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I am a nursing student in my final semester of nursing school. I am greatly looking forward to finally becoming a nurse. I was wondering how many of you sign your names:

Jane/John Doe, RN, BSN

Is this normal? Is it something big headed students do the first few months and then stop doing? I was just wondering! To me... if an MD signs:

Jane/John Doe, MD

Due to what can be taken as his pride in his degree, why not nurses?! Call me naive, but I'm going to be proud to be a nurse!

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I just sign my name Joe Blogs RN

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K.Smith, RN. I sign my name too much to make it worth while to add a bunch of other titles!

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First inital, last name, LPN.

or First name, last name LPN.

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Regardless of what titles I had, have, or will have I've always only signed my name and will always sign only my name, unless required by law.

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i signed katherine g. last name r.n.

and in one position, was told to sign as: katherine g. last name r.n. m.s.n. (phew!)

First name, Last name RN.

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Yep, first initial, last name, RN.

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My first institution gave nurses the option of either "BSN" or "RN" (but not both) on their ID badges. "BSN" may not be big-headed, but it sort of seemed to me that the nurses who chose it over "RN" tended to be. I'm more proud of the work I do than the degree I've earned and that's why I'm Klarck Khent RN.

as the rest of the posters said I use my first inital, last name, RN. I have a BSN but I have never signed BSN after the RN.

If the facility recognizes ASN, BSN, MSN, by all means sign that way. By recognition I mean if BSN, MSN, etc are on the badges and if extra $ is given for the degree. I only know of two hospitals in my area show recognition for degrees by putting them on the badges and out those two only one gives extra $ per hour. Not much extra mind you.

Far as the MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs (I mention them because of the prescriptive authority/signing) I can barely tell through the chicken scratch that passes for their signature what their 1st intial & last name is let alone whether or not they are an MD, DO, etc.

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do you mean signing your name, RN outside of your job?? i never sign my name with RN behind it anywhere outside of work. I think it makes you seem like you are showing off or something. I cant imagine signing a check or signing for my credit card and writing RN behind my name. I dont think theres any need for it...sure im proud of myself for becoming a nurse but that doesnt mean I should let everyone know "hey look at me, im an RN."

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