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  1. KSU-SN

    Pay per visit rates

    Not sure about entry level now-when I was hired for med/Surg almost 10 years ago I started at $24/hr cost of living in NE Ohio is much lower than in California but still $28 per visit sounds quite low to me
  2. KSU-SN

    Pay per visit rates

    So I have recently been hired at a home health agency PRN. I currently work at another agency hourly and make $30/hr. This new agency pays per visit and their rate is $28/visit no matter if it’s an assessment visit or routine visit. I have no idea what the average rate is but that seems really low! I make about $240/day at my hourly home health job. I would have to see 8-9 patients a day in this new pay per visit job to make that. And they are telling us that each visit HAS to be at least 40 mins or the agency doesn’t get reimbursed correctly?! There’s no way I can see 8-9 patients with each visit being 40 mins or more...along with the driving that would be like a 12 hour day. FYI I am a RN and am in Ohio. Am I being cheated?
  3. geez some of you people get offended so easily....she's ranting, let her rant. We've all had bad days before and we've all had things we feel strongly about.
  4. KSU-SN

    How can they do this to us?!

    So there are 5 RN's from my floor scheduled for a class at work tomorrow from 8am-11:30am. We all signed ourselves up for this class voluntarily. This is actually overtime because we are scheduled our normal hours the rest of the week. Well tonight at 8:30pm I get a phone call from work saying that I might be receiving a call sometime in the morning telling me I need to come in and work on the floor instead from 7am to 3:30pm. I guess if they need the help on our floor or either of our sister floors they will make us work a full shift instead of coming to this 3 1/2 hour class. I am totally furious because how can they do this??? They are not allowed to change our schedules, especially less than 12 hours before the shift starts!! Also, this would be considered mandatory overtime which is not permitted at our hospital but they might do it anyways. What if I had something important or an appointment or something that afternoon?!?! This has all been thought up by our nursing director and the hospital nurse supervisor. Maybe they should come out on the floor and work since they were the ones that put the schedule out with such poor staffing. Any thoughts on this??
  5. KSU-SN

    Where Does Responsibility End?

    Just because the guy got hurt doesnt mean we should say "awww you're paralyzed now, how awful. You can stay here in the US illegally because we feel bad for you." Hell to the NO....we saved his life and provided healthcare that he will never repay. I'd say we did more than enough for him
  6. KSU-SN

    Visitors chasing you down the hallway....

    we always explain to the patients when they come up from surgery that if they need anything to press the call light, then we place it in their hand and show them the button to press. And its usually not about not getting their needs met on time because most of the people that come to the nurse's station or chase you down dont try to use the call light first. Also, we do have a unit secretary and she is great about answering call lights using the system at the desk (when people do decide to use the call light.) Also, if the visitors approach the unit secretary and ask for something she will get it but the problem with that is, she may be in the middle of entering orders for a patient and once she gets pulled away from that, orders have gotten missed because she has lost her train of thought or whatever. I guess I will just have to try to practice being assertive and encourage my coworkers to do the same.
  7. I work on a very busy med/surg unit. It is not uncommon to have 8-12 new post surgery patients come to the floor in an 8 hour shift. Recently we have had a lot of trouble finding beds for patients because the entire hospital is full. Everyone runs around busy as can be and we are all stretched to our limit. But visitors are constantly chasing you down the hallway, approaching you as you are getting out all the meds for a certain patient, coming up to the nurses station. Most of the time they approach someone who knows nothing about the patient they are visiting so then you have to not only stop what you're doing but find that nurse so the visitor can talk to the appropriate person. Its also almost always for things that can wait....they come to the nurses station all the time asking for ice chips or another blanket. The other day I was standing at the narc drawer taking out a morphine syringe and counting the ones still left in the drawer and some random lady came up to me and asked me for some towels so her mom could get cleaned up. She could see I was in the middle of something. I told her I couldn't help her right now but I would ask the nurse's aide to get her some towels. A few months ago I had a man whose mother was having a lot of pain and he would come out in the hall, look in all the rooms to find you, and chase you down so he could ask you to get her a pain pill. Then he would stand in the hall with his arms crossed and stare at you wherever you went until you went into her room. I am getting extremely frustrated with this....I cant tell you how many times I've gotten out all the meds for a patient and been about to go into the patient's room and some visitor asks me for a washcloth or a refill for their water pitcher. And we cant leave meds sitting out in the open so im forced to either put them all back in the drawer or carry them around with me and risk dropping them or losing them in the process. Does anyone have any ideas how we could reinforce the use of the call light without being rude? I can understand if its an emergency like so and so cant breathe or someone has to use the bathroom REAL BAD. But there are many times when I want to tell someone to just use the dang call light because I am very busy right now and either the nurse's aide will get to you or I will get to you when I have a free minute. I just have not come up with an effective way of getting this point across without offending anyone.
  8. KSU-SN

