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CardioTrans is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/CCU/MICU/SICU/CTICU.

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  1. CardioTrans

    LVADS in the community

    I was the one who mentioned EMS being trained for the VAD patients.... but what I said was the EMS that would respond to the pt with a VAD would be trained. As Highlandlass stated, our VAD coordinators do go into the community where the pts live and teach the EMS how to take care of the VAD.... I agree that not all EMTs are taught how to take care of them.
  2. CardioTrans

    LVADS in the community

    People who have VADs placed are very well educated in taking care of the VAD before they leave the hospital. As for the patient becoming "dry"... the VAD will alarm if the perfusion or volume is low before they are to the point of passing out. Our VAD coordinators, like ghillbert mentioned, are very willing to do education classes if a patient will be going to outpt dialysis. Pts with VADs live very active lives, much like a person with a healthy heart. One of the main concerns for these patients are risks of infection at the drive line site..... not the pump itself. Our pts are also instructed that they must/need to have a trained family member with them at all times..... The EMS that will be called in case something happens are also taught how to take care of the patient and know how to handle the VAD.
  3. CardioTrans

    Anyone applying to UAB MSN program?

    I was just curious to see if anyone who had applied for Fall 2011 with a deadline of May 1 has heard anything. I know that they say that decisions will be sent out within 30 days of the deadline....but just curious :)
  4. CardioTrans

    Scared to go back to work

    It will be a little hard when you first go back, and it isn't inappropriate at all to ask about avoiding certain patients for a little while. One thing........... as you get back to your routine, you can use your experience to help other family members and patients to understand what is going on. I had to do this when I lost my mother to metastatic breast cancer. You will be able to relate to their fears and anxiety. And just so you know...........its ok to cry with them too. :hug:
  5. CardioTrans

    So Frustrated! "think like a nurse"

    Many students do very well on exams, in the classroom when asked questions. When it comes to clinicals, they freeze.............. I see it everyday with the students that are on our service. With some of them, they have made comments that they don't feel the safety net of the classroom. They are not dealing with simulators, books, or "scenarios" they are dealing with real people. That's what makes them lose their senses. Like someone else said, you have all the pieces of the puzzle in separate boxes.... you just now have to put those pieces together on the table. As for the poster with the clinical instructor........... I 100% agree with the fact that the instructor may see more potential in you than in your fellow classmates, that is why you are pushed so hard. Believe it or not, when you get in the real world of nursing and even when you take boards, that instructor will be your favorite person in the world. Trust me, I have been there, and to this day 17 yrs and 3 degrees later, I still absolutely think she was the BEST instructor that I have ever had.
  6. CardioTrans

    Dx = Diagnosis or Disease?

    I have also always seen it as diagnosis............ have seen Dz as disease.
  7. CardioTrans

    Are You Man Enough to Be a Nurse?

    I have always loved this poster. It actually reminds me of some of the guys that I work with.
  8. CardioTrans

    Helpful Information for the Critical Care Units

    sirI, now I know why I loves ya! Thanks for all the great links!
  9. CardioTrans

    What is the reason for packing a wound?

    By packing the wound you are also helping to prevent the wound closing from the outside in and forming an abscess. If the wound heals from the inside out, it heals by layers, you are keeping the top layers from trapping bad tissue or infection.
  10. CardioTrans

    PTT & PT theraputic level?

    You have been given excellent information. There will always be different values "wanted" by each MD, and depending on the disease. One thing that may have or have not been covered in your book, about the medication itself. Instruct the pt to always take the same kind of medication. IE; if they have always taken warfarin (which is considered the generic), instruct them to make sure they always get warfarin from the pharmacy. If they have always taken Coumadin (the brand name), make sure they always get Coumadin. Even though we have all come to know that "generics are the same medicine just cheaper", it may not always be the case with these 2. The chemical makeup is slightly different. The same goes for Lanoxin and digoxin, digitek. And don't forget to instruct them on foods to avoid with high Vit K content. Since Vit K is the antidote for coumdain/warfarin overdose. Good luck on your boards!! Just remember, text book answers, and not real world answers.
  11. CardioTrans

    Please help me with PT, PTT, INRs!!

    You are correct on everything that you said. One thing to know is the antedotes for a high result. You are going to do a great job!
  12. CardioTrans

    Nurse Educators, Introduce Yourselves!

    Hi there. I wanted to chime in on this thread, I was contacted today by one of the instructors at our local community college about teaching some clinicals this coming fall semester. I have always wanted to teach clinicals, but always thought that I would have to have my BSN first. I have an ADN and am currently working on my BSN-MSN. The MSN program is a CNS in Nursing Ed. The comm college has LPN and ADN programs. Im nervous and excited all at the same time. Any words of advice????