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mskate has 8 years experience and specializes in Burn, CCU, CTICU, Trauma, SICU, MICU.

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  1. mskate

    Ever had a patient or family members fire you?

    I have been fired from a handful or two of rooms. I consider it a wonderful thing! I don't have to deal with you, even better! :) One time I was coming on shift with 2 patients. Separate rooms, you couldn't see one patient from the other room. Patie...
  2. mskate

    Work bags: What do you take and what's in it?

    Phone, Android Tablet and their respective chargers, wallet, stethescope, water bottle, granola bars, make up and other toiletries including floss, mouthwash, toothpaste, mini-deodorant (everything I would need if a disaster were to happen and I woul...
  3. mskate

    That one patient that haunts you.

    a 19 year old girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time... she was shot 19 times.
  4. mskate

    um this does not seem right

    No, just squeezing a bag that it is attached to tubing in a pump will not do anything at all to fix air in the line. However, if your coworker took the tubing out of the pump and THEN squeezed the bag, they would be squeezing the air into the patient...
  5. So, this is about a friend of mine who is a relatively new, new grad. She worked as a nanny before nursing school and couldn't find a hospital job, so she started doing pediatric home care as a new grad RN, no orientation with another nurse, etc.. - ...
  6. Its not a JACHO thing, nor is it an OSHA thing. Its generally considered to be an infection control issue - which is why some places don't care about it being in the nurses station, but still regulate against it being at the bedside.
  7. We always have snacks, chips, cookies, etc... set out on the counter at the nurses station for us to grab as we go by. We also have a little snack closet to that we drop some coins in and it is stocked with energy bars, chips, oatmeal, soup, candy, s...
  8. mskate

    Cried at work... in front of a doctor!

    I have been made to cry by MDs too when I was a new grad... it sucks. I feel your pain.
  9. mskate

    North 14 - The room where the patient died.

    Quiet. The q work is QUIET -- all you cryptic superstitious people!!! ;)
  10. When a patient loses cardiac activity and dies, coded and all, - actually pronounced dead... What does your hospital do about their pacemaker? Do you allow it to keep firing and send the patient to the morgue or do you deactivate it and THEN send...
  11. Hey! I'm actually posting on behalf of a friend of mine... she is looking for a PALS class to take for a first time certification, but she is not currently employed with a hospital who would offer the classes are part of her employment. She is an...
  12. Working agency nursing (I'm assuming you mean a registry set up and not a traveler) is hit or miss. It pays SIGNIFICANTLY less than the standard pay of the staff nurses. When I occasionally pick up a shift for quick cash, I make HALF the hourly wage ...
  13. mskate

    Spouses/Visitors In Patient's Beds

    I do not allow people in the bed. I have IV lines, medications, foleys, etc... even on the "healthy" patients and obviously for my sick ones, its an even bigger no-no. The ONLY time I let someone cuddle was a guy that was pronounced brain dead and th...
  14. mskate

    Would you take a pay cut?

    Come work in the San Francisco area!! :)
  15. mskate

    Isolation Nursing

    I have never even heard of that before, but that sounds hilarious!