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jessi1106 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Adult Acute Care Medicine.

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  1. jessi1106

    Nursing: The Financial Side

    Great ideas! If you can find time...use coupons. My local grocery store will double every week I get something or things for free. Last week it was toothpaste. I can't pick the brand, but hey, its free. I also shop resale for much of m...
  2. Just like others have said....find a waster. Every time.
  3. jessi1106

    Charge Rn's. How many beds on your units?

    32 beds in med/surge. 12 staff on days and eves..10 on nights. NO extra charge differential.
  4. I've seen at least 30 new grads make it just fine through orientation. I have never seen one not make it. You'll be fine!
  5. jessi1106

    Anxiety in giving meds

    Yikes 500+ meds to pass? I'd be nervous too. I have never worked in LTC. Deep breath and 5 rights of medication administration.
  6. jessi1106

    charge pay

    1. how much extra do charge nurses make at your facility? nothing extra 1. if they also have an assignment. no pts days/eves. 3 pts at night. 2. what type of floor it is. acute care/medicine 3. number of beds in the de...
  7. Search this site. Network with any personal contacts you can. (Where do people you went to school with work?) Keep applying to each and every job. You can even walk your resume in and personally hand it to the manager. Good luck, you will find some...
  8. jessi1106

    Visitor policies

    I work eves too, and visting hrs (til 8pm) are generally ignored. My hospital is also moving toward "family centered care" --so that every pt will be able to have any advocate they choose with them 24/7. Not sure how that will work in semi-private r...
  9. jessi1106

    Question about nurses on orientation.

    Yikes. Yep that's crazy. Sounds like it was only for one night? (I hope that this will not go on for 6 weeks!)
  10. jessi1106

    Unappreciated by the patient's family

    Good for you for doing a great job--caring for your patient, feeding him. No matter what the family said or did --you know in your heart that you had good intentions. That is admirable, be proud. They were lucky to have you and unfortunate to have ...
  11. jessi1106

    how to land on a first job

    Yes, getting your foot in as a CNA is a very good idea. Talk to nurse recruitment at the major hospitals. Talk to the nurses in your clinicals. Do you like any of the units? If so, stop in and meet the manager. YOu could tell her how much you like ...
  12. jessi1106


    Not much traffic here..guess us GI nurses are few and far betweeen? I'm sure we have all seen a ton of GIB's. Whats the worst you've seen?? Mine: s/p scope where they "fixed" the bleed. Pt thritysomething, ambulatory. Plan was to d/c him in the afte...
  13. Aside from looking at abnormal labs: Risk for Infection, and Knowledge Deficit almost always apply
  14. I am so glad to be working in a hospital with a union. This would never happen. There has to be a very strong reason to terminate someone. If it is only "seasoned" nurses getting terminated, especially if they are "Working hard, well-liked, never c...
  15. jessi1106

    Which do you prefer?

    Love my three eight hour shifts per week!