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  1. luckylucyrn

    OMG! This waiting room!!!

    Very much enjoyed this post! Thanks!
  2. luckylucyrn

    ICU/CCU nursing?!?

    I have been at a hospital before where the critical care nurses got an extra differential.
  3. luckylucyrn

    My Feet are KILLING Me!!

    I have never been able to work in tennis shoes without pain, and I'm a runner and am used to tennis shoes. I wear Dansko's and think they are awesome. It takes a few shifts for them to break in and actually be comfortable, but after that initial few days, they feel great! I also had a lot of success with crocs for the first 2 years I was a nurse, but prolonged use caused arch problems and knee problems (not at work but while running).
  4. Hi Everyone, My name is Andrea and in 1 1/2 weeks, I start a new path in my career. I am leaving the ED (adult and peds, but I usually do the peds) to go to our local Children's Hospital's PICU! It's only recently started to hit me that I am about to make such a dramatic change, and I'm getting somewhat nervous, but very excited. I got the Core Curriculum for Pediatric Intensive Care and have been reading up on things that I don't know about. There's a lot of information to be covered, and I know they don't expect me to be an expert from day 1, but I want to be well equipped when I get there. I have purchased new uniforms, new books, and everything, so I am READY! Now just to get through that last week at my current job... Any tips, encouragement, or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. luckylucyrn

    Just got rejection letter, what happened?

    That was my thought! Sounds horrible! But I also thought that perhaps they were picking between several qualified candidates and had to make a tough call. I'm sorry that you didn't get the job though. Good luck on your next interview!
  6. luckylucyrn

    Which state would be ideal for me??

    I second Nashville, TN! I grew up there, great hospitals and climate! Knoxville TN has a lower cost of living and has beautiful mountains nearby, though. Nashville has plenty to do (and you don't have to like country music).
  7. luckylucyrn

    skills necessary prior to acls

    The pre-test is way harder than the actual test, so if you see that you're struggling, just use that opportunity to refamiliarize yourself with the rhythms, and then you should be fine. You mainly need to know VT/VF, asystole, etc. The hardest one to identify on the test for me was Sinus Rhythm! You just expect something to be wrong.
  8. luckylucyrn

    Can i have a social life while in nursing school

    I didn't see much of a change in my social life, I just kept up with all my classes during the week, did all my reading before class, and studied sat/sun afternoons if needed. I had Friday/Saturday nights with no problem. And I worked during school as well. It helped that my husband was in medical school. We just studied NEAR each other and that counted as time together during the week!
  9. luckylucyrn

    Why it is better to be a Nurse than a Physician.

    I am married to a 1st year general surgery resident, and I would NEVER want to do what he's doing. He gets paged all the time, gets up at 3 am just to get home at 7 or 8 pm. He's exhausted. When he finishes residency it will get some better, but still, the life of a doctor is not one I'd want for myself. We are just happy he's making money right now, 'cause for the last 4 years he was paying someone else to let him work. It boils down to about 12.50 per hour like the previous poster. But he'll be a urologist, so his salary when he finishes will be better. I hope he'll think it's worth it. For him it's just what he's always wanted to do. I support him as best as I can.
  10. luckylucyrn

    Licenses in more than one state

    I don't know specifics for Maryland and Illinois, but I hold licenses in 2 states right now. I work and live in Tennessee but do a summer camp in West Virginia in the summers. So i think if you get an Illinois license, your Maryland license will be active as long as you keep it renewed.
  11. luckylucyrn

    Different terms/meds used across the USA

    When I moved from Nashville to Memphis, I had never heard of an INT. I didn't know what they were talking about. I had always said Saline Lock. And that was the same state!
  12. luckylucyrn

    Any Loewenberg Nursing Students or Grads here

    I graduated from LSON and enjoyed it. I think everybody's experience may differ slightly based on clinical instructors, past healthcare experience, etc. I had previous experience so I never felt "thrown to the wolves"! Clinicals start right away but those first few weeks you hardly do anything! They ease you in to patient care. One thing I would recommend is when they give out all those syllabi and it totally freaks you out (it will) try not to let it, and take it one day at a time. Do all your reading before class and you will be prepared. I never thought that the tests were all that hard but a lot of students did. I guess my brain just understands the questions appropriately. It's a lot of studying, but if you just keep up with reading, learning drugs, etc you will be fine. Oh, and you do not get naked in health assessment! You get to pick a partner and you practice each system by itself, you are able to be plenty modest. For example,My partner and I skipped the breast exam, no big deal at all. Feel free to PM me any time. I graduated 2 1/2 years ago, so most everything is still fresh. Oh, and if you think you can handle fast-tracking, I would consider it. It's totally worth it.
  13. luckylucyrn

    True or False?

    I have never heard of anything like this.
  14. luckylucyrn

    How hard is it for a new grad to find a hospital job???

    I graduated from Nursing School in December, but had a job lined up by October, so I graduated knowing where I would go. I was a nurse intern on the unit before I applied. 9 people applied for 2 spots, so it wasn't a given that I would get the job. I did just go through the process of getting a NEW job, and it wasn't as quick a process as I had thought it would be. I applied in May and got the job offer in July.
  15. luckylucyrn

    exercising/working out on work days

    Lately I have been going running after my shifts, cause it's too hot any other time! I only do about 3 miles after work, I'm usually pretty worn out.
  16. luckylucyrn

    Would you ask a patient's child to dress his or her parent?

    At this point if my father was able to dress himself, i can imagine he would be quite embarrassed if I helped him get dressed. I get embarrassed if i accidentally see him in his underwear, much less naked. Not all family dynamics are the same. Now I would help my mother, but we have a different relationship. I never ask someone if they want to dress their family member. Just tonight, I was dressing a man, and the two daughters helped. But if they hadn't helped, I wouldn't have thought anything about it. People are not always comfortable with that.