    If you could do it all over.....

    zookeeper, i've seen a ton of people on here (yes, real nurses) suggest to other nurses that maybe they need to switch facilities if they are not happy. i am a "real nurse" and i believe that it is advice worth trying and i have seen it work for others. i do not believe that anyone should bounce around from facility to facility but trying a different place once or twice to find somewhere that better fits you....theres nothing wrong with that. ive known multiple people leave the hospital and work at a nursing home and are much more happy and vice versa. aggie was not telling anyone to change anything, she was kindly suggesting an alternative.....that maybe the original poster needs to try something new. not every facility is awful to work at....sure there are days at my hospital that we are short staffed but i love my coworkers and i like what i do. i've seen people come to our hospital from different hospitals or long term care facilities and remark how much better it is here, or people leave our hospital and work somewhere else and like it more. sometimes you just have to find a place that fits you.
  9. KSU-SN

    The moment when you know why you're a nurse

    just a few days ago I was assisting a doc with an I&D of a head abscess in the patient's room. The patient was a 40 something year old female, visibly very nervous and crying. I held her hand, not knowing if she would be comfortable holding my hand or not but I wanted to comfort her. Took my hand away at one point to hand the doc something and after I did she reached for it right away again. Thats when I knew that even little things like holding a patient's hand makes a difference to them and I'm glad I could be there for her.
  10. KSU-SN

    Admission orders

    I always make sure to ask the patient too if there is anything they want me to tell/ask the doc so I am not having to call them back later. I'd say 90% of our new admits we have to call for the orders. The docs rarely come in to write them.
  11. KSU-SN

    urgh! so irritating!!!

    well I have to say that if you are in nursing ONLY for the money....like you thought about what you wanted to do with your life and you thought "hmm well nurses make a lot of money so im gonna do that" then thats an awful reason and I dont have much respect for you really. I believe that a person needs to be genuinely interested in the career field they choose and have the personality and characteristics that come along with that job. For nursing that would be people skills, compassion, patience, etc. You have to have a desire to affect people's lives for the better. If not and you think "I am in this just for the paycheck" then I feel thats very selfish. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the money but to me its a bonus. Would I do this job for $30,000 a year? No I wouldnt but when choosing a career I thought about what would provide for me and my family AND what would I be good at, what job would fit my personality. NOT just what would bring in a big paycheck. If I was choosing a career based on money then I could have been a lawyer, engineer, pilot. But none of those things interested me and I feel my personality does not match any of those career fields. So basically if you are in this career for the money but ALSO because you want to help people and are a caring compassionate person then thats fine.
  12. we are only allowed to alternate the pain medications if the doctor orders one of them "for breakthrough pain." thats the way we've done it for as long as I've been there (6 years) and it works. I dont know if its policy or what but of the 21 RN's on my floor none of us alternate meds. The pt has to stick to one or another. If the morphine is ordered Q4H and the percocet is ordered Q4H we cant alternate them so the patient is always getting something Q2H. That just seems like an awful lot of medication to me. And our patients rarely complain that their pain is not controlled.
  13. I work on a med/surg unit and we are supposed to have the patient stick to one pain medicine or another, not alternate them. We may try the morphine first and if it doesnt last long enough, give them the lortab and if it works then stick with the lortab. If it doesnt control their pain well enough then I would call the MD and get the morphine more frequent or get something else ordered.
  14. KSU-SN

    Does your floor decorate for Christmas?

    this year we are not allowed unless the decorations are fire retardant. that is per JCAHO
  15. KSU-SN

    Tell me this doesn't happen all the time.

    It was probably vaginal packing that the OP is talking about....its not totally uncommon for it to begin to work its way out. There is usually the tail end of it sticking out anyways so when its time to come out you can get a grip on it. Ive had a few patients who, once they start moving around their vag packing begins to fall out a bit. I would not take it out without a doctor's order, especially not YANK it out because theres a risk of hemorrhage. I would have paged the doc and gotten an order to DC it. It would not be replaced, thats something done in surgery by the doctor. Its no big deal that it came out, but that nurse should have had an order first and not yanked it out if she really did yank it like described. And to the person saying her son was made to ambulate before receiving pain medicine....yes thats common and totally ok to do. Unless hes in 10/10 excruciating pain it is important to get up and ambulate to encourage the passage of gas and wake up the bowels. I dont feel comfortable giving a patient pain medicine right before getting them up, usually they are too groggy and unsteady and its not safe.