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Forever Sunshine has 7 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. Forever Sunshine

    Depressed on night shift

    I do sleep during the day time, but on my nights off I find it difficult to keep that pattern. Nights just isn't working for my body. When I'm home I'm always tired. Noise/light isnt the problem and my neighborhood is quiet. I wake up from sleep and I feel like I never slept.
  2. Forever Sunshine

    Depressed on night shift

    More recently in the past month, I have become more and more depressed and anxious. I dread going to work and it is about nothing in particular. I think it is working night shift and not having a regular pattern of sleeping, eating, or days off. I am in the process of trying to find a job with better hours as I currently work night shift. I really hope I get it. My job requires that I put in 4 weeks notice. Do I put the notice in now for 4 weeks even though I don't have another job lined up? My luck it would backfire on me but I just don't know if I can mentally handle working nights for another month.
  3. Forever Sunshine

    Crushing Oral Medications...New Regulation

    I can't. I just ... I can't. If anyone agrees with this horrific practice... please do a medpass in LONG TERM CARE. You will change your mindset after the first resident with crushed meds. And make sure the surveyor is in the direct path of the resident taking the 20 cups of applesauce.. watch that rule change really fast.
  4. Forever Sunshine

    Infamous PVT

    yay congrats to you! what a wonderful day!
  5. Forever Sunshine

    Infamous PVT

    I passed!! How did you do! .. Note the new credentials next to my username.
  6. Forever Sunshine

    Infamous PVT

    I took the NCLEX RN yesterday in NY. I had 95 questions and then the research screen started with what seemed like a million questions(it was about 20 lol). I did the PVT about 100 times yesterday lol and I got the infamous "RESULTS ON HOLD" pop up. I just checked it about 5 minutes ago and it changed to the good one. So relieved. But I'm not celebrating yet because this can be wrong. This wait for wednesday morning is killing me!
  7. Forever Sunshine

    Pearson Vue Trick NCLEX RN 2017 265 Questions Wisconsin

    Just took.. NCLEX RN shut off at 95 questions.. got the hold pop. Not sure if thats good or not.
  8. Forever Sunshine

    Patient refusing meds, combative

    I wish you the best with combative and agitated patients. Chocolate + Xanax =
  9. Forever Sunshine

    Re-eval orders

    hahahhaha unit secretary.... lol lolol lol. Best way we get this done is on a separate calendar like one of those big desk calendars. If you must put re-eval in the MAR is there a way to make the order only 7 or 14 days etc? and put an arrow or line through any days after that.
  10. Forever Sunshine


    I know this is a school nursing post. I will butt in anyway.. I work in a nursing home. I was keeping an eye on a patient with dementia who was very agitated and despite her small size was very strong. She was very anxious and the xanax was not touching her. I remembered I had a little lavender lotion in my bag so I put some on her hands and arms and it actually did calm her a little bit.
  11. Forever Sunshine

    How to know if air is the problem in a g tube?

    I had this issue with a couple G-tube patients. It is from gas pressure in the stomach. Neither had issues with residual and g-tube placement was in the right place. Gas it was. See if you can get them simethicone or mylanta or something for gas .. to give prior to feeding that should help with the gas in the stomach. Sometimes leaving the tube open (surround your patient with towels to absorb contents) will help release the gas.. or repositioning too.
  12. Forever Sunshine

    Pressure ulcers in "sensitive" areas?

    Another vote for Interdry in this situation.
  13. Forever Sunshine


    Write what you see and know. Vitals, general appearance, med changes, appetite, pain level, comments on any wounds etc.
  14. Forever Sunshine

    Call bells

    I will try that next time! I am curious the response and I don't think its grounds for any disciplinary action.. I am concentrating on my task at hand and the resident is most likely in no acute distress and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to answer a call light.
  15. Forever Sunshine

    Holiday rotation

    I much prefer the list as I like a certain holiday off and I am willing to work the other two so others can have off but they insist on rotating them. For example if you had off Thanksgiving you will be on Christmas and the next year off Christmas and on Thanksgiving.
  16. Forever Sunshine

    Does your facility have 12 hour shifts or 8 hour shifts?

    8 hours. I wouldn't mind 12 hours and I actually suggested that when there was scheduling issues awhile back and was told, "We can't do that because if there were call-outs nobody would be able to stay for a double shift.." I just let it go.. thats a whole other rant and rave.

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