 2 graduates listed for 2009 ... when in reality there are hundreds each year! It's a huge nursing program. A very good one. I graduated with my RN in 2008 and am graduating this month with my BSN. All in the evening programs. I feel I was well prepared for my nursing career. I would highly recommend it. Moreso than any other school around (based on discussions with other nurses), Rivier instructors really care about the students and want to see you succeed. Rivier did have a lower NCLEX pass rate, but since 2008 have instituted processes (required mock NCLEX such as Hesi and ATI) to ensure that students WILL be able to pass the test when they graduate. I would not hesitate to attend Rivier. Edited to add: like the previous poster, I passed the NCLEX first try, 75 questions and to the best of my knowledge, the vast majority of my classmates did as well.
  2. 1MOM2RN

    All that snow!

    i would also wonder why you were considering nh if your husband hates snow? last year we had well in excess of 100 inches of snow, and this year has been pretty brutal as well. i'm a native new englander and i am very tired of snow...
  3. 1MOM2RN

    All that snow!

    We hope the roads are plowed, and know how to drive on poorly-plowed roads in case they're not! And several times, I'm stayed overnight at the hospital, in a vacant room, when a huge storm was forecasted, so that I was sure to be available the next day. And around here, I certainly wouldn't settle 1hour+ from where you intended to work.
  4. 1MOM2RN

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    i totally know the correct pronounciation and use of exasperated and exacerbated, but i stumble over it every time (but at least i'm aware i'm doing it! lol) another one i hear a lot is subscription, vs prescription i had a patient with "prostrate" issues just this weekend. and orientated is a huge peeve of mine.
  5. 1MOM2RN

    Which NH ADN Program Has The Easiest Admissions Process?

    i do know that rivier has a "rolling admissions" process. also, their evening program would be easier to get into than days. i would assume that's true of any school that has an evening program.
  6. 1MOM2RN

    Precepting new BSN grad/having trouble

    i am a brand new nurse, in week 4 of my preceptorship and i would never dream of doing or saying the things she did. it is 100% her,and you have done nothing wrong! if she starts out this arrogant as a newbee, can you imagine what she's going to be like when she's on her own? i made the decision to put off continuing towards my bsn until january, because "i will be learning 10 times in the next year what i learned in school". she'd better figure that out fast! i commend you for putting up with it. i'm afraid i would have had some equally snotty things to reply to her. when i leave my shift every night, i thank my preceptor. i am well aware that i will go nowhere without her guidance and patience with me. you deserve respect, not this treatment.
  7. 1MOM2RN

    Just took NCLEX-RN

    GOOOOO IVYLeagueNurse!!! Can't wait to hear your good news!
  8. 1MOM2RN

    A year in...and trust me, it gets better

    if you're a new grad, and "on your own" after only a month, i would say your facility has a sub-standard orientation program, and that, not your ability, is to blame. ignore those looks of scorn. most new nurses aren't on their own until 3 or more months. i wonder if your manager would be open to more time for you with a preceptor?
  9. 1MOM2RN

    What do you want to tell Nursing Students?

    susan9608, i wish i had clinical rotations on your floor. your attitude and passion is so rare to come across these days!:heartbeat
  10. 1MOM2RN

    What do you want to tell Nursing Students?

    :lol2::lol2:meant to say "not much cohesiveness" in the above post! freudian slip?:lol2:
  11. 1MOM2RN

    What do you want to tell Nursing Students?

