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jessi1106 has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Adult Acute Care Medicine.

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  1. jessi1106

    Nursing: The Financial Side

    Great ideas! If you can find time...use coupons. My local grocery store will double them....so every week I get something or things for free. Last week it was toothpaste. I can't pick the brand, but hey, its free. I also shop resale for much of my growing kids clothing.
  2. jessi1106

    What HAVE you said to patients???

    Oh there are so many things I have *wanted* to say.... Tonight I said to a twentysomething:"You are an adult, if you want to be treated like one, then you need to act like one". She actually changed her tune a bit....:)
  3. jessi1106

    No job after refresher

    Have you taken your resume *in person* to the places you want to work? Sometimes going through nurse recruitment can take months... Have you practiced and refined your interview skills? I work at a large hospital - the last position we posted (in my unit) over 100 RNs applied -- I think it's important to practice interviewing. Are you willing to relocate? I wish you the very best -- don't give up --you must have worked so hard!
  4. jessi1106

    new grad, new job, and I'm exhausted

    A few thoughts... What kind of shoes do you wear? I have been a nurse for 4 years...I have had body aches after a 5 day stretch..but never foot pain. I wear dansko, but there are lots of other good brands. Is the soreness from running or working? If running is new for you, perhaps you should simply walk 12 miles per week until you "settle into" your new position as a nurse. Also, remember to use "proper body mechanics" when working and MOST importantly -- take breaks! No matter how busy you are...make sure to get some nutrition and some time away from pt care. I think that mental fatigue leads to physical fatige. 12 hr shifts are HARD. Hang in there and welcome to nursing!
  5. jessi1106

    Shift differential question

    we get eve and night shift differential..no weekend.
  6. jessi1106

    What's the longest you would commute for a job??

    As with most questions about nursing "it depends". That question leads to so many more... Is it the "perfect job"? benefits? pay? hours? kids/daycare? I live & work in the same city....feel fortunate to have that situation..but would certainly commute further if needed. Many nurses I work with drive 45min-1hr. to the hospital.
  7. jessi1106

    New Nurse...How to get Along?

    Sounds like you are doing everything "right". You are taking care of pts, using good communication skills with this other nurse and the docs. Sorry that you are in this situation, but from what you wrote sounds like the other nurse has "issues". You can't solve her issues. Continue to act professionally. Personally, I would not stoop to a lower level and "give her a taste of her own medicine". Continue to do the great job you are doing! Again, sorry that you have to deal with someone who doesn't sound interested in "teamwork", but also sounds like you have a great attitude. All kinds of people in life....sometimes our collegeus can be as annoying as @#*!..BUT, that gives us the opportunity to practice patience, and reassess our own mind. Good Luck to you!
  8. jessi1106

    Favorite bumper stickers

    "You can't scare me, I'm a nurse" "Managed care may be hazzardous to your health" "You don't have to believe everything you think"
  9. jessi1106

    Is it okay to ask for a Job Interview?

    As a new grad, I went around nursing recruitment and went directly to the nurse manager of where I wanted to work. Got an interview -- and was then offered a job during the interview.
  10. jessi1106

    Patient with Ascites receiving insulin

    Yep, when a pt has ascites, I always *Assume that a med will not be well absorbed in abd...and pick a diff. site.
  11. jessi1106

    "Just a Nurse"

    Wow, thanks for the discussion. Here is what Suzzane Gorden has to say about her poem: In 2001, out of a sense of frustration and even outrage the persistent devaluation of nursing, I sat down to write "Just a Nurse." Since I began writing about nursing more than 20 years ago I've heard the phrase "I'm just a nurse," over and over again. It's almost always followed by an explanatory comment like: "I'm not an expert on health care, so how can I voice my opinions?" " If I do express my views, no one will listen to me anyway." "Who am I to make my concerns known?" What made me even more alarmed was hearing nurses "just a nurse" each other. For example, all too often Nurse Practitioners or other Advanced Practice Nurses would tell me that they never wanted anyone to think that they were, God forbid, 'just a nurse. " After hearing this phrase for years, I sat down and wrote "Just a Nurse." I conceived "Just a Nurse" not as a poem, but as a recruitment campaign for nursing. It was reproduced in the book I wrote with my colleague Bernice Buresh From Silence to Voice. I usually read it at the end of most of my lectures. It's become so popular that I decided to make a poster of it. A lot of people have said that they appreciate the poster and poem. Mary Tonges, Vice President of Patient Care Services at the University of North Carolina Medical Center told me my favorite story. She was talking to a nurse who came out with "Hey I'm just a nurse, and she responded, "no you aren't" and gave her the poster. I hope you can find it of use as well.
  12. jessi1106

    Nursing student giving me the creeps.

    Hee...hee!!! My bald and tatooed husband is now considering becoming an RN!! Truly kind hearted, compassionate man...but wondering what others will think? But yep, certainly some nursing students have given me the creeps in other ways...we even had a centinal event involving a nursing student last year.
  13. jessi1106

    "Just a Nurse"

    I am sure that this Suzzane Gorden poem has been posted here before...sorry for the repeat. Been chaotic days in my hospital, and want us all to honor our profession and keep in mind the real difference we make in others' lives. Just A Nurse I'm 'just a nurse.' I just make the difference between life and death. I'm 'just a nurse.' I just have the educated eyes that prevent medical errors, injuries and other catastrophes. I'm 'just a nurse.' I just make the difference between healing, coping, and despair. I'm 'just a nurse.' I just make the difference between pain and comfort. I'm'just a nurse.' I'm just a nurse researcher who helps nurses and doctors give better, safer and more effective care. I'm'just a nurse.' I'm just a professor of nursing who educates future generations of nurses. I'm 'just a nurse.' I just work in a major teaching hospital managing and monitoring patients who are involved in cutting edge experimental medical research. I'm 'just a nurse.' I just educate patients and families about how to maintain their health. I'm 'just a nurse.' I'm just a geriatric nurse practitioner. I make the difference between staying in one's own home and going to a nursing home. I'm 'just a nurse.' I just make the difference between dying in agony and dying in comfort and with dignity. I'm'just a nurse.' I'm just the real bottom-line in health care. Don't you want to be 'just a nurse' too?
  14. jessi1106

    You Know You Really Have To Pee When......

    After 10 hours and finally on your way to the bathroom...you figure what the heck? I can wait a few more seconds. You weigh yourself on the standing scale...then... ...walk quickly to the bathroom, and successfully let it all free. Feeling great relief, almost elation, you walk back to the scale... Can this be right? I lost 2.2 POUNDS?? Carrying around pounds of pee just can't be good. btw I cant beleive I am using the word 'elation' in relation to peeing...but it's do dang true!
  15. jessi1106

    cohorting flu

    Are you cohorting those positive for infuenza? This is my hospitals plan...we have not done it yet on our unit. I see many potential problems with this idea...but we have so much flu, and not enough beds.
  16. jessi1106

    How's the flu around you?

    yep,multiple cases in our school...a friend (not a nurse) has it, and so does her 3 year old son...nurses at work have had it...just the start of the season. As of tonight, my husband has a low grade fever and sore throat...not sure what that will turn into...thought myself or one of the kids would bring it home instead of him...so still hoping it's not flu.