How many weeks left in your semester?

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Counting the week that starts Monday, and excluding Spring Break, how many weeks do you have left for your semester? How many weeks long is your semester. Ours are 16 weeks, and that feels like a very long time.

I have 9 weeks. May 10th can't come soon enough!

Also, do you take Nursing classes in summer? Are you required to take them, or can you defer them until Fall or Spring? They don't offer any at my school. Not sure if I could force myself to take one even if they did!


Ok, Im in the RN-BSN but lets see... starting Monday, excluding spring break..............

7 weeks!!!!!!!!! but all of our assignments will be over in 4 weeks......

As far as the summer......... wellllll I have applied to an MSN program..... it starts May 9. I will have exactly 1 wk with no school at all.

manna, BSN, RN

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My last final is on May 12, but we have lots of off days in between that time (including spring break and study days between finals)!

I'm looking forward to a break (wanted to do an externship, but didn't get my application in on time)! I think I'm going to buy season passes to the waterpark for my sons and myself and just enjoy it! :)


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Our school goes by semesters. However, our nursing classes for second semester have been put into quarters. Right now I'm finishing psych and then I will be starting med-surg. after spring break for the last 8 weeks of the semester. I want to get 3rd semester out of the way this summer so that I can graduate in Dec., but the school can only take so many students. There aren't enough instructors.


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ugh, i have 10 weeks left. Yuck :o . I hope to be able to take my 2nd psych rotation this summer, so that when the fall semster starts I can focus soley on the med-surg. The cool thing is that if I take the summer class, I can skip the psych rotation, and lecture fall semster :p However, I guess there is a contract dispute for the teachers in the county. They haven't had a contract for 3 years and a fighting the district. So there is a work slowdown and the schedule for fall and summer is kind of at a stand still. Hopefully they get it worked out and things get back on track.

jenrninmi, MSN, RN

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I have 7 weeks until my final.


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I have 6 more weeks of lecture/clinicals then finals week.

BUT we only have one week off before a 10 week summer semester starts. Then about a month off before the 14 week Fall semester.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Six more weeks and counting. We end April 17th. I'm doing online RN to BSN and we have no spring break and started a week earlier than the traditional students. There's a nice little break between semesters that I'm looking forward to. :)

lil' girl, LPN

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9 more weeks for this semester

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7 weeks to go on May 16, Graduation Day June 7th!

HappyNurse2005, RN

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From Monday? 8 calendar weeks, 7 weeks of class. Our spring break is this week that starts monday. This is til Monday, May 2nd when I have my final exam!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, 11 days off and I graduate on May 13th!

blue eyes

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I have approx. 10 - 15 weeks left.

Only started 1st semester last week. :)

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