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  1. Paleobug

    Personal safety and home health nursing

    Thanks caliotter3. I did happen to ask about personal safety during the initial interview and the manager said that she fully understands my concern. She said to just leave if I don't feel safe and to get ask for a police escort if I need to. She did also say that she felt threatened once during her nine years doing home health and she left the situation before anything bad happened to her. Other than that, she said she enjoyed doing home health vs working in a hospital.
  2. Hi, I haven't posted on this site for a while. I've been a med/surg nurse for 4 years in a hospital. I've always been interested in doing home health. I wouldn't mind the driving or the paperwork involved. The working climate at my hospital has become increasingly hostile do to managment coming down on the nurses because of the hospitals' HCAP scores. I've been offered offered a job as a home health RN working weekends fulltime on call. It seems that it would be less stressful than working on a med/surg. My concern is that I am a little leary going into peoples' homes and not knowing if there could be potential danger from someone living there. I have heard a few stories from talking to other nurses that it can happen but generally doesn't happen. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. Paleobug

    Are any new grads going to med-surg

    I've noticed at my hospital when we transfer patients to the ICU floor. The nurses there seem to be rather snobbish and unapproachable with the med/surg nurses. I've heard interesting things about them if they happen to float on our floor. The med/surg nurses on our floor have said that these same nurses who snubbed us, can't seem to handle a 6 or 7 patient load.
  4. Paleobug

    Did anyone hate nursing school?

    Nursing school is so much different than working in the real world as a nurse. I was so glad when it was finally over. I was also fortunate enough to go to work on a floor where there is much teamwork and no "nurse eating". The most terrible time that I went through during school was during my preceptorship. I was put with a nurse who shouldn't have been with students. She expected that my level of skill be that of an experienced nurse. I ended up switching preceptors, so the witch wouldn't fail me.
  5. Paleobug

    Did any new grads receive sign-on bonuses?

    I didn't get one because the hospital chain that I went to work for paid my school expenses. I can say that I so far, I am very pleased with my facility despite the obligation of 2 years of work.
  6. Paleobug

    Need advice

    Before I graduated last May, I already had a job lined up. In my state, upon graduation, you're issued a temporary license for three months. However, I couldn't start working until I passed NCLEX and got my license. So, after I graduated, I prepared for NCLEX, finally passed, and went to work. Most places will give you a 3 months preceptorship with another nurse.
  7. Paleobug

    Are any new grads going to med-surg

    I've been working on a med/surg floor since Nov. I think that it is a good foundation before going into any type of specialty. There's a lot of variety. My patient load is usually about 6.
  8. Paleobug

    Liability/malpractice insurance?

    I also got my own insurance even though my employer says that they cover the nurse in any lawsuits where the nurse is named. All it takes to get sued over is things like having an elderly patient that gets out of bed, falls and is injured. The nurse will get blamed. Mine is included in my homeowners policy.
  9. Paleobug

    las vegas help

    I work for the Valley Health System because of my scholarship commitment. It depends on which Valley Health System hospital that you work for. I heard that Valley Hospital is the worst because their nurse to patient ratio is bad, and they were trying to go on strike. I've always heard great things about St. Rose's 2 hospitals. UMC is in the middle of a major money handling scandal involving the CEO.
  10. Paleobug

    feel like i did so bad..

    Don't give up.
  11. Paleobug

    Count me IN!

    Congratulations! I graduated last May.
  12. Paleobug

    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    The hospital where I work here in Vegas is 23.38/hr for new grads with a 2.10 shift differential for nights and 1.00 for weekends.
  13. Paleobug

    The most horrible things instuctor's say...

    I remember my asking my med/surg clinical instructor what she believes causes the nursing shortage. She just replied "You'll see".
  14. Paleobug

    A month until starting my job

    I would enjoy the holidays, catch up on reading, and rest up because those 12 hour shifts will come too soon. Actually, I like working 3 days a week because I have a lot of hobbies that need time also.
  15. Paleobug

    Is is a good idea to do a nursing extern in med-surg?

    I just started working as a new grad a month ago on a med/surg floor. I have a two year commitment with the hospital because of the scholarship they gave me. I think that it depends on the hospital that you work at. My hospital floor is a good teaching floor. The nurses don't get more than 7 patients and the everyday average is 6. I really like working there. Other hospitals here in town are owned by the same company, and I would never work at one of them. At that hospital, the nurses are getting around 10 on day shift with no LPN. This why they are trying to strike. I think that a med/surg floor is a good foundation before going into other types of nursing. I might go into home health or the OR.
  16. Paleobug

    Hi All passed 2nd time using Kaplan!

    Congratulations! A lot of people believe that the Saunders book is good for content review and Kaplan is great for critical thinking like the actual test except harder.