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  1. Erinfly27

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow

    good luck mrscoozy! I am taking mine in october, just relax tonight and remain positive. Just imagine the word PASS! And know that you have prepared and keep calm during the test. That's why I think I didn't pass the first time either. You are not alone, tell us how it it went and everything!
  2. Erinfly27

    The Second Time Around!

    I knew you could do it! You have given me hope!!!!! Congrats, and celebrate!
  3. Erinfly27

    Too discouraged to try again

    I failed NCLEX hopefully just this once. I too am discouraged, but drudging on just as you have. I can understand what you mean by Nclex being a lottery. It makes me feel like two years of school meant nothing and that probably anyone off the street that never took nursing school would probably be able to pass it just on strategy alone. I feel like I haven't mastered the questions and how to answer them as if its a trick. I haven't been the best on tests, and this is why I believe I didn't pass. it makes me so mad when i see that people with good grades don't pass, Ive known several people with good grades that didn't pass, I just dont' get it. I hope you don't give up, as I have wanted to, but I understand you are frustrated and you just want to be a nurse! it is a mystery to me and I hope that one day you can say you tackled this beast and beat it.
  4. Erinfly27

    Took NCLEX the second time yesterday

    Pooh, I had the same amt on my first test as well, all 265 questions. I test in October and am trying suzannes plan this time, as well as some other books just for strategies. I feel the same way you did, I found my self during the first test just answering questions to get it overwith and I had to catch myself several times to stay focused. its true many people can pass with all 265 questions, but in my experience in reading other peoples stories, more often than not, people usually pass when they get 75. Let us know, and we will be there for you either way!
  5. Erinfly27

    Authorization to Test

    if you've done everything and the school has sent in your completion of an rn program (usually the hold up) it shouldn't take long, but schools usually take a couple of weeks at least to send in your transcripts.
  6. Erinfly27

    Took NCLEX Thursday ?? when will results show

    I took mine at 8 am on a thurs and got the results exactly 48 hours later, at 8 am on saturday morning. Good luck!
  7. Erinfly27

    I cannot believe it!

    Congratulations, see you knew you could do it!
  8. Erinfly27

    i did it

    its good to see that people are passing, Congrats!
  9. Erinfly27

    How many SATA ?'s did you get?

    I had a lot of both priority and sata questions and didn't pass. I know I worried about how many I had as well, just to pass the time by during those two days, but I really don't know if it matters how many since I didn't pass. I did get all 265 questions though, so It may seem like i got a ton due to that. Sorry, and good luch
  10. Erinfly27

    Those who failed on Kaplan are scaring many!

    Yeah I agree with glam gal. I think kaplan is a little bit harder judging by their questions from the book. I failed the first test and have been gearing up again for the second time. You should try suzannes plan.
  11. Erinfly27

    I feel like i failed NCLEX-PN

    everyone feels this way when they test, I think it would be bad if you didn't feel like you failed. keep your head up!
  12. Erinfly27

    I passed NCLEX-PN 1st time using Suzanne's plan

    That is awesome way to go!
  13. Erinfly27

    Finally, I passed

    So happy for you, I didn't pass the first time either, but I have to wait another couple months to retake. So tell us what you did differently this time? inquiring minds want to know ) Did you study a different book or enroll in a reveiw class? Or did you do suzannes plan? Thanks, any info would be greatly appreciated. AGain, CONGRATS!
  14. Erinfly27

    I failed with 265:(

    I too failed with 265 questions. Don't beat yourself up. It is a very very hard test and not one I ever wanted to take again. I get to retake in september sometime. I will keep you in my thoughts. It is not the end of the world even though it feels like it is. Don't get too down on yourself, there are a lot of smart people out there that didn't pass. Just make a plan to study even better this time and remain positive. That's the best advice I can give. Keep the faith though, you got thru nursing school and you can conquer this feat as well!
  15. Erinfly27

    I found out I failed my NCLEX-RN yesterday :(

    Believe me, you are not alone. I feel your pain and know what you are going thru. I'm glad you are taking it well, because there is no sense in moping around worrying about it as there is nothing we can do about it now except to pass this next time. I work as a secretary where I was going to be a nurse and it hurts bad to have to tell people that keep asking if i passed. It just wasn't our time, and maybe there is a reason it happened. I got 265 questions and failed unfortunately. One of my friends failed as well, and we are going to study together and get thru this together. I hope you have a supportive family that is there for you, that's the only way I got thru. I'm glad you want to retest, don't give up, you can do it.
  16. Erinfly27

    Didn't pass

    THis was my first time taking this darn test. I thought I was ready, felt pretty good during the test and still failed. I did get all of the questions, which did freak me out. But alas, I'm not sure what happens next. Do I need to reapply through the dept of health and pay the 70 dollars again? I know I need to re-register for my ATT, how soon will I get a letter to explain all of this from pearson? I'm just frustrated, thought I did good. NOw I have to wait three months. Any insights on the Kaplan comprehensive program? It's expensive but I hear it's worth it. Let me know, and I'm gonna keep on truckin and not lose my faith in myself. It sure didn't feel good when it said fail though. I felt my heart drop to my stomach. I will move on though.....:zzzzz