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    Personal safety and home health nursing

    Thanks caliotter3. I did happen to ask about personal safety during the initial interview and the manager said that she fully understands my concern. She said to just leave if I don't feel safe and to get ask for a police escort if I need to. She did also say that she felt threatened once during her nine years doing home health and she left the situation before anything bad happened to her. Other than that, she said she enjoyed doing home health vs working in a hospital.
  2. Hi, I haven't posted on this site for a while. I've been a med/surg nurse for 4 years in a hospital. I've always been interested in doing home health. I wouldn't mind the driving or the paperwork involved. The working climate at my hospital has become increasingly hostile do to managment coming down on the nurses because of the hospitals' HCAP scores. I've been offered offered a job as a home health RN working weekends fulltime on call. It seems that it would be less stressful than working on a med/surg. My concern is that I am a little leary going into peoples' homes and not knowing if there could be potential danger from someone living there. I have heard a few stories from talking to other nurses that it can happen but generally doesn't happen. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. Paleobug

    Mnemonic for cranial nerves

    Have A Very Good Vacation Far Away To Taihiti O O O