    i have just completed my last semester of clinicals (i graduate next month - yeah!). here are my thoughts... 1) students who are in fundamentals (first semester) are terrified of being on the floor & answering bells. it is so intimidating to most (i am an aide, so not so much for me). i'm not sure if the nurses realize that, and instead view the hesitation as trying to avoid working. 2) i have had an aide hand me a stack of linen and tell me that mr. jones' bed needs to be changed (she was hanging out in the nurses station). i was leaving the floor a meal break (yes, i know nurses in the real world don't get breaks, but we were required, and required to do our best to stay on schedule) and told her so. she told me, "then give these to whichever student is covering for you". that's just an example of the types of experiences we've had with aides. i had clinical at 5 hospitals, and it's not always like this, but i've actually had aides cheer "yes!" when they find out i have one of their patients. on the other hand, i go out of my way to thank aides and help when i can because that, too, is something we need to do as nurses (and because i understand what they do). for those students who feel they aren't here to do aide work - remember when you graduate that aides are invaluable to you, and will give more to the nurses who appreciate them and treat them as human beings. 3) i actually had a nickname at this last clinical, because twice i said to a nurse "can i take your incoming admit?" and both times, there were orders for soapsuds enemas til clear! so she called me soapsuds at the end, but it was clear that she appreciated initiative. however, there was at least one other student in this same clinical who would avoid work, never answered bells, sat around. he was spoken to by our clinical instructor (as it should be). young and arrogant. but i digress.... 4) i know there is a huge level of frustration about staffing right now, so i'd like all nurses who deal with students to consider something. there were 2 hospitals at which i took clinical which are both very close to my home but which i refused to apply to, because of my experience with the nursing staff during clinicals. if you are "too busy" to help students or to even be polite to them, you're not helping your staffing issues. 5) like someone else mentioned, there were nurses who would seek us out if they had something interesting going on. i so admired and appreciated those nurses, and you can guess which ones i went to first to see if there were any tasks i could take off of their plate. 6) this last clinical was on a med/surg floor with a lot of fast turnovers, so we were not given our assignments until pre-conference. it would have been nice to have been given the opportunity to study their h&p ahead of time, but it wasn't realistic. 7) sadly, i have found the recent grads to be some of the rudest of the nursing staff. there is no excuse for that, and it proves nothing but your level of arrogance. there isn't much coherency in my above points, but i could sum it up by saying that in my clinical experience, i learned a lot about the kind of nurse i want to be - and the kind of nurse i don't. whether you are aware of it or not, you are influencing the students on your unit. how you are influencing them is up to you.
  12. i agree that the issue here was not the nurses eating, laughing or chatting on the phone - it was that they were doing it in front of patients who were in pain and waiting for a very long time. it was the perception. maybe there is nothing else they could have done to help at this point, but the perception was that they were too distracted by these things to try. show a little compassion! be discreet. be professional.
  13. 1MOM2RN

    Any current or fomer rivier students?

    i think you will really enjoy rivier. i am graduating (adn) in a few weeks and have really liked the program (though not the tuition). i have to agree with the previous poster who said that the instructors really want to see you succeed. i have felt that way, as well. as for preparing for the nclex-rn, starting this year, you are required to take a hesi exit exam in your final semester, and attain a certain score to pass the class. you have several tries to make this score. once you have achieved that, the assumption is that you are ready to sit for the boards. now, i passed the first try, and i still intend to keep studying for the boards, but it's nice to know that i'm considered ready. many students hate this step, but i find it helpful knowing that i'm prepared.
  14. 1MOM2RN

    is being anLNA right for me?

    hi shady! first the easy questions... there are part time, full time, and everything in between time positions for lnas. healthcare in general has that advantage. secondly, i did use lna as a stepping stone to becoming an rn, and i would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about (or even in the process of) becoming a nurse. i found the experience invaluable in my studies, and i found that potential employers appreciated that on my resume. in addition, when you graduate, if you are already working in a facility as an lna, you get a bit of an advantage over outside candidates for rn positions. now, is it the right career for you? if you want to be a nurse, i'd say a wholehearted yes. if you're looking at lna as your career path, i would ask you... -do you enjoy working with people, and have patience even if they're difficult? -do you mind doing all that is required to care for someone, even the less pleasant tasks? -are you a good team player? have initiative? take pride in a job well done? then i would say lna is a career choice for you. good luck! feel free to pm me if you have any questions.:typing
  15. 1MOM2RN

    Will I get my temp license in time?

    nh does have fingerprinting, but because i already have an lna license, i am "grandfathered" and do not have to do that. i will have to look into getting transcripts sent before graduation. i don't know if it's even possible, because my final is 5/3 and graduation is 5/10. not a huge difference in there. thanks for the info. that's exactly what i needed to know! karyn
  16. 1MOM2RN

    Will I get my temp license in time?

    i'm sorry. i must not be clear in my question. :smackingf i know it's all paperless. my question/concern is whether there will be enough time for bon to get my transcripts, process my application and put my temp license online in order for me to start 5/19. i so appreciate you sticking with me, redsox! :) (p.s. have you seen that the yankees stadium/ortiz shirt is up over $50,000 on ebay???)