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  1. Forever Sunshine

    Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    I have a similar story. Stick it where the sun don't shine if you think its against any rules.. lol I had to work thanksgiving and the day after thanksgiving last year, so I got to take whatever was leftover from thanksgiving the day after for dinner to work. I took a plate of food and a slice of homemade apple pie Paula Deen's recipe(filled with butter and sugar.) it looked so good crisp applies with a crumb topping and the lattice crust.. and it was the last piece too. One of my residents was weepy that she wasn't home with her family this year, and that it was going to be her last thanksgiving. I gave her the usual TLC that we give and spent a few minutes with her and went on my merry way. A couple hours later I went to the employee lounge to heat up my dinner and I thought.. "I'm going to bring this piece of apple pie to her. I am sure I will have many more pieces of apple pie in my lifetime.. I can spare this one." So while my dinner was heating up I brought her the piece of apple pie.. and a little cup of vanilla ice cream to go with it. She burst into tears and was so so happy. I went into give her meds later on and asked her how the pie was shes like "I ate every little morsel on that plate and it was delicious and made this dreary day so much brighter."
  2. Forever Sunshine

    "What I Really Do" meme

    I need to make a long term care nurse one. If someone comes across a picture of a nurse frazzled at the medicart with 15 dementia patients all over her.. sent it my way!.
  3. Forever Sunshine

    WOW! The public really doesn't like us, huh?

    And meds, assessments, and documentation.. is what takes time(sometimes hours) and requires intense concentration which is why we seem so withdrawn from the fact that we can get a box of tissues for the patient down the hall.
  4. Forever Sunshine

    WOW! The public really doesn't like us, huh?

    Ok I am guilty of standing outside in the hallway passing meds and a call-light goes off right above my head. I truthfully.. cannot hear it. Sometimes they don't always beep. Its just a light that goes off and it beeps at the nurses station. I am no where near the nurses station. I do answer call lights. If its something quick like water or walk me to the bathroom.. I'll do it. One night when we only had 3 out of the necessary 5 CNAs on floor, yeah I did more. But I've mentioned this in other posts. We can and should help on the floor. but there's a fine line of where to stop. We have to be able to say, "ok Theres a CNA here for a reason, I have to get back to my work." At the end of the night when we are swimming in new orders, labs, charting, etc and our shift is supposed to end in 20 minutes and we have about an hours worth of work to do.. do you think the CNAs are going to stop and help us? I know they can't in some cases but we are the only ones who can do our job.
  5. Forever Sunshine

    WOW! The public really doesn't like us, huh?

    This whole thing just baffles me. 1. A majority of nurses are not lazy. We have too much to juggle to be lazy. 2. Our only job is not to pass meds, we are responsible for everything that goes on with our patients. 3. How come its always the nurses that have to answer the call light. CNAs, volunteers, housekeeping, social work, administration.. You don't need to be a nurse to go in a patients room and say, "What can I help you with Mr Jones?". And the lady who was ****** because it took 5 mins for her call light to be answered.. well .. I cannot duplicate myself. 4. When I am staring at the computer I am entering orders, orders that are medications, medications that are chemicals that can change the way the body functions and if I make an error... the patient can be harmed. 5. My cell phone stays in my purse and I do not sit at the nurses station and talk. I have too much to do. 6. It takes 5 minutes to check on my patients. Average. To a lay person that sounds quick. To a nurse those 5 minutes are valuable and needed. So if I check on my patients every 15 minutes.. that would take 15 minutes per hour.. I work an 8 hr shift. 2 hours spent checking on patients. I don't have 2 hours to do that. I check on my residents when I first come in. and I'm on the floor most of the night. Its not like I go hide in the closet. I'm going to escalate my vent here. Most of the public sucks. They really do. I worked retail for 3 years before nursing. I had some very nice customers but a percentage of them really needed to be smacked in the head. I had things thrown at me, cursed at, yelled at, all kinds of attitudes, assumptions, etc. And we were expected by a corporate hog to bow down to these types of customers. I couldn't do that(I'm surprised I made it to 3 years and I wasn't even fired so I must have been doing something right). There are some adults who need to go back to pre-school. And how would these losers like it if we criticized their jobs and called them lazy?
  6. Night shift most definitely. Not just because there are no head hogs peering over our shoulder.. but because I feel on nights.. with limited resources.. you learn to make do with what you have and solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  7. Forever Sunshine

    Turning down overtime....

    I always turn down overtime during the semester. I don't feel guilty about it. I need time to relax in between my busy work and school schedule. I'm not going to be doing any good to anyone(or my grades) if I'm burned out and tired.
  8. Forever Sunshine

    dementia pt/wants out

    All our exit doors are alarmed. So the minute one of those doors opens all these bells and alarms go off. Even the deaf could hear it thats how loud they are lol. Definitely get help. Everyone usually comes running when they hear the alarm. Theres a little light at the nurses station that tells us what door was just opened. I've caught a couple residents trying to get out the door a couple times. Don't get upset or frustrated because then they will get upset and frustrated. Ask them where they are going. Tell them they are staying the night here. Their family knows where they are and there is nothing to worry about.
  9. Forever Sunshine

    time management

    When I first started what really helped me to figure out who got a fingerstick with insulin is on a seperate sheet of paper write it out. But be careful because some residents have a different sliding scale. Mine don't so this worked for me. I would forget about the meds and just go about and do the finger sticks. Those have to be done before a meal. Knock them out of the way before you touch the meds. I sometimes still go back to this if its 4:15 and I just got out of report and haven't even touched the meds yet. Assemble everything you need, glucometer, alcohol wipes, gloves, lancets, strips, insulin, needles, etc. And go in room order. If the resident isn't in there.. skip them and find them after.. just keep moving, go on a goose chase for them after you finish the list. Residents name ....F/S value.. Units of insulin given. Mary Smith 226 4 units -Regular John Jones 120 no coverage given Sally Green 440 10 units Regular insulin given .. MD notified.. 4 additional units given as per MD order You become better at what you do with time. Weekends are good to get a routine down and holidays too(love holidays where I work.. no doctors, no administration, no issues lol). There will always be something you forget. If its very important don't be afraid to call back to the unit and let them know.
  10. Forever Sunshine

    I'm so stressed, I want to give up nursing...

    I think thats what was happening too. We are encouraged to put a symptom in the diagnosis or description in the order. I would just write a new Tx order.. "Venous doppler on 5/25/11 to RLE to rule out DVT secondary to leg edema."
  11. Forever Sunshine

    I messed up my ppd site

    I totally didn't know that until now. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'll remember this next year when I get my PPD
  12. Forever Sunshine

    New to ltc, questions after 1st orientation

    Don't feel obligated to pick up the phone either.
  13. Forever Sunshine

    Tell me about sub-acute care nursing

    I'd take this job if I were you.
  14. Forever Sunshine

    The CEO said WHAT!!!!

    OK, sure then he and the doctors can come do our jobs on the floor including following all the ridiculous policies set by him and his friends. See how fast he takes back what he said and apologizes on his knees.
  15. Forever Sunshine

    New to ltc, questions after 1st orientation

    1. Isolation precautions for c-diff are gown and gloves. (And of course hand washing upon leaving the room) If I'm just going in to give meds, I'll wear just gloves and make sure not to lean up agaisnt any surfaces.. (the bed, sheets, chair, table etc) 2. Yes you should wear gloves for those things.. especially when your med-pass is being observed. And make sure you perform hand hygiene before and after putting gloves on.