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  1. Personal safety and home health nursing

    Thanks caliotter3. I did happen to ask about personal safety during the initial interview and the manager said that she fully understands my concern. She said to just leave if I don't feel safe and to get ask for a police escort if I need to. She ...
  2. Hi, I haven't posted on this site for a while. I've been a med/surg nurse for 4 years in a hospital. I've always been interested in doing home health. I wouldn't mind the driving or the paperwork involved. The working climate at my hospital has b...
  3. Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I've been a nurse for 7 months. For the most part, I work where the nurses are supportive to one another. I've had more negative experiences in talking with doctors than other nurses. If another nurse did try to eat me I would tell her to BITE ME!
  4. Questions about Valley health Adopt-a-nurse

    I did the adopt a student program with VHS. They paid my tuition and other expenses for nursing school. It really helped me out a lot. I've been working at Spring Valley since last November, and it has been a very positive experience. However, I ...
  5. Are any new grads going to med-surg

    After 5 months working as a nurse in med/surg, I want to work where the patient's don't give you a hard time.
  6. Are any new grads going to med-surg

    I've noticed at my hospital when we transfer patients to the ICU floor. The nurses there seem to be rather snobbish and unapproachable with the med/surg nurses. I've heard interesting things about them if they happen to float on our floor. The med...
  7. Did anyone hate nursing school?

    Nursing school is so much different than working in the real world as a nurse. I was so glad when it was finally over. I was also fortunate enough to go to work on a floor where there is much teamwork and no "nurse eating". The most terrible time ...
  8. Did any new grads receive sign-on bonuses?

    I didn't get one because the hospital chain that I went to work for paid my school expenses. I can say that I so far, I am very pleased with my facility despite the obligation of 2 years of work.
  9. Need advice

    Before I graduated last May, I already had a job lined up. In my state, upon graduation, you're issued a temporary license for three months. However, I couldn't start working until I passed NCLEX and got my license. So, after I graduated, I prepar...
  10. Are any new grads going to med-surg

    I've been working on a med/surg floor since Nov. I think that it is a good foundation before going into any type of specialty. There's a lot of variety. My patient load is usually about 6.
  11. Liability/malpractice insurance?

    I also got my own insurance even though my employer says that they cover the nurse in any lawsuits where the nurse is named. All it takes to get sued over is things like having an elderly patient that gets out of bed, falls and is injured. The nurs...
  12. las vegas help

    I work for the Valley Health System because of my scholarship commitment. It depends on which Valley Health System hospital that you work for. I heard that Valley Hospital is the worst because their nurse to patient ratio is bad, and they were tryi...
  13. soooo happy

    You finally did it girl! I knew your day would come. Congratulations!
  14. New grad RN base rate in NEVADA - las vegas???

    I graduated last May, and I started working last month on a med/surg floor. So far, the management is supportive and most of the other nurses are too. I have a great preceptor. That makes a big difference. I have to do 2 years with this hospital ...
  15. New grad RN base rate in NEVADA - las vegas???

    I started a month ago in Vegas. My starting salary is 23.38/hr. There is also shift differentials. If you work nights, it's an extra $2.00, weekends is an extra $1.00. If you work all three weekend days, you get paid for 40 hours. I wouldn't advi...