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ONC-RN has 4 years experience and specializes in Oncology, Med Surg, Ortho.

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  1. ONC-RN

    LPNs Supervising RNs

    Good nursing does not begin nor end with education; it is ultimately defined in practice on the floor. I'm a nurse educator and though I recognize RN/LVN scopes of practice are different, some of my LVNs have better assessment skills than some RNs who, frankly, I think got into nursing for the Greencard.
  2. ONC-RN

    How soon after graduation did you test?

    A month for the Canadian exam then a year and a half for the NCLEX (passed in 75). I had to wait from my greencard. If you study in the meantime, you'll remember what you need to.
  3. ONC-RN

    New Grad Overwhelmed

    Great template on Rannazhas message for those of you who wanted a template. I'll post mine but it's pretty simple. We have report sheets that we carry with us with the patient details on them so I have this sheet to carry as a quick reference for meds, treatments, etc. I/O is obviously ins and outs, the acronym POAR stands for the things I have to get charted, helps me remember that I've done them but you can make up your own acronym. The patient box is sized to fit the pts sticker. Good idea to take the best of what you find on this site and make up a template that suits your needs. Good luck! PATIENT ASSIGNMENT SHEET.doc
  4. ONC-RN

    Single Parents Nurses and Nursing Students

    I have to agree with Berryhappy. Nursing programs like yours are very intensive. I did nursing school as a single parent with a Saturday job and an early morning paper route and it just about killed me even with some family support. #1 is your child, and as she says, nursing school will be there in 5 years. I'm the last person to dissuade someone from following their dreams so I'm saying yes to nursing, but no to next year. You will be biting off more than you can chew I'm afraid.
  5. ONC-RN

    The things you never forget...

    This is why we are nurses
  6. ONC-RN

    Health Care in the UK

    I was born in N.Ireland, lived there, immigrated to Canada, lived there for 25 years and now I've lived and worked in the USA for 5 years so I think I'm qualified to speak about immigration (not to be confused with illegal immigration). The US does a lousy job of enforcing it's southern border and so we pay billions for healthcare for illegals--it's disgusting that a self pay american citizen cannot get the same care as an illegal who mooches off Medi-Cal which is taxpayer funded healthcare. Canada can be apathetic too as you can bring over your whole family once you're settled and the good Canadian citizens will pay for unemployment, etc. So the British/American/Canadian dream is being stolen, not earned. Am I being politically correct? No. Am I being truthful and saying what most nurses and doctors feel? Yes.
  7. ONC-RN

    Just took NCLEX-RN

    Wrong post
  8. PS. Housing is A LOT more expensive here so you need that $32+ an hour. Everything else is about the same I think, cost of living wise.
  9. ONC-RN

    $100-$150 per hour...too good to be true?

    Hogan4736, that's exactly what I've heard and my husband is health insurance broker and lawyer so he knows. No expensive courses required, just experience and the ability to critical think and be articulate.
  10. Yep it's true. I'm in LA and at 6-7% raise a year with a night time differential you can quickly be at 40$ an hour. Not to mention time and half overtime you pick up.
  11. ONC-RN


    I was in a meeting yesterday and our Chief nursing officer said that she has started filling LVN positions with RNs. Acuity is rising as the population gets older and RNs are overwhelmed with doing LVN assessments and IVs. Lots of great LVNs but they are being phased out of acute care. Do the RN, baby steps...one day turns into 2, turns into a month and before you know it, you are done. 2-3 years is going to pass anyway, may as well be an RN at the end of it.
  12. ONC-RN

    New Grad Overwhelmed

    I'm a med/surg nurse educator and believe me when I say you know more than you think you do. We don't float our new grads for 6 months so maybe your manager can consider something like that? If not, trust that your assessment skills will develop over time and you will worry a little less over your patients as that happens. Confidence comes with time and experience. Prioritize and delegate!! Not everthing is number one priority, you will drive yourself mad trying to be everything to everyone at the same time. Treating pain comes first for example, watering and repositioning patients can be delegated to a CNA when you are busy. Pin a timer to your uniform--when you tell a patient you will be back in 15 minutes to address their request or answer questions, let them see you set your timer and return when it goes off. When patients know you are true to your word, they will sit on that call light less often. Patients who are anxious and doubt their nurses are often needy patients. You can buy yourself some time to do more critical things in that 15 minutes with another patient. Until you get faster at charting, chart the important things first..assessments. Care plan updates can wait. Though they are important in charting, assessment documentation comes first. Organize your area, stuff your pockets with flushes and alcohol pads if you don't already. Little things but it's one less trip out of the room. As a new grad, I did up a template on WORD with a time frame and an acronym for charting things (P for PIE, O for orders, A for assessment and R for report). I jotted down what I had to do at each time from meds to things I wanted to assess specifically and it has been a life saver. No double checking and triple checking to see if I did this or that; it's been checked off my list. A lot of other nurses have adopted it too so if you want, I can send it to you as an attachment and you can adopt or discard if you already have something similiar. Hope this helps!! Remember, you are going through what we all have gone through!! This too shall pass!
  13. ONC-RN

    Starting Nursing At 40...am I Too Late???

    As long as your body is working well, age is just a number. I started at 35 and never looked back....only to wonder why I didnt do it earlier. You have the advantage of better critical thinking skills and organization than many of the younger ones. As for other nurses who have 20 years on you, there will always be someone who knows more than you do but in a few years you will be mentoring the new ones with your knowledge!
  14. ONC-RN

    Ortho Certification

    By the way, I have very little direct ortho experience, mainly gained in med/surg and oncology so if I can pass with a good mark and by self study and no review groups, then anyone can do it if they apply themselves to thorough studying with a nursing focus.
  15. ONC-RN

    Ortho Certification

    Hi, I have the med surg and oncology certs. and just did the ortho exam yesterday. Incentives probably differ by institution but for me they include a $500 a year bonus for each cert. We get $1000 to attend one Congress a year too. Otherwise, I can't think of any more reason to do it than advancing your career, as you mentioned. Good luck with both exams!
  16. ONC-RN

    Ortho Certification

    I just took the exam and yes, it was difficult but less so if you study from various resources. I have taken the oncology and med surg exams and it was not as hard as the oncology, which is where I have most of my nursing hours. I went through the Table of Contents in the Ortho Core Curriculum and made a few notes on every item. Just key points. Also, I used the flash cards from LLC online which helped, and the Core Curriculum review on the NAON education website. The NAON self assessment CD is good to do but much easier than the exam questions, do not study solely from that. Study pain!! Epidurals, femoral nerve blocks and the side effects of pain meds as there were a lot more questions on that subject than my review indicated. You don't have to know every muscle and nerve, concentrate on those that are relevant to or innervate the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. If you have any questions email me while it is still fresh in my